Yijia watch evaluation: feel the speed and perfection of Yijia mobile phone

When it comes to Yijia mobile phone, many people’s first impression should be simple and smooth system, ultimate polished flagship experience and so on. This is not only reflected in the company’s concept. In terms of products and customized systems, Yijia always adheres to the product concept of “not to do with” and insists on “let good products speak”. The fluency and perfection of its investment in products have deepened the popularity of Yijia mobile phone I love it.

Now, Yijia has brought this “fluency” and “perfection” to wearable devices. With the launch of Yijia 9 flagship series, Yijia officially released its first wearable watch, oneplus watch series. Yijia has given it the mission of “link” to seamlessly connect ecology and enjoy intelligent life. As a pioneering work in the field of smart watch, can one plus watch have a smooth and ultimate “one plus” experience like one plus’s flagship mobile phone?

Appearance: exquisite material, exquisite texture

Yijia watch is a flagship product launched with the attitude of creating a boutique flagship. It is divided into standard version and cobalt alloy limited version. The standard version has bright black and silver color. What we got this time is silver color. The overall 46mm round dial is suitable for boys.

In the dial is a 1.39 The screen has 454 × 454 resolution, 326ppi precision and uniform frame width. The dial glass adopts a strong gorilla glass lens, and the glass edge is 2.5D integrated design. With the CD concentric circle texture on the outer ring, gently move, you can see the light skimming along with the 2.5D glass surface, and the texture looming along with the light. It has a visual effect of light and shadow flowing After the light disappears, it is pure black, simple, classic and exquisite.

The middle frame is made of high-quality 316L fine steel, which has the exquisite beauty of exquisite craftsmanship in both vision and touch. The strap is made of fluororubber, which is comfortable to the skin. There is a circle of ripple texture on the strap, which is called “water wave texture design”. The closer you look, you can see a circle of ripples rippling like ripples. The watch strap also adopts the quick disassembly design of the dial rod, which is very convenient for disassembly and assembly. However, there are few styles of the watch strap at present, so I hope to have more styles in the future.

On the right side are the navigation keys and function keys. On the navigation keys, there is an embossed bulge of “oneplus” for distinguishing. On the right side, there is an opening for the microphone, and on the left side, there is a sound outlet for the loudspeaker. Yes, Yijia watch is equipped with a loudspeaker, which can be used for calling or music playing. Sometimes it is difficult to hold the mobile phone in both hands, or forget to bring headphones when going out for running It’s your Savior.

The thickness of Yijia watch is only 10.9mm. Thanks to the smooth arc of the middle frame, the visual effect of the whole watch is very full. The heart rate sensor is integrated on the back. In addition to single heart rate detection, it also supports all-weather real-time heart rate detection and intelligent heart rate detection. At the same time, it also has the corresponding heart rate warning function. There is also a charging electric shock interface beside the sensor, which can charge through the attached magnetic contact charging base. Just connect the USB charging head to charge, which is very convenient.

AI dial: Fun function for you to play all day

On the one plus watch, there is also a very interesting function: AI dial, which can generate a unique dial according to your clothes today. First, take a picture of your clothes with your paired mobile phone, and then the app can form patterned wallpaper with similar colors according to the color matching and style of your clothes, which is very fun.

Of course, if you like to take photos of your idol Aidou as wallpaper, then a watch can also satisfy you. In the app, there are dozens of different styles of dial for you to choose from.

Sports health: a professional and comprehensive sports mode

One plus watch adopts gomore fitness algorithm cooperated with the State General Administration of sports to provide professional AI sports algorithm support, intelligently evaluate users’ physical fitness and generate professional fitness guidance. Built in 14 sports modes, covering the current mainstream of running, swimming, riding and other sports. At the same time, it also supports motion self recognition detection to determine the type of movement. I specially tested it. If you don’t turn on the movement mode during running, the watch will automatically prompt you whether you are running or not, and it has started to automatically record the movement data.

