It is not ruled out that Canon’s new generation EOS r camera with 100 million pixels will be launched next year

It has been said that Canon, in addition to the top EOS R1, has an EOS R series micro single camera with ultra-high camera, which is likely to be the long rumored EOS r5s. However, the previous news is that this camera will be equipped with 80 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor, but recently the Internet has got a more reliable new news, that is, this EOS R5s (not necessarily this model) canon has not yet fully considered how high pixel sensor it should carry, but it is likely to eventually use a 100 million pixel sensor, which will be officially released next year. The main purpose is to completely distinguish the EOS that has been listed R5, and the main users are also enthusiasts and photographers, especially professional photographers who shoot scenery, studio and commercial photography.

不排除有一亿像素 佳能新一代EOS R相机将会在明年推出


Author: Shen Pei



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