What are the highlights of 2021 mainstream price business book?

Looking at the notebook market, it seems that the line between consumption and business is becoming more and more blurred, but there is still a big difference between business notebook and ordinary notebook in the actual use scenarios. In 2021, I think we should pay attention to the following points when purchasing business books:

1. Appearance: calm and not pompous

2. Performance: mainstream, no jamming

3. Portable: light and portable in their respective screen sizes

4. Screen: high gamut, good color

5. Stability: brand strength, after sales service

The first is appearance. The appearance is more subjective, thousands of people, thousands of faces, and all kinds of flavors are difficult to adjust. However, consumer laptops tend to follow the line of fashion and youth, with sharp appearance and eye-catching color matching, which is obviously not in line with the calm and introverted workplace style of business people. When you go out to meet customers and bring your notebook, it is also a display of your personal image. I suggest that we should consider the color matching of the notebook which is specially designed for business, black or silver gray, try to choose the metal shell, which is more textural than the plastic shell, and avoid some fancy designs, such as double color matching, pink keyboard, RGB light effect, etc.

And then there’s performance. As a productivity tool, efficiency is always the focus of business people. The hardware in the notebook is updated and iterated every year. If we insist on the principle of buying new but not old, there will be no mistakes. It should be noted that business books are often for daily office work, document processing, PPT presentation, etc. these applications do not have high requirements for graphics cards. On the contrary, CPU, SSD and memory will directly affect the experience. CPU can choose Intel’s 10th / 11th generation core processor, the best i5 or i7 level; memory should focus on the capacity, 8g enough level, the best with 16GB memory. SSD is a must, with or without SSD, you find that these are two laptops with completely different experience. Now the mainstream choice is 512gb capacity. If the budget is sufficient, you can add a piece later or choose the TB version in one step.

How important is portability to business people? I often go out, or travel in other places, and I don’t want to carry a heavy brick around every day. Portable = light, that’s right; but portable ≠ small size. According to the feedback of some business people, small size is indeed very good in portability, but the small screen often makes them not very adapted. After all, people’s height, vision and use characteristics are not the same. At present, the mainstream business books are 13.3 inches, 14 inches or even 15.6 inches in size. According to their preferred screen size, choose the notebook with light design to reduce the burden of carrying out.

Many people tend to ignore the screen. Not counting overtime, we work as long as eight hours, most of the time staring at this screen. Do you think it’s important that the color of laptop screen is heavy? A notebook with poor screen color will be dry and astringent after seeing it for a long time, and the whole person will be easily tired. A screen with excellent color and high gamut is another situation. Screen is used to see, can not be careless.

Finally, stability, needless to say. Stability is the most important thing. There are always small problems. When it comes to the critical moment, I will give you the card and restart it. That’s how adult collapse comes. We want to buy a strong business brand, product quality pass, stand the test. Even if there are problems in the later use process, the after-sales service is guaranteed. So which business school is better?

When it comes to business laptops, you have to mention ThinkPad, one of the oldest and most influential brands. With excellent quality and continuous technological innovation, ThinkPad has cultivated a large number of “little black powder”. For many years, ThinkPad has become the synonym of business in the eyes of many users. Today, we will plant three popular ThinkPad business books for you, hoping to provide some help for your purchase.

Recommended product: ThinkPad e142021

ThinkPad’s family appearance is simple and steady style, with elaborately polished metal texture, which can be seen and felt. ThinkPad E14 is no exception. I think both men and women can’t refuse this beauty. The screen of ThinkPad E14 is 14 inches. I think it’s just the right size. It’s as thin as 17.9mm and as light as 1.6kg. You can easily take it anywhere, whether you hold it in one hand or put it in your bag.

The left and right borders of the screen are only 4.5mm, accounting for 85% of the screen. However, the 14 inch screen is put into the fuselage which used to hold only 13 inch screen. 100% sRGB color gamut coverage, excellent image quality, whether it is a long time to watch PPT, or night code to see charts, can accurately restore the content, please your eyes.

In terms of configuration, ThinkPad e142021 is equipped with the latest Intel 11th generation core i5 processor, 16GB high-capacity memory and 512gssd solid-state disk, wi-fi6 wireless network card, Haman tuning speaker, etc. the price of such a business model is only 4799 yuan, which continues the high performance price ratio of ThinkPad e series. It is very competitive at the same price, and is suitable for small white-collar workers who have just entered the workplace.

Recommended product: ThinkPad e152021

If you don’t like the 14 inch screen and want to get bigger, consider ThinkPad E15. The appearance style is similar to E14. The metal shell, the frosting process and the delicate hand feel not only make people feel comfortable, but also can’t have strong and dazzling reflection in the sun.

ThinkPad e152021 is equipped with a 15.6-inch screen, which will be larger in volume. The fuselage is 18.9mm, which is slightly thicker than E14, but it brings broader visual enjoyment. Whether you need a large screen or not depends on your choice.

As for the core hardware configuration, ThinkPad E15 is similar to E14, the 11th generation core i5 + 16GB memory + 512ssd, but some configurations are unique to E15, such as face recognition, which can be accessed through infrared camera. At present, the price is only 4999 yuan.

Recommended product: thinkpadx13lte version

In the ThinkPad brand, the X series focuses on thinkness and portability. For thinkpadx13, Lenovo directly calls it aviator. Because this is a business notebook specially designed for business travelers. The screen size is 13.3, the thickness is only 16.9mm, and the net weight is only 1.3KG. It’s very convenient to carry out.

The LTE version also supports 4G network connection, which is convenient for you to connect when you go out. Although this 13.3-inch screen is small, it has 500nit brightness, anti peep IPS panel, 100% sRGB color gamut and excellent color display effect. ThinkPad classic smile keyboard, typing feel can be regarded as thin this best.

All I / O interfaces of thinkpadx13 are reinforced with alloy, which is very solid. The layout of internal components is neat and orderly. It has passed 12 mil-std-810g military standard tests, including drop test, low temperature test, high temperature test, altitude test, dust test, mechanical impact test, explosion-proof test, vibration test, fungus test, etc., which ensures that it can meet various strict requirements Stable operation in cool environment. The positioning of thinkpadx13 is higher than the first two models, which is suitable for business people with more adequate budget. The current price is only 7599 yuan.

The above are the three ThinkPad business books we recommend. No matter in appearance, performance, screen and portability, they are all the best in the same level of ultra-thin business books. No matter what you need is high color value, large screen or extreme portability, the above three can meet your needs. After using ThinkPad, I believe you will understand what is a qualified business book.

By James



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