Redmi K40 full series get displaymate a + Certification


On March 26, redmi Hongmi mobile officially announced that the full range of redmi K40 has obtained displaymate a + certification.

Redmi K40全系列获得DisplayMate A+认证

Obtaining displaymate a + certification is an affirmation of the screen quality of redmi K40 series, which means that the screen of redmi K40 series will have a good performance.

Redmi K40全系列获得DisplayMate A+认证

Redmi K40 series screen adopts the latest generation of E4 luminous material, supports 120Hz high refresh rate, is a primary color screen, covers dci-p3 wide color gamut, and the peak brightness can reach 1300nit.

Redmi K40全系列获得DisplayMate A+认证

The price of redmi K40 series starts from 1999 yuan.

Author: Liu mingpeng



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