Quality consumption outlet has come to help the transformation and upgrading of Jingdong household appliances industry

Sweeping and dragging robots and dishwasher have become the standard configuration at home, and the TV with human-computer interaction is not new. Cross door large capacity refrigerators and cosmetics refrigerators are becoming more and more functional. Small and micro household appliances have the same “ability” as large household appliances, and become the current “hot” products

According to the recently released “report on China’s home appliance market 2020”, in 2020, the retail volume and retail volume of TVs above 10000 yuan in Jingdong increased by more than 70% on a year-on-year basis; the penetration rate of WiFi intelligent air conditioning market increased from 49% in the previous year to 63%; the retail volume and retail volume of large volume refrigerators from 501 l to 600 l increased by 60% and 57% on a year-on-year basis, respectively; the retail volume and retail volume of refrigerators above 20000 yuan soared respectively 126% and 132%

Whether it is our daily feelings or consumption data, all kinds of signs show that after encountering the stock market game, the slowdown of growth rate and the impact of epidemic situation, the home appliance industry shows signs of “breaking the ice”, opening a new growth channel, quality consumption has become a trend, and ushering in the “tuyere” of structural upgrading. As a “tuyere” and a promoter of this round of industrial transformation and upgrading, JD household appliances is leading the orderly and “new” development of the whole industry with its advantages of connecting supply and demand.

品质消费风口已来 京东家电助力行业转型升级进行时

Guide new people to release consumption potential

As the wave of Z generation, the consumption concept of the post-90s and post-00s is more distinct. They pay for their interests and appearance rather than their functions, which has become the consumption concept of the new youth of Z generation. After the wave “create the wind”, the whole people “follow the trend”. This also makes today’s home appliance consumption present the characteristics of personalization, intelligence and differentiation.

Seizing and guiding the consumption demand of generation Z to form a new consumption concept, Jingdong home appliances put forward the brand proposition of “refresh your life” at the beginning of this year, and continuously passed on high-quality trend products, cutting-edge black technology, and healthy and quality life concept to consumers through new product marketing projects, striving to help consumers free from household chores and let them live with new products and services Life is more “quality”. At the just concluded awe exhibition, Jingdong household appliances opened the theme Hall of Huanxin life with the theme of “Huanxin your life”. It subdivided the crowd through six exhibition areas, such as “father Chaoma” family area, “Buddhist health care” area and “big fun” area, and guided consumption through scene setting to release consumption potential.

Arousing new demand and promoting consumption upgrading

Standing at the “tuyere” of upgrading the industry structure, as a leading home appliance retail platform in all channels, one of the killer maces of Jingdong home appliances leading the industry transformation is c2m Jingpin home appliances. C2m can be said to be a shortcut to wake up the internal needs of consumers. This is because c2m is to accurately mine user needs through big data, so as to tailor the goods and functions that consumers need. This kind of household appliances is neither over consumption nor superposition of functions for the sake of functionality, but with the help of data support and technology drive, to explore the accurate matching between people and goods.

品质消费风口已来 京东家电助力行业转型升级进行时

So far, Jingdong home appliance c2m products have been available for more than two years, and have been sought after and loved by many consumers. According to statistics, since 2020, the total turnover of Jingpin household appliances based on c2m mode has increased by 161% year-on-year; so far this year, it has launched 150 types of Jingpin household appliances c2m products, of which 40 products have become the top 3 in the sales list of various categories.

Aware of the great power of c2m, more and more home appliance manufacturers have joined the “team” of Jingdong. Many mainstream home appliance brands, including Sony, LG, Siemens, Bosch, shuaifeng and Wanhe, have signed a new strategic cooperation agreement with Jingdong with the core of “c2m Jingpin home appliances” to jointly “intelligently manufacture” more home appliance products suitable for consumers.

Wake up the demand with the scene and meet the demand with the product. Using its big data advantages, JD household appliances constantly excavates product trend function points and consumer demand points in new scenarios, promotes the “quality revolution” and accelerates the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry.



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