Samsung T7 mobile SSD: fast, stable and safe

I still remember when I was in college, my laptop was stuck and slow. When I asked Dashen how to solve the problem, I got the answer: “change the computer”, “can you not change the computer?” “Change the SSD.”. Facts have proved that solid state hard disk has a wonderful effect on computers. When it comes to solid-state drives, Samsung is an absolute name. I believe users who are familiar with related products will understand Samsung’s position in the industry. Samsung is absolutely the leader in this industry. Its original flash memory particles, master chip and heat dissipation technology can be regarded as the guarantee of the quality of storage products.

In the mobile SSD, Samsung “t” series products have a symbolic position. Take the T series of mobile solid state hard disk as an example. Along the way, T series has created all kinds of new possibilities for mobile hard disk. From the beginning of T1, T3 and T5, Samsung T series has gradually become one of the most trusted products in the field of mobile SSD.

Since it is a mobile hard disk, the appearance design and weight have become the most important parameters for some consumers. The appearance of Samsung T7 mobile SSD is very suitable for daily fashion colors and compact design. It provides three colors of Aurora blue, Mars red and space gray for consumers to choose from. The overall body is made of aluminum alloy, with a weight of only 58G. In terms of capacity, it provides three sizes of 500GB, 1TB and 2TB, and consumers can choose according to their own needs and preferences.

Speed is also a very important parameter of a mobile hard disk. In terms of interface, Samsung T7 mobile SSD adopts type-C interface and pcienvme protocol, which can reach the highest speed of usb3.2gen2 (10Gbps) interface, with a reading speed of 1050mb / s and a writing speed of 1000mb / s.

As we all know, solid state hard disk will produce temperature when it is working, especially when it is working with high intensity. However, when the temperature is high, it is easy to cause speed drop, so the gain is not worth the loss. Therefore, the working time of mobile hard disk is particularly important. In order to solve this problem, Samsung’s T7 mobile solid-state hard disk keeps the best working temperature through dynamic heat dissipation protection of DTG and encapsulated phase change material EPCM, so as to ensure that the hard disk can always provide the fastest transmission speed.

In terms of software, Samsung provides mobile SSD management software, which has an easy-to-use interface and can help us set the security function of the device. Brief introduction easy to understand interface, users can quickly start this software. The minimum system requirement of the software is windows (windows7 or later) / MAC (osx10.10 or later) / Android (lollipop or later). At the same time, the software also automatically checks for updates to keep the software in the latest version, so as to ensure that users can enjoy the improvement brought by software updates and get a better use experience.

The main function of this software is to encrypt the mobile hard disk. The software supports users to set passwords for Samsung T7 mobile SSD. In terms of encryption, Samsung T7 mobile SSD adopts aes256 bit hardware encryption. With this hardware encryption method, there is no need to worry about the file information leakage caused by software cracking. At the same time, with the use of aes256 encryption algorithm for encryption, it takes almost 10 million to hundreds of millions of years to completely crack the aes256 encrypted password with the current supercomputer performance. Therefore, the password will not be easily cracked violently to ensure that the data will not be leaked.

As an external storage device, Samsung T7 mobile solid state hard disk provides super fast performance up to 1050mb / s, which is nearly 10 times faster than traditional mechanical mobile hard disk. The fashionable color and compact design not only brighten people’s eyes, but also enable users to carry and access data anytime and anywhere. Thanks to a variety of cooling technologies, Samsung’s T7 mobile SSD also has strong thermal reliability. Finally, it also acts as an external hard disk of the game console. Moreover, it has many advantages, such as strong performance, strong compatibility, data security and so on. If you also want to start a mobile hard disk, then Samsung T7 mobile SSD must not be missed. At the same time, T7 series also has a t7touch, which has the same performance as T7. It also has the fingerprint unlocking function, which has double security and is also worth having.

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