In the health app of the mobile phone, you can see the movement record of each time. In the details, there are movement data including movement track, calorie consumption, heart rate information and so on. The positioning system supports four kinds of satellite positioning methods, such as GPS and Beidou, and the measured trajectory position is quite accurate. In addition, the waterproof and dustproof grade of 5atm + IP68 should be no problem for daily use to resist the invasion of sweat and running water.

In terms of health monitoring, real-time heart rate monitoring and sleep detection are indispensable, as well as three health functions: pressure monitoring, sedentary activity reminder and blood oxygen monitoring. These recorded data can be displayed on the watch or health app.

Operation experience: smart watch can also have extreme fluency

One plus has always been at the forefront of the industry in exploring the smooth screen experience. Whether it’s the blockbuster one plus 7 Pro, or the further one plus 8 pro and 9 pro, each generation of one plus flagship is exploring the “ceiling” of mobile phone screen fluency. This time, Yijia brings the debugging experience of “extreme” fluency to Yijia watch, optimizes the bottom layer of the display at the architecture level, and improves the display frame rate from about 30 frames commonly seen in the industry to more than 50 frames.

When I use it, I feel as described by Tongjia. No matter it’s click, press, touch and stroke, it’s sensitive and the animation effect is smooth enough. It’s like the smooth experience of Tongjia’s mobile phone. Although there is still a gap between the high brush ratio of 120Hz and 144hz on the watch and the mobile phone, compared with the fluency of 30 frames on the mainstream smart watch, the operation flow of Tongjia’s watch is better Fluency is still extraordinary.

Is high frame rate enough? It’s not enough. While achieving high fluency, I’ve also achieved a long endurance. I’ve been using it these days. With Bluetooth connection, automatic brightness, automatic heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring on, I can walk and run for two hours every day, with a endurance of about five days. One plus officially claims that it can reach a maximum range of 14 days, and calls it probably the smoothest long-range smart watch.

With Warp flash charging awesome, it takes only 20 minutes to recharge the battery, and it can reach several days’ full life. It is full of 1 hours. The endurance performance is quite fast, and there is a quick charge that can quickly return to the blood, which is enough to meet the daily needs.

Intimate function: listen to music and pay by credit card

Smart watch as our wrist companion, in addition to usually used to watch the time and notice, some practical function support can enrich our life experience.

On the one plus watch, you can see the NFC card package, which is essential for migrant workers to commute to work. It supports the functions of bus card and simulated access card. However, the bus card does not support the bus card of my city for the time being, so I can’t experience this function. There are also Alipay payment codes that can be used offline. Of course, these two functions are also the standard of smart watches.

Mobile phone mobile phone headset has 4GB headset, and space is not much. But a group of songs that you normally listen to are enough. Using APP can synchronize the songs in the phone to watch, then match the wireless headset with watches. As I love to go out, I don’t like to bring my mobile phone with me.


Exquisite workmanship, long-lasting endurance and smooth operation; the 999 yuan price of the sports version of the first plus watch has reached the level of the first echelon at the same price, no matter in terms of workmanship, battery charging and operation experience. As the first product of the first plus in the field of smart watches, the completion of this watch has been very high. After comprehensive experience, the 999 yuan price is still very worthwhile.

If you are an Android system, but not a plus mobile phone user, you can connect a plus watch by scanning the QR code in the manual and downloading the “Huantai health” app.

Although the ecology of Android smart wear still has a long way to go, the emergence of one plus watch may break the deadlock, but it is not something that manufacturers can accomplish on their own. Fortunately, many manufacturers have joined in the field of intelligent wearable, cooperating with each other and breaking through the ecological barriers between products, which can undoubtedly enrich consumers’ choice of products and make us deeply realize the convenience and quickness brought by the intelligent interconnection of devices. Whether smart wear will set off another wave remains to be seen.

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