Canon intends to make the transition from professional video to RF, and will launch RF Cini bayonet film lens

Canon is currently studying the application of RF bayonet to professional video machines. It seems that Canon is slowly introducing EF SLR users to RF micro single bayonet system, and its future focus will be more on RF micro single system. Recently, Canon has exposed a patent, which is similar to the me20f series, and is designing RF Cini film lens bayonet for it. In the future, RF Cini film lens will also be used in RF micro single camera.

佳能有意让专业电影机往RF过渡 将推出RF Cini卡口电影镜头

佳能有意让专业电影机往RF过渡 将推出RF Cini卡口电影镜头

The picture shows me20f

Via: camera beta

Author: Shen Pei



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