512 + 64GB for alicloud permanent capacity card

Recently, Alibaba cloud disk launched a public beta. Today, alicloud app Welfare Society launched a new activity. After completing the task, you can get 512gb + 64GB permanent capacity card.

阿里云盘上线永久容量卡活动 可领512+64GB

The two tasks are to have a name and a surname and to have both. You only need to change your nickname and avatar to get a 64GB permanent capacity card with name and surname. If you upload 50 photos, you can get 512gb. Shenma has a permanent capacity card. Both tasks are easy to complete.

阿里云盘上线永久容量卡活动 可领512+64GB

Interested friends can update the Alibaba cloud disk app to the latest version to complete the task.

Author: Liu mingpeng



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