T7s series of stone sweeping robot will be released soon, new changes are expected



On March 28, less than a day before the new product launch of stone technology, on March 29, stone technology will launch its flagship new t7s series of stone sweeping and towing robots. In the past few days, stone technology official micro released several countdown posters, and today’s posters are more different than before.


We can see that in the latest poster, there is a similar base product with the t7s series of stone sweeping robot. The key words of each step are free in the big text of the poster, and the following contents appear in the small words of the content of the poster: no consumables, automatic dust collection, monthly cleaning, hands free for 30 days. From this series of key words, we can guess that the t7s series of stone sweeping robot should be equipped with a new fully automatic dust collection base.

Sweeping robot equipped with automatic dust collection base can effectively reduce the burden of users, so that users can use more easily. And in use, the design of automatic dust collection also allows the sweeping robot to collect the garbage after each cleaning, avoiding the situation of bacteria breeding caused by the accumulation of garbage in the dust box.

In addition to the automatic dust collection base, the t7s series of stone sweeper robots should also have other surprises. For example, in the previous poster, there are 3000 transverse acoustic vibrations per minute in every step of the whole field. It is possible that the t7s series of stone sweeper robots will be equipped with a new transverse acoustic vibration system to enhance the further cleaning ability.


As a giant in the field of domestic floor sweeping robots, stone technology launched T7 series of floor sweeping robots in 2020. T7 series of floor sweeping robots have large suction as high as 2500pa, and are equipped with constant pressure electric control water tank with peristaltic pump scheme, super large capacity water tank as high as 297ml, and are also equipped with accurate electric control water outlet scheme, so that home cleaning can be targeted.

On March 29, what kind of surprise will new stone technology bring us? What kind of change does it bring to household cleaning? Please pay attention to our follow-up report.

Author: Chen Zihong



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