It gives you a refreshing feeling to wear! Evaluation of cool dog M52

In 2020, after the explosion of true wireless Bluetooth headsets, all brands have basically completed the layout of true wireless products, and gradually transition to the stage of building their own brand characteristic headsets. In this process, after enjoying the taste, users begin to think about the common pain points of the current true wireless Bluetooth headset: heavy product, uncomfortable wearing, poor voice cancellation, etc. The reason for this phenomenon is that many manufacturers do not have their own core technology, they can only use ready-made “convenient” solutions on the market.

And today, let’s focus on the new earphone products of cool dog music. After completing the hardware product design of M3 energy ring headset, M51 rainbow candy true wireless Bluetooth headset and so on, cool dog music brings you a 100 yuan cost-effective product: cool dog M52 true wireless headset, aiming at the current many pain points of users, considering the actual use scenarios and starting from the real needs of users.

1、 Appearance wear

Cool dog M52 has two kinds of color matching, both of which adopt simple plain color design. Among them, the moonlight white version of the earphone box feels smooth, simple and fresh, while the deep black version adopts the frosting process, which makes it quiet and introverted. There are flashing white lights on the front and type-C charging interface on the back.

Not only in the appearance design, kugou M2 is full of simple aesthetic style, but also in the ear cap with direct contact between the earphone and the ear, it adopts the touch oil silicone technology, carefully considering the long-term use of the user’s ear. The ear cap with skin friendly texture solves the discomfort of long-term use of the user’s ears. The remaining space on the compact fuselage is reserved for the touch control area marked with “K”, which can pause and cut songs with two points. The flashing status indicator light is also reserved under the “K”.

The design team of cool dog music takes the inspiration of “6” from the appearance design concept of cool dog M52 and combines the model data of cool dog acoustic laboratory to create a highly recognizable 6-word caudal fin. In the design, the three-point golden fixed proportion is formed by using the ear wheel foot, tragus and ear canal as the support. This design makes the earphone firmly “locked” on the ear with the most comfortable angle and the most natural form. I believe that after solving the universal problems of sound quality, endurance and weight, more innovative designs will be made in the future industry in terms of wearing comfort.

When you take out the earphone body, you will find that it is extremely lightweight. A single earphone weighs only 4G, about 32% lighter than the previous generation. What is the concept of 4G? This is the same weight as a single headset of apple airpods. How does the cool dog M52 feel? During the time I use it, I can listen to music with headphones on my side when I sleep in bed, without feeling obvious pressure. After I press the pause button of music, sometimes I even forget whether the headphones are still in my ears. This kind of light and comfortable feeling of nothingness can only be felt in Apple’s real wireless headphones before.

The cool dog M52, which adopts the streamlined and light design, achieves the extremely rare “0 prominent design” on the market. No matter how you turn left and right on the bed, you will not have the feeling of foreign body, so you can really wear it without feeling. It’s also suitable for office workers who lie on their desks and take a nap. Before going to bed, put on earphones and click on a favorite song or podcast program to let wonderful music accompany you to sleep.

2、 Call noise reduction

At present, the headphones in user scenarios need not only to support the audio function, but also the most important call function. But at the same time, the bad call experience caused by the immature technical solution has become the common pain point of the real wireless Bluetooth headset on the market. For such an industry situation, cool dog music is bold to develop a new call noise reduction technology.

If you are a careful student, you will find that there is no radio opening on the body of kugou M52. What kind of radio is used? You can’t imagine that the radio opening of cool dog M52 is hidden in the front mouth of the headset. Human voice is emitted from the throat, directly reaches the ear canal through the human body structure, and then transmits to the mic located in the front mouth of the headset, which greatly achieves noise isolation.

The advantage of kugou music call noise reduction technology is that the sound transmission in human body can be isolated from the source of noise transmission. The vast majority of manufacturers in the market collect sound through the mic on the body or ear handle, and then reduce the noise through the algorithm, so the noise reduction effect of various products is uneven.

Therefore, with the support of otoacoustic noise reduction technology of kugou M52, you can answer and make calls easily even in noisy scenes such as live house, K room, bar, company meeting and classroom. With its unique radio mode, kugou M52 can answer and speak clearly anytime and anywhere without fear of noise in noisy environment.

In addition to the normal wearing mode, when you take off one of the earphones and hold it in your hand, the cool dog M52 earphone will switch to a microphone and enter the walkie talkie mode. Even if you are in an extremely complex environment, you can also get very professional radio effects, making headphones a powerful tool for your productivity.

3、 Sound quality and experience

Cool dog M52 adopts a 6mm sound unit with bionic diaphragm structure, and vibrates with the same vibration frequency of human eardrum to achieve better music restoration effect. At the same time, kugou also specially optimizes its tuning, and supports the exclusive tuning of viper sound effect, making it feel better than headphones of the same price. Viper sound is currently used by 400 million users, and there are different sound effect update iterations every day, which makes up for the pain that headphones can’t update the configuration like computers to a certain extent.

In the practical listening experience, I tried to listen to teacher Li Jian’s classic ballad “by Lake Baikal”. As soon as the white noise of the prelude comes out, you can feel the wilderness feeling brought by its ultra wide sound field. With the sound of closing the door at the end of the prelude, the playing sound of accordion, whistle and folk guitar will slowly brush their ears with a sense of hierarchy, and also set off with the following voice of Teacher Li Jian. Cool dog M52 excellently digests such a complex music group, making the soundtrack orderly gather in the wide sound field. It can be said that the small body contains a lot of energy.

In the chorus part of the song, I can feel teacher Li Jian’s clear and thorough singing and beautiful voice. The second half of the voice is also more textural, in which the performance of high frequency also exceeded my expectations for the price.

On the premise of excellent overall sound quality, the cool dog M52 also achieves super long endurance. Kugou official data support m53.5 hours. After our two-hour commute endurance test, after listening to podcasts at 70% volume, the power dropped from full power to about 40%. With the charging box, it can provide about 4 times of repeated charging, with full power to accompany you in the whole scene.


Cool dog M52 real wireless headset is a 100 yuan high cost-effective headset that innovates the experience of noise reduction and wearing. Its super high performance and price is not only due to the price advantage, but also from the perspective of actual use of consumers to carry out innovative technology and design, so as to bring better user experience. It takes care of the user’s pain points in multiple scenes. From light weight and comfortable wearing, it can feel more high-quality voice noise reduction effect. From pillow to subway to daily use, it can bring users a better experience than other products of the same price on the market.

If the real wireless Bluetooth headset on your hand brings you a bad experience, such as heavy body, strong wearing pressure and poor communication, or you want to feel the convenience of the real wireless Bluetooth headset at a lower price, this 149 yuan cool dog M52 real wireless headset will be your best choice.

Author: Li Jun, Gatsby



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