What are the interesting new ways to play mobile imaging system?

In recent years, the mobile phone imaging system has made great progress in hardware, algorithm and so on. Users can easily capture high-quality image content by using the mobile phone. While mobile phones improve the imaging quality of the imaging system, they also bring some interesting new image playing methods to users. Let’s see what they have.

Microscope lens with 60x magnification

When it comes to the interesting new way to play mobile image, the micro lens of oppo find X3 series is worth mentioning. Oppo find X3 series adds a unique 3 megapixel micro lens to the imaging system, which can achieve a maximum magnification of 60 times.


It’s very easy to use the micro lens to shoot. The micro lens of the mobile phone can almost fit the object. The microscope mode is 30x magnification by default, and the maximum magnification is 60x through the built-in 2x digital zoom of the camera. Oppo find X3 series is also equipped with a ring fill lamp near the microscope lens to improve the imaging effect of the microscope.


Through the micro lens shooting, you can capture a wealth of micro details, which is completely different from the visual effect you can see with your naked eye. It seems that you are shooting with a microscope. This kind of image shooting experience is very new on the mobile phone.


On the left side is the object seen by the naked eye, and on the right is the effect photographed in microscope mode. In the microscope mode, the visual effect is completely different from the surface of the object we see everyday. The texture details of the object surface are clearly visible, and the visual effect is very shocking.

You can also take pictures of the screen arrangement through a microscope lens, and you can accurately distinguish the screen arrangement by turning on the microscope function. If you are a digital enthusiast, I believe you will like this function very much.


Through the micro lens, you can see the micro world hidden on the surface of the object and the details you can’t imagine. This experience is very interesting. Through the micro lens, you can take some creative photos. This lens also supports video shooting, bringing users a new and creative way to take photos.

Macro lens to explore the micro world

In fact, the principle of macro lens is similar to the micro lens mentioned above, and it can also capture the visual effect of the micro world. But ordinary macro lens can not achieve the ultimate magnification effect of micro lens, but it can also take different photos.


Macro △ can be shot with ultra wide angle lens

Through the macro lens, you can take close shots of objects and take some fresh and creative photos. Macro lens is still common in mobile phones, but the imaging quality of micro lens may be different in different mobile phones.


Macro shot

Some mobile phones can realize the macro photography function through the ultra wide angle lens. Thanks to the excellent imaging quality of the ultra wide angle lens, the effect of the macro photos taken at this time is also very excellent. For example, the macro photo above is taken through the ultra wide angle lens, and the imaging effect is very good. However, some mobile phones equipped with low-quality macro lens have poor macro imaging effect.


In addition to ordinary macro lenses, some mobile phones are equipped with long focus macro lenses. For example, Xiaomi 11 and redmi K40 Pro are equipped with 5 megapixel long focus macro lenses to open a special micro world. Based on the macro lens, the zoom effect of long focus macro lens is closer. Although it can not achieve the magnification effect of micro lens, the actual effect is also very shocking.

A telephoto lens that goes further

Micro lens and macro lens belong to the micro level of shooting, while the long focus lens carried by the mobile phone expands the field of vision to the distance.

In fact, telephoto lens is also very common in mobile phones, but the telephoto lenses carried by different mobile phones are generally different. Generally, the long focus lens of mobile phone may only support 2x or 3x optical zoom, while the mobile phone equipped with periscope long focus lens can achieve 5x or higher optical zoom.


Equipped with a telephoto lens, the mobile phone can capture a clearer picture in the distance, greatly improving the composition space. For example, when you go out on vacation, you may be surrounded by tourists, so it’s difficult for the main photographer to find the right composition angle. Through the long focus lens, it is easy to avoid the crowd and take better pictures.


Zoom 5 times

With the blessing of telephoto lens, you can still get good imaging effect after zooming 2 times, 5 times, or even 10 times, which can easily meet the needs of sharing social networks.

With the blessing of telephoto lens, some mobile phones can also achieve 60 times and 120 times digital zoom. Although the quality of ultra-high zoom image will be significantly reduced, it can see distant objects and bring more fun.

More stable micro pan tilt

Micro PTZ is a major innovation of mobile imaging system, which can also bring some interesting new experience. Recently released vivo X60 series adopts micro pan tilt technology, which breaks through the limitation of traditional OIS optical anti shake, and can achieve more flexible three-dimensional anti shake, so as to bring better anti shake effect. It can be seen as a miniature of the pan tilt stabilizer on the mobile phone, so that the mobile phone can also have excellent anti shake performance.


With the powerful anti shake performance of micro PTZ, taking photos or videos can be improved. When taking photos in dark environment, the micro PTZ can reduce the shutter speed, improve the quality of photos, and ensure the film rate at the same time. In addition, hand-held video capture can get more stable video picture, edge image quality is also improved, bringing better video perception.


In addition to the above basic improvements, the excellent anti shake performance of micro PTZ can meet the needs of more shooting scenes. For example, if friends who often exercise want to record the wonderful moments of sports, micro PTZ can play a better role. Even if the hand-held follow-up shooting motion scene, it can also ensure a more stable and smooth video picture, make it easier to shoot high-quality video, and reduce the shooting threshold.

There are new ways to play with the built-in camera

In addition to using different hardware configuration to bring more fun play, mobile imaging system can also develop new imaging functions from the software level.


In addition to meeting the needs of daily shooting, most of the mobile phone cameras will also add rich and interesting image functions. For example, the common slow motion photography, delay photography, double exposure, multi scene video, magic for the day and other functions can bring more interesting experience to the mobile phone imaging system.

The continuous upgrading of mobile imaging system not only improves the overall imaging quality, but also develops towards a more comprehensive and practical direction. With the blessing of a better image system, ordinary users can easily shoot high-quality image content, reducing the threshold of user creation. Mobile imaging system also adds many new ways to play, so that users can experience more fun, but also have more innovative directions.

Author: Liu mingpeng



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