Even a poke can be withdrawn! Mobile QQ new experience

[pconline application] mobile QQ has been updated and released the latest version of 8.6.0. This update has solved a problem that has puzzled many users. There are several small changes. Let’s have a look.

Avoid embarrassment caused by touching by mistake. One stamp can be withdrawn

After wechat’s “take one shot” and “poke one poke” functions of mobile QQ came online, users had a good time. However, this small function can also make users worry. If you accidentally poke someone, you can’t undo it. If you poke someone who shouldn’t, it’s time to be embarrassed.

In the new version of mobile QQ can avoid this situation, when you accidentally poke friends, you can withdraw a poke. However, the withdrawal function is limited. First, it must be within 2 minutes. Second, both parties must use the latest version of mobile QQ. If either party uses the old version, it cannot withdraw it.

At the same time, users who are not interested in using the “stamp” function can manually close the double-click action of the avatar to avoid misoperation.

Intelligent noise reduction, clearer call

When using mobile phone QQ voice or video call, how to deal with the noisy surrounding environment? In the new version of mobile phone QQ, video audio voice intelligent noise reduction function is added, which can help users reduce environmental noise and improve the call quality to a certain extent.

Smart filter makes your photos more attractive

I want to add a filter when I send photos, but I can’t decide which filter is better? Try the new smart filter. A key to help you beautiful pictures, make your photos more beautiful, come to try you like it or not. Take a look at the image below. Do you like the original image or the image processed by the intelligent filter.

Graffiti will do

Want to label on the picture? No problem, the new version of mobile QQ can not only help you to play grid, but also help you to mark box, circle, arrow and other operations, you can choose a variety of marking colors.


How about a poke? It can be withdrawn. It’s no longer embarrassing after sending it by mistake. However, Xiaobian just played in those days when the function of poking came out. Once the freshness passed, there was no more playing. Are you still playing?

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