“Cool discount” on the eve of closing

&Compared with the bustling rush buying scene on the eve of the closing of other traditional department stores, Cuiwei department store in Gongzhufen (hereinafter referred to as “Gongzhufen Cuiwei”) seems to be “calm” a lot. On March 28, a reporter from Beijing business daily visited block a of Cuiwei, Gongzhufen, and found that as the last day of business before the closure of the store, most of the merchants basically maintained normal business, the discount was moderate, and the passenger flow was basically the same as before. On the contrary, the supermarket located in the lower level of the mall has some shelf empty phenomenon because of the large discount.

It is understood that block a of Cuiwei in Gongzhufen will be closed on the evening of March 28 and will be upgraded in April. During this period, block B will be in normal operation and is expected to be officially renovated in early November.

On the eve of closing, Gongzhufen Cuiwei’s discount is not high, and there is no phenomenon that a large number of consumers rush to buy. When visiting Beijing business daily, we found that compared with the previous “20-50% discount” activities before the closure and transformation of Saite shopping center, Chang’an shopping mall and Dong’an Market, the discount of Gongzhufen Cuiwei was much lower. In terms of cosmetics area, consumers can enjoy 10 times points and 80 yuan e-Voucher for 500 yuan; most of the second floor women’s wear is 100 minus 20; most of the children’s wear is 100 minus 30. One of the salesmen for children’s wear told reporters that because the mall was upgraded and planned to reopen at the end of the year, the discount intensity of the merchants was only consistent with the usual, and there was no excessive sale. At the same time, a consumer who bought more goods said to the reporter, “the price of goods before the store closed did not have a high degree of discount, just because there was a demand for seasonal change, so he bought a lot of clothes.”.

The 70% discount did not lead to the scene of “hot sale”, only in a few high discount brand stores and supermarkets. A reporter from Beijing business daily saw outside the coach store on the first floor of block a that there was a long line at the entrance of the brand. About 20 people lined up around 4 p.m. The reporter learned from the coach staff that most of the products in the store are 20% off, but there are no latest products. The phenomenon of queuing is also in the supermarket on the negative floor. The reporter saw in the supermarket that most of the fresh flowers and meat products are sold at a buy it now price, leading to the checkout desk full of consumers, mostly middle-aged and elderly customers.

Beijing Business Daily reporter saw around 4 p.m., in addition to the fourth floor and fifth floor part of the merchants have already closed, the remaining merchants still maintain normal business. However, it can be seen that many cartons have been prepared for each counter, and some shelves have been emptied. At the same time, the customer service center on the fifth floor of block a has been moved to the fifth floor of block B; the Cuiwei tobacco and wine shop, small can tea and Jinghua tea on the negative first floor of block a have been moved to the northwest of the first floor of block B, and the location arrangement of merchants after the transformation has also been put out.

Prior to this, Cuiwei related people disclosed to Beijing Business Daily that some of the cosmetics, men’s and women’s wear, shoes and hats, home furnishings, supermarkets, tobacco and wine and other popular categories and brands in block a have moved to block B to continue operation. Meanwhile, cuiweidian online mall has been officially put into operation. At present, the online mall covers 14 categories, such as big brand cosmetics, jewelry accessories, international famous products, life supermarket, etc., and can continue to provide services for consumers.

According to the relevant people of Cuiwei, after the adjustment and upgrading, Gongzhufen Cuiwei will build a fashion life center with three theme spaces: fashion products, social scenes and convenient shopping. We will deeply integrate fashion, environmental protection, technology and intelligent experience and consumption scenarios, and realize the transformation and upgrading of six aspects, including business type combination, brand collection, environmental experience, space moving line, hardware facilities and operation management.

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