After four years away, Xiaomi’s self-developed chips are back in the world!

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C114 news, March 26 (Andy) Xiaomi official micro released a message today, saying: “a small self-developed chip, with Xiaomi’s endless technology dream, comes here. On March 29, my heart surged. “

This means that at the spring new product launch of Xiaomi on March 29, not only will Xiaomi 11pro & amp; Xiaomi 11ultra, the “Android king”, be released, Xiaomi mix, which is two years away, will return strongly, and Xiaomi will also bring new surging chips.


As early as February 28, 2017, Xiaomi officially released the self-developed chip “surging S1” of pinecone, which is regarded as a milestone event of Chinese chip industry. As a result, Xiaomi has become the fourth terminal manufacturer in the world to produce chips and mobile phones at the same time after apple, Samsung and Huawei.

However, in the next four years, surging has not been updated, and there is little new news about Xiaomi’s self-developed chip. People familiar with the semiconductor industry all know that making chips is a huge project, usually with an investment of more than one billion yuan. Moreover, it is not enough to have only funds. It also requires experienced technicians and profound technical accumulation. Therefore, it is even more difficult for mobile phone manufacturers to make self-developed chips.

On August 2014, when Xiaomi, the founder of Xiaomi, and the CEO of Xiaomi group, did not pay attention to the issue of being the first generation of chips, he said. But please rest assured that the plan is still going on. I’ll let you know when there’s new progress.

Now it seems that Xiaomi has not given up self-developed chips, and surging chips are about to come back. However, according to industry speculation, the upcoming surging chips may not be SOC chips for mobile phones, but chips applied to Xiaomi IOT devices, or ISP chips applied to Xiaomi mobile phones to take photos. The specific answer remains to be announced by Xiaomi officials. 阔别四年,小米自研澎湃芯片重出江湖!

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