Moxibustion hall plays a new chapter of “digital Moxibustion”, small tube moxibustion A3 comes on the market!

You can’t eat without green, so you order a bottle of Sprite; stay up late with the most expensive eye cream; soak wolfberry in a beer glass, and add ginseng in whisky. The fast-paced and fragmented life makes contemporary young people both eager for health preservation and have no time for health preservation. For the less “cool” thing of health preservation, young people who pursue the trend are not satisfied with the traditional way.

Expression of moxibustion sensation with numbers and reinterpretation of New Moxibustion

Based on the analysis of users’ big data, Wuhan aixiutang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has a profound insight into users’ consumption demand and launched a new product of “digital Moxibustion” – small tube moxibustion A3. The small tube moxibustion A3 continues the convenience of the small tube moxibustion series of “one tear, one paste and Moxibustion”. It can be pasted wherever it is uncomfortable. It perfectly adapts to the consumption psychology of Z generation users’ Buddhism regimen, punk regimen and lazy regimen. Small tube moxibustion A3 is equipped with three products with different moxibustion sensation intervals, which are encoded by [0], [2], [7] to express different moxibustion sensation intervals, so as to meet the temperature sensation needs of different groups of people. Both moxibustion experts and moxibustion Mengxin can find their own products by digital moxibustion.


Warm expression with colorful, moxibustion can also be trendy

Warm Miami blue, youth lemon yellow, steady ivory white, you must never have thought that moxibustion can also make the tide brand feeling! The fashionable colorful three color design makes people feel the vitality of small tube moxibustion A3 as a new moxibustion product. The flat line language makes the outer packaging simple but not simple. The hand-painted manual and user’s manual attached with the box let young people interpret their moxibustion in their heart, which can arouse more resonance. The scene oriented acupoint guidance scheme enables young people to quickly judge their daily health problems and find moxibustion methods without knowing too much knowledge about moxibustion. From product design to packaging, every detail of small tube moxibustion A3 interprets the new moxibustion concept of “good-looking, fun and easy to use” of aishuotang, so that more young people can know and understand moxibustion.

Breakthrough in innovation, moxibustion hall in the traditional and trendy, collision out of a different spark, perhaps small tube moxibustion A3 this product on the market, will bring the whole moxibustion industry a new storm!



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