Xiaomi responds to cooperate with great wall factory to build cars: everything is subject to the announcement

Driving China March 26, 2021 new news about Xiaomi’s car making. According to media reports, Xiaomi is negotiating with great wall motor to use its factory to produce electric vehicles. Xiaomi and Great Wall Motor plan to announce the partnership as soon as early next week.

Affected by the news, Hong Kong stocks Xiaomi group rose straight line, up more than 6.3%. Great Wall Motor A shares rose 6% at one time, and are now up 4.4%.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi did not deny this rumor, but said that everything is subject to the announcement.

Rumors about Xiaomi’s car building have been around for some time. Before that, it was said that Xiaomi group is rapidly promoting car building, and it is expected to set up a project within 1-2 months at the earliest. People familiar with the matter said that at the end of February, Lei Jun had an appointment with Li Bin, the founder of Weilai automobile, to consult about car making. “The person in charge of Xiaomi’s car building is Wang Chuan, which is almost an internal consensus.”.

A few days ago, Xiaomi official announced that it will hold a spring new product launch on March 29, when the answer may be announced.



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