“Happiness is the fireworks in the world” — a redefinition of happy living in Ketianxia for 15 years

On March 27, 2021, the 15th anniversary of Ketianxia, the initiator of “happy special zone” revealed several key messages. Ketianxia, which has always been famous for its construction quality and engineering quality, began to integrate intelligent life, residents’ interaction and happiness into the community, redefining the way of linking human settlements and the community with the outside world.


Photo: launching ceremony of the 15th anniversary of Ketianxia in Meizhou

In the past, the main actions of real estate developers were land acquisition, opening and sales. The factors that determine whether a property can be realized are location and traffic. Garden, facade, clubhouse and business determine the life tension of the owners; the bearing capacity and beam of a building, and the width and depth of the indoor house determine the comfort of the living space. In short, the past property, hardware determines everything.

Over the years, we have been committed to building a customer world of happy special zone. We have put aside the traditional real estate mode, implemented a new happy lifestyle, and loaded a series of software and hardware supporting facilities such as owners, happy community, transportation and smart life into the “happy” experience bit by bit.

A happy day

When referring to “happiness”, General Secretary Xi once stressed that “struggle” and “ecology” are closely related to our daily life. Happiness is to turn the blueprint into reality, which requires doing a good job and living a happy life step by step. The way of heaven rewards hard work and changes with each passing day.

In spring, a season full of vitality and hope, China · Ketianxia launched the second happiness day and the 15th anniversary of Ketianxia, implying that happiness takes root here, germinates here, starts from here, and then returns. In Hakka world, people harvest happiness and carry hope. On the occasion of its 15th anniversary, Hakka world held an activity with the theme of “happiness +”, which shows that Hakka world always keeps in mind its mission and strives to build a happy life.


Photo: Meizhou Ketianxia Venice water city

A Hakka fair day banquet

“Polder day” is a very important day in the eyes of Hakkas. It is a traditional day of market trading. Every polder day, the market in Hakka towns is full of hawkers and buyers. The scene is spectacular.

In order to restore the lively scenes of Hakka polder day and inherit the polder day culture, Hakka world has made the polder day scene into a long scroll and engraved it in Meizhou Hakka World Tourism Industrial Park. The picture of Hakka polder day is 50 meters long and 2 meters high in the form of copper relief. It is praised as a long scroll of Hakka folk customs comparable to the picture of Qingming River. It shows the beauty of Hakka folk customs with more than 510 vivid characters The folk customs and prosperous business atmosphere of Hakka polder day in mountain villages have attracted the attention of many citizens.


Photo: Hakka market in Meizhou

Every year around 329, Meizhou Hakka world will hold a Hakka fair day to attract the public. In addition to delicious food, there are also benefits such as the interpretation of Hanfu culture and free visit to Hakka world scenic spots, which will enrich the celebration activities from various angles and enhance the participation enthusiasm of tourists.


Picture: busy scenes of offline activities on Ketianxia fair day

A letter to Hakkas all over the world

The story of Hakka people has been sung for thousands of years. In order to avoid the war, they have no choice but to move thousands of miles; the story of Hakka world, after 15 years, the original urban wasteland, now a happy home. On the occasion of Hakka world’s anniversary and the second happiness day, Meizhou Hakka world, in the form of “a letter to the world”, issued an invitation to Hakka people all over the world to “go home” on behalf of Hakka capital of the world.


Photo: a letter from Ketianxia, China to Hakka people in the world

The spread of a jump from real estate

Meizhou Ketianxia’s tailor-made communication for the event broke away from the traditional mode of real estate. Taking the event as the starting point, it issued a “online Red call order” to we media, short video and industry experts. Once the call order was issued, we media celebrities from Meizhou, Chaozhou, Shantou, Shanwei, Guangzhou, Heyuan, Shenzhen, Longyan and other places competed to punch in Hakka world Venice Town, Hakka Town, Hakka world gatehouse, Hakka Art Square and other places punch in and take photos to pass Meizhou Hakka world and Hakka culture to their fans and the public.

The tiktok voluntarily spread the theme of “happiness” and “go home”. The tiktok family is happy to go home and happy. It is the main topic of the world. The two topics are over 20 million people. With the help of the platform, the Hakka culture and happy life are handed to the public.


Tiktok: Red calls to Meizhou daily attendance card


Tiktok: topic page

A happy city

Hakka world characteristic town is based on a barren mountain in the suburb of Meizhou, where the ecological environment has been seriously damaged and outsiders seem to have no development value. After 15 years of efforts, it has now become a “happy city” surrounded by green mountains and rivers, with numerous pavilions and pavilions, complete living facilities, rich Hakka culture, and the continuous convergence of various high-end industries and population, integrating life, production and ecology.

Ketianxia attaches great importance to the protection and restoration of the ecological environment, adheres to the concept of “green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains”, and embarks on a green development road of “gentleman state, post industry and livable again”; Ketianxia vigorously promotes the development of cultural tourism industry, with Hakka culture as the core, attracting 3 million tourists a year, creating a new cultural tourism image of Meizhou We should actively promote rural revitalization, improve the living environment, build infrastructure, provide public services and jobs, let the people participate in the project, form a community of common destiny with local farmers, and share the fruits of development.

Hakka world is promoting a happy lifestyle, which can not only make owners and prospective owners feel the real meaning of life, but also drive more people to join the road from happiness to happiness.



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