How to choose the brand recommendation of balcony tile

Balcony tiles are very common in our life, good balcony tiles can make the house look more beautiful, then how to choose balcony tiles? What are the brands of balcony tiles? Let’s talk to you at pchouse today.

1、 How to choose balcony tile

1. Balcony tile should be consistent with decoration style. Independent balcony, although not a part of the interior space, but choose the style of tiles still with the overall style, so in the selection of balcony tiles, pay attention to and indoor living room is tile color collocation, after all, these two areas are connected, if the color difference is too much, people will feel very strange.

2. Balcony tile specification size selection should be moderate. Balcony is smaller than other indoor space area, so it’s better to choose some small and medium-sized ceramic tile specifications for balcony tiles, so the balcony decorated will be more beautiful and won’t have a narrow feeling.

2、 Brand recommendation of balcony tiles

1. Smick tile

SMIC ceramic tile is a Sino foreign joint stock company established in Shanghai in 1993. Its a shares were listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in August 2007. Using the world’s leading Italian and Swiss production lines, we have produced thousands of products, including wall tiles, floor tiles, tiles, belts, corners, etc. SMIC ceramic tile’s high-grade vitrified stone and high-grade glazed tile are bright and fashionable, environmental protection and non radiation. Many technologies are greatly superior to national standards, and are widely praised by the market.

2. Jinyitao ceramic tile

Jinyi ceramic tile is a relatively new and fashionable brand in the ceramic industry, with two production bases of Sanshui in Foshan and Jingdezhen in Jiangxi. Jinyitao ceramic product line is rich, with five series of antique tiles, glazed tiles, interior wall tiles, polished tiles and accessories; jinyitao ceramic tiles have been awarded more than 500 awards such as’ China’s famous trademark ‘and’ China’s high-tech enterprise ‘, and have passed a series of certifications such as national 3C certification, ISO9001 international quality management and ISO14001 international environmental management system.

3. Yinuo ceramic tile

Yinuo ceramics is invested and wholly controlled by Hong Kong Yinuo (International) Development Co., Ltd. It is located in Foshan City. It is professionally designed by Italian designers and adopts Italian advanced production line and high-tech. It occupies an important position in the ceramic tile market that can not be ignored. Products include ‘Seiko Jade’ polished brick and ‘original impression’ antique brick. In 2020, it will be selected as the tile for the villa project of the 9th ASEM summit, and its products are fully recognized by the market and industry.

When you choose balcony tiles, you must choose a big brand with quality assurance. Don’t blindly follow the trend, so as not to buy inferior products. The above balcony tile brand recommendations are good, and you can refer to them when you buy them.

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