Hardware configuration upgrade, HP shadow wizard 6 Pro analysis

For working people, in this information age, they need to use computers to deal with work affairs. For various reasons, they often need to go out or mobile office. For college students, they need a computer to be able to play video games with their friends during the break time and check all kinds of materials while studying in the library. So we hope to have a notebook that is light and portable enough, and its performance also needs to be very strong. Whether daily office or game entertainment, this notebook can provide us with smooth experience everywhere. However, in the past, there were not many such notebooks, or even very few. But now we have one more choice, which is the new HP shadow wizard 6pro game book with Intel’s 10th generation core processor + NVIDIA rtx30 Series graphics card.

Shadow genie 6pro is not only powerful, but also light and portable. The appearance design is also very exquisite and excellent. We want fish and bear paw. It can help us realize it. I believe this notebook can become the right-hand assistant of office workers and student party! Let’s take a look at it.

Now many users buy laptops, not only depends on the configuration and portability, appearance is also one of the important standards, after all, appearance is the first combat effectiveness. Shadow spirit 6pro changed the appearance of the previous generation to adopt a minimalist style. The whole body uses black and gray as the main tone, and uses frosting technology to spray. In the middle of side a, there is a brand-new blue-green gradient logo, which brings different visual experience to users under different light refraction. At the bottom of the logo, there is a line of white omen. The overall style of the machine is very low-key and stable. Only the gradient logo shows the gene of the game. It can fit perfectly in all kinds of occasions without being abrupt.

Since the style of this notebook is oriented to multi scene use, it must be easy to carry, so that we can take it around in various occasions. Shadow genie 6pro adopts the design of ultra-thin body + narrow frame, and also controls the weight of bare metal at about 2.45kg. In the fever level game book, such volume and weight can be said to be very portable.

If the media rendering is too good, the user can’t see the screen directly. Therefore, the shadow wizard 6pro is equipped with a 15.6-inch fhips screen, combined with the design of three narrow borders, which can bring immersive user experience. This screen has a refresh rate of 144hz and a color gamut of 72% NTSC. The high refresh rate brings a smoother picture, while the high color gamut brings a picture with rich colors and delicate levels of detail. Combined with the two, users can enjoy the ultimate visual experience.

Having said the appearance and portability, then it’s time to come to the most concerned part of performance. Only strong performance can really provide users with excellent experience. Shadow spirit 6pro is equipped with the 10th generation Intel Core i7-10870h processor, which has 8 cores and 16 threads, and can reach 5.0ghz. The highlight of the performance is equipped with geforcertx3070 flagship graphics card. Thanks to the award-winning second-generation NVIDIA RTX Architecture – ampere architecture, rtx3070 can provide players with real-time ray tracing, AI image enhancement and other new technologies, and take you to play a variety of 3A game masterpieces. Moreover, this graphics card can also accelerate software in 3D rendering, video editing, special effects production and other professional fields, providing users with a better performance Creators get twice the result with half the effort.

In order to give full play to the powerful performance of CPU and graphics card, shadow wizard 6pro is equipped with 8GB × 2ddr43200mhz high-frequency dual channel memory, which can bring a faster and smoother experience, and there is no need to worry about the lack of memory for more large tasks. At the same time, there is massive storage space brought by 1tbm.2pice SSD, which can store large-scale games. SSD can bring flying experience to game loading, so you don’t have to watch the game loading bar for a few minutes.

If a notebook wants to give full play to its full performance, it must have good heat dissipation, so as to ensure that the performance of the notebook will not be affected by overheating and frequency reduction. In order not to let the heat dissipation problem restrict the performance, shadow spirit 6pro adopts cool storm heat dissipation technology, which is equipped with 8mm main heat pipe and 12V three-phase motor fan with liquid bearing. The total fin length and fan area increase by 25% and 15%, resulting in 62% increase of air output. The combination of double fan and four heat pipes has high heat transfer efficiency, quiet and low noise. Because of this excellent cooling technology, HP also provides this notebook with a fury mode, which can be improved by 13% and 20% respectively in games and test software, further squeezing every drop of performance. So when users need to work quietly, balanced mode can bring quiet noise and good performance release. In addition to leisure and entertainment, you can enter the HP game control center (omen gaming hub) to adjust the operation mode, and turn on the fury mode to provide better heat dissipation, bring excellent performance release and fight every moment!

On the whole, HP shadow wizard 6pro as a lightweight portable, multi scene use of the fever level game, its performance is very good! Excellent appearance, strong performance, excellent heat dissipation in the same grade of notebook are superior to the others, very suitable for game enthusiasts to use. In addition, HP shadow genie 6pro has also launched the configuration of core i7-10750h + rtx3060, with lower price, which can meet the work and entertainment needs of student party and workplace newcomers. Now, HP shadow wizard 6pro is promoting the continuous good price in the opening season of Jingdong. If you want to start, don’t miss it!

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