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The new semester of colleges and universities has begun for some time, students have been adjusted from the winter vacation rest state to the full opening of learning ability, right? Different majors and different use scenarios have different performance requirements for laptops. Suitable for their own use conditions of the notebook will make university life more relaxed and pleasant, otherwise it will bring some small trouble. Today, I would like to recommend several Lenovo notebooks, namely ThinkPad and thinkbook series, to help students in purchasing computers.

Thinkbook 14 core

College life is full of courses, school organization work, community activities, as well as all kinds of part-time jobs and competitions. Students are busy in various scenes, and sometimes they are running around with computers. Spare time, but also in the dormitory to see a variety of movies or play games. Busy campus life, thinkbook 14 core edition is suitable for you.

Thinkbook 14 has a weight of 1.4kg and a body thickness of 17.9mm, which is suitable for carrying and working outside. 60whr large battery provides long-term battery life. PD can be charged up to 80% in one hour. You only need to carry a small charger when you go out. Support up to 40Gb memory + 1TB SSD expansion, fully meet your expansion desire.

At the same time, thinkbook14 is light and portable, which does not affect its performance at all. It is equipped with the new 11th generation Intel Core i7-1165g7 processor and the mx450 independent graphics card with Turing architecture. It has strong power, and it is easy for college students to carry their daily work and light entertainment. 14 inch FHD narrow frame low Blu ray screen, 85% of the screen ratio brings you a pleasant viewing experience.

In general, thinkbook14 is a lightweight book with good performance. The combination of high-performance processor and unique display can be competent for load work, support large capacity memory expansion, and solve the problem of insufficient storage space of thinkbook14. The lightweight and portable design brings convenience for outdoor activities, and the most important thing is the affordable price, which is very suitable for the demand for computer performance Go out to work.

Thinkpadx1nano: the lightest work of business office

In a few months, senior students will graduate and go their separate ways. The choice of life is not the same, some students after several years of honing, ready to enter the business, in the company to reflect their own value. For those college students who are about to work in commercial companies or looking for internship opportunities, a good business office book is very important. Today’s recommended thinkpadx1nano will be a right-hand assistant on the way to the workplace.

Thinkpadx1nano takes its lightness to the extreme. The whole machine is made of aviation grade carbon fiber, with a weight of only 907g. With ThinkPad’s low-key business appearance, it is easy and energetic to work in hand. The 13 inch 16:10 micro boundary 2K high gamut screen can display more content, with exquisite pictures, giving office pleasure.

Thinkpadx1nano has passed the strict certification of Intel Evo platform. It is equipped with the 11th generation Intel Core i7 processor and Ruiju Xe graphics card, which provides performance guarantee for office use, and can smoothly complete daily multi task office use and PS graphics production. Support 5g network and WiFi 6 wireless network card, ensure the signal full grid, go anywhere will not miss the work schedule. Eagle wing fan can reduce noise while cooling efficiently, and power is fully on in quiet environment.

Thinkpadx1nano is a very delicate business notebook with extremely thin body and excellent hardware configuration. High quality products are accompanied by high-end services of ThinkPad. If you are going to buy a notebook with good quality and meet the needs of high-end office, thinkpadx1nano is worth working with you for a long time.

Creative design entry assistant: thinkbook 15p

Many students majoring in news and design will encounter courses related to graphic editing and video editing. In the face of this kind of work content with high requirements for computer performance, students will definitely consider buying high-performance game books or assembling their own desktop computers. But the high-performance game is thick and heavy. Although itx host is small, it is difficult to move. Now, thinkbook 15p can meet your needs.

Thinkbook 15p is an excellent visual creation book, specially designed for content production users. It is equipped with the 10th generation Intel Core i7-10870h standard voltage processor and NVIDIA geforce gtx1650ti graphics card, which can be perfectly competent for basic image and video editing work, and can also run large-scale games smoothly.

