Home appliance industry is facing “new upgrade” and Jingdong helps the industry break through quickly

The economic base determines the superstructure, the material life is greatly satisfied, and people’s higher level consumption demand is promoted. In recent years, with the steady increase of per capita disposable income, the concept of consumption is constantly upgrading, and the consumption demand is also expanding. In the consumer market of household appliances, the consumer trend of household appliances has gradually changed from “cheap and durable” to “exquisite and easy to use”, and the development of the whole household appliance industry has ushered in a new turning point of “new upgrade”.

Under such a background, how to find a new breakthrough and win the final victory in the “new upgrade war” of household appliances? The answer is self-evident. Focusing on the two major needs of the main population in the home appliance market is particularly critical, that is, to meet the new consumer demand and focus on exploring the potential consumer demand, which is well known by Jingdong home appliance.

家电行业面临“焕新升级” 京东助力行业快速破局

Meet the new demands of consumption

According to the report of China’s home appliance market in 2020 released recently, the post-85, post-90 and post-95 generation, who grow up with the Internet and electronic products, have become the main consumers in China’s home appliance market. For home appliance consumption, they advocate intelligence, personalization and refinement. They pay more attention to the function of product segmentation, and even the satisfaction brought by the added value of products such as “appearance value”. Based on this, Jingdong appliance also deeply realizes that cost performance is no longer the primary selling point of products. Only higher quality products, higher standard services, more fresh and more refined new appliances can truly meet the needs of consumers.

家电行业面临“焕新升级” 京东助力行业快速破局

As a provider of a better life, JD home appliances put forward a new brand proposition of “rejuvenate your life” this year, advocating high-quality consumer services. First of all, with new functions, new technology, new design and new materials, we will create many new high-end smart home appliances and improve the quality of life of consumers. Second, we will use big data, intelligent AI and other black technologies to transform and upgrade our own service chain, so as to solve the worries of consumers and make them feel at ease when they buy and use. Finally, we will make use of the advantages of the platform to improve the quality of life of consumers We have observed the new needs of consumers, created many popular products of home appliances, and met the “new” needs of consumers.

Tap the potential needs of consumers

As a promoter of home appliance industry upgrading, Jingdong home appliance has been committed to promoting the upgrading and transformation of domestic home appliance industry. Xie fan, vice president of Jingdong group and President of home appliance division, said at the 2021awe Summit Forum: only when users break the traditional perception of home appliances, can they re open the ceiling of industry growth.

家电行业面临“焕新升级” 京东助力行业快速破局

At first, with high-quality products, efficient logistics and considerate services, Jingdong implanted the concept of home appliances can be purchased online into the public cognition. Now, with the advantage of big data platform, Jingdong home appliances has a deep insight into the potential needs of consumers, passing on high-quality trend new products, cutting-edge black technology and health and quality life concept to consumers, and using technology to help consumers “refresh their life” .

家电行业面临“焕新升级” 京东助力行业快速破局


In addition, JD home appliances has explored and extended the needs of users, and has reached strategic cooperation with many well-known home appliance manufacturers to provide customized products and services for consumers based on the needs of users. As the pioneer of the industry’s first “c2m intelligent factory”, Jingdong household appliances has broken the natural “supply and demand distance” of the household appliance industry at one stroke, realized collaborative optimization of all links of the entire household appliance industry chain, found profit growth points for household appliance manufacturers, and accelerated the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

To meet the new needs of consumers, comply with the development trend of home appliance market, and lead the new direction of home appliance industry, Jingdong home appliance has been on the road!



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