Summary of all round decoration knowledge: guarantee the quality of decoration, start from these details

There are many ways in the process of new house decoration. Doing some common sense homework well in advance can reduce unnecessary trouble, guarantee the quality of decoration, and make the money more valuable. Similarly, looking for a good decoration company is the best way to save money. Today, the staff of Beijing quanbaoyuan decoration company will talk about the matters needing attention before decoration, so that you can avoid detours in the decoration process.


See clearly the decoration contract, avoid being affected by the routine

Many owners in the decoration process is easy to be decoration company routine, so decoration house must choose the formal decoration company, a little more sincere, less routine. Then it is necessary to carefully see the decoration contract and then sign, don’t look at the thick step contract, casually turn over the signature to pay. You don’t know which decoration categories are included in the contract and how much each category will cost. Then, in the decoration of the problem, later all kinds of additional items come one after another, compared with the contract, the above are clearly written, only complain that they did not understand the content of the contract. So, once it comes to money, we should choose carefully.

Careful selection of building materials to save decoration cost

Most of the owners don’t know wood, paint and other building materials. In order to save trouble, they entrust the project manager to buy the main materials. The project manager usually has building materials stores that often cooperate with each other. The quality is average, and the price is not cheap. The price of buying plate, aluminum alloy doors and windows, and paint is relatively high. Therefore, owners should choose building materials carefully to save decoration cost.

Grassroots treatment is very important, it is best to supervise the work on site

Base treatment refers to the wall base treatment, ground base treatment, etc., in the wall painting, there are a total of 7 processes, one can not be saved. But some workers in order to save trouble, will secretly omit several processes, it is easy to cause cracks on the wall later. Therefore, it is better to have a project manager to supervise the work, or to supervise the work on site.

Materials are bought with money, please protect them properly

Decoration process to spend a lot of money to buy materials, we must do a good job in statistics, properly keep the use. Some materials that are easy to absorb moisture, such as wood, gypsum board, furniture, etc., should be handled with care during transportation or placement, and moisture-proof measures should be taken to avoid cracking and deformation in the later period. There is also a good statistical budget, such as sand scattered together, how many bags, statistics are not in place, it is easy to increase costs. I believe many people have been cheated by these black box operations.


So we say looking for formal home decoration company is particularly important. The concept of Beijing quanbaoyuan home decoration is to “embarrass yourself and make customers”. While ensuring the quality of decoration, the price is as low as 999 yuan / m2, including engineering + water and electricity + Design + main materials + lighting + furniture + electrical appliances, and ensuring that consumers “what they see is what they get”. That is to say, consumers choose their favorite model rooms from more than 20 kinds of Chinese style, Nordic style, American style, simple and so on, and trust to hand them over to the designer of quanbaoyuan. The designer will fully consider the house type in combination with the style of the model room, so as to perfectly present what the owner sees, thinks and needs.

Moreover, after signing the contract with quanbaoyuan, quanbaoyuan will construct in strict accordance with the determined drawings, without any invisible consumption (additional items), and the whole process can be supervised, and the quality of core equipment is guaranteed for 10 years. In terms of material selection, Swiss lucerne flooring, Marco Polo tiles, Tata wooden door, bull switch, Legrand integrated ceiling, as well as a number of first-line brand suppliers such as Guanzhu, Jinyou, Zhibang, Aike, Jiusheng, hanle, Oudian, etc. are used for the full round. There is no middleman, no rebate, high quality environmental protection and cheap. Not only that, before the construction, the project management, construction acceptance, product quality and other contents are agreed in detail to ensure the maximum protection of the owner’s rights and interests. During the construction process, the owner can directly consult or complain to the official customer service of quanbaoyuan if he has any questions. Professional customers will patiently solve all the problems of consumers.



Now, there is a fourth anniversary decoration benefit for the whole house. From now on to April 21, all the imported solid wood furniture will be sent to the whole house immediately after placing an order in the whole house. Moreover, in order to ensure the safety of the owners, the negative ion walls of the whole house will be upgraded free of charge, and the background walls of model rooms and boutique small appliances will be limited. Choosing the right company for home decoration is the best guarantee for home decoration.



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