The 600nit high brightness 4K ultra-clear screen has 100% Adobe RGB high gamut and has been color calibrated by professional software to ensure that the color of content output is more realistic, and there is no need to worry about the embarrassing situation of multiple colors of multiple machines. This machine has excellent performance, light weight up to 1.9kg and thin thickness about 19.9mm, which can meet the needs of on-site processing and even on-site film production when you go out to collect.

This thinkbook 15p is a relatively basic design notebook. For students who have just learned how to edit images and videos, its hardware configuration can meet the daily design work. High definition screen ensures color fidelity in the process of image and video editing. The light and thin design brings convenience for students to carry out sample collection and preliminary processing. In a word, thinkbook 15p is more suitable for students who need to produce primary image content.

Inspiration Design Selection: ThinkPad p15v

After the study of system major, many students are more and more mature in content creation and design technology, and need higher computer performance to complete exquisite design. The original lightweight or game book rendering is complex, and the design is quite laborious. Now there is an urgent need for a high-performance creative notebook? This ThinkPad p15v offers you the possibility of inspiration.

The biggest highlight of thinkpadp15v professional graphics workstation is that it uses NVIDIA quadrop620 professional graphics card. This kind of graphics card is specially optimized and adapted to CAD, 3dsmax, Adobe and other professional software. Compared with NVIDIA geforce Series graphics card, it is more fluent and stable in professional graphics design and rendering. With up to ten generations of Intel Core i7-10750h standard voltage processor, it can work efficiently and quickly to avoid stuck down.

15.6 “FHD wide viewing angle LED backlight display, 4K high-quality and professional color accuracy, to ensure color accuracy. The maximum support is 64GB memory expansion and 4tb hard disk expansion. The extremely strong scalability allows designers to adjust the configuration according to their personal needs, and maintain good rendering and export efficiency and storage space utilization.

As a professional graphics workstation, thinkpadp15v meets the inspiration design needs of designers and film and television workers. The machine has a special optimization for drawing editing software to provide users with a stable and efficient working environment. It is suitable for college students who have higher requirements for subject curriculum design or will be engaged in design work in the future.

The first choice of professional creation performance: thinkpadt15g

Knowledge is infinite, people’s imagination is endless, we often admire other people’s fantastic ideas, looking at other people’s exquisite design works, can only marvel at the imagination of others is so rich. There is such a machine that can turn your wild imagination into reality, design and produce exquisite works. It is ThinkPad t15g.

Thinkpadt15g high performance creative graphics workstation is equipped with ten generations of Intel Core i7-10750h standard voltage processor, with strong performance and stable operation. Nvidiageforcertx2080supermax-q graphics card has 8gbgdr6 high-capacity memory, plus ray tracing technology and AI graphics enhancement technology. It’s easy to do image editing, video editing, post rendering and 3D modeling.

Professional design is more inseparable from color accuracy and running storage and hard disk capacity. Thinkpadt15g can select up to 15.6 inch 4koled touch screen, support 100% dci-p3 color gamut, and the screen color is professionally calibrated to ensure realistic picture details and dynamic effects. The maximum memory expansion is 128GB, and the maximum hard disk is 4tb. It can be expanded according to its own needs to meet the operation configuration of large-scale editing and rendering tasks.

ThinkPad t15g is a professional graphics notebook, high performance processor and graphics card of high load design tasks, to ensure the stability and efficiency of work. Very strong scalability can support the normal operation of large engineering documents, ultra high definition screen standard color to avoid color design error, for professional design escort, it is more suitable for college students with professional needs to buy and use.

Do you have one of the five machines recommended above? Don’t worry, Lenovo has launched the 2021 new season activity to meet the needs of the students in the new semester. As long as you have completed the student certification, you can get 12 interest free issues if you buy ThinkPad, thinkbook, Yangtian and ThinkPlus products. In addition, the old machine recycling can get 500-1000 yuan for a new discount, win 300 times of legume expansion, sun single evaluation of mouse pad, A-side customization and other activities, the opportunity is rare, students who want to replace the new machine quickly open the following link, buy your favorite laptop!

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