The 11th generation processor is a good car! Analysis of new highlights of ASUS z590 motherboard

Rocket Lake’s 11th generation intel core desktop processor will officially go on sale on March 30, 2021 Beijing time. If you want to play this generation of platform more smoothly, you must have a good understanding of the new generation z590 motherboard.


This time, the author will take ASUS rog-strix-z590-a-gaming-wifi snowblowing motherboard as an example to analyze the new highlights of z590 motherboard.

Support for pci4.0 Technology

From the beginning of this generation, Intel’s desktop platform finally supports the PCI 4.0 technology.


Compared with the pci3.0 interface, the transmission rate of pci4.0 interface is directly doubled, reaching 16gt / s, that is, 16 billion times per second. The theoretical speed of single channel is 2GB / s, X4 speed is 8GB / s, and x16 speed is 32GB / s.

Amd desktop platform began to support PCI e 4.0 technology in 2019, and now Intel has stepped in. With the gradual popularization of the technology of pcie4.0, the performance of many devices such as graphics card and storage will be improved rapidly.

At present, the new generation of graphics cards mainly include geforce RTX 30 series of NVIDIA and radon RX 6000 series of AMD, both of which have adopted the PCI 4.0 technology. Installing these new graphics cards on Intel’s new generation platform will give full play to their performance this time.


In the second half of 2020, the speed of PCI 4.0 SSD will be further improved, reaching 7000mb / s. The representative products include Samsung 980 RPO and Western Digital WD_ Black sn850 and so on. With the advent of Intel’s new generation platform, players can also enjoy the use of these high-end solid-state drives. 7000mb / s, speed is swish, who use who know!

With the rapid development of the speed, the heat output of the solid state drive (SSD) can not be ignored. In order to effectively reduce the operating temperature of m.2 pcie4.0 X4 SSD and help the device operate more stably and efficiently, m.2 heat sink is equipped in three pcie4.0 m.2 slots of ASUS rog-strix-z590-a-gaming-wifi snow blowing motherboard as standard.

It should be noted that since the pci4.0 controller is integrated into the 11th generation Intel Core s series desktop processor of rocket lake, if you want to enjoy the excellent performance of pci4.0 devices, the z590 motherboard must be used with the 11th generation intel core desktop processor of rocket lake.

Supports higher DDR4 memory frequency

The last generation z490 snowblowing motherboard can support ddr4-4600mhz memory overclocking frequency. Now, the memory performance of the new generation z590 snowblowing motherboard is further improved. With the second generation memory optimization technology of ASUS optimem II, ASUS rog-strix-z590-a-gaming-wifi snowblowing motherboard can support the memory overclocking frequency up to ddr4-5333mhz, so players can use it with high frequency memory.


For overclocking enthusiasts, rocket Lake’s 11th generation intel core desktop processor adds memory frequency division mechanism, including gear1 and gear2 modes. You must pay special attention to it when memory overclocking.

CPU power supply design is generally strengthened

The highest specification of the 10th generation is 10 core 20 thread design, and the highest specification of the 11th generation is 8 core 16 thread design. Although the number of cores of rocket Lake’s 11th generation intel core desktop processor is significantly reduced compared with the previous generation, due to the addition of avx512f instruction set, the power supply demand of rocket Lake’s 11th generation intel core desktop processor is still very high.

Avx512f is a very important part of avx512. About avx512 instruction set, according to the official introduction of Intel, Intel avx512 is a set of instructions that can improve performance for various workloads and uses (such as scientific simulation, financial analysis, artificial intelligence (AI) / deep learning, 3D modeling and analysis, image and audio / video processing, encryption and data compression). With the support of ultra wide 512 bit vector operation function, Intel avx512 can handle more demanding computing tasks. With up to two 512 bit fused multiply add (FMA) units, the application can pack 32 double precision and 64 single precision floating-point operations, as well as eight 64 bit and sixteen 32-bit integers in each clock cycle within the 512 bit vector. Therefore, compared with Intel Advanced vector extension 2.0 (Intel avx2), the width and number of data registers and the width of FMA cells are doubled.

Previously, avx-512f instruction set was only used on the platform with high specialization such as x299. Now, Intel will release avx-512f instruction set to the mainstream consumer platform, which is definitely a great benefit for professional users.


In order to meet the power supply demand of the new generation processor, ASUS rog-strix-z590-a-gaming-wifi snowblowing motherboard further strengthens the power supply design, and fully designs 14 + 2-phase CPU power supply. With such a good power supply design, players who like overclocking can surpass one more.

Full text summary

As one of the first masterpieces of ASUS z590 chipset motherboard, ASUS rog-strix-z590-a-gaming-wifi is full of materials, which has laid a good foundation for overclocking and even game entertainment, and the playability is quite good. If you want to play with Intel’s new generation platform, this motherboard is very suitable!

At present, ASUS Jingdong self owned flagship store has put this z590 snowblowing motherboard on the shelves, with the initial price of 2699 yuan, which can be purchased by players who like it.

Author: Zhang Fan



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