Complete 100 million yuan B + round financing, Guanyuan data leads the new practice of “Ai + bi” intelligent decision making


3月29日,观远数据宣布完成1亿元B+轮融资。本轮融资由独秀资本(Unicorn Capital Partners)独家领投,包括红杉中国、襄禾资本、线性资本在内的所有老股东全线跟投。

As a new generation of business intelligence and data analysis solution provider, Guanyuan data has taken the lead in putting forward the product and application concept of “Ai + bi” in the industry. It has been established for more than four years, deeply cooperated with more than 200 industry head customers, and released the one-stop intelligent analysis platform 3.0 and ten industry best data analysis practices.

Su Chunyuan, founder and CEO of Guanyuan data, said that this round of financing will focus on “deep cultivation of customer long-term value”, increase investment in product technology research and development and upgrade customer success system, and expect more like-minded partners to join the team.

Cutting edge trend: intelligent decision making is the biggest certainty in the next decade

Compared with the global market, Bi started late in China. Early customers prefer foreign products, and domestic products are mostly in the form of report tools, which mainly solve the summary statistics and basic visualization display of historical business data. In 2021, with the full acceleration of digital transformation, traditional Bi can not meet the multi-level needs of enterprises for industry analysis scheme, data decision granularity and complexity. Enterprises need the three-dimensional ability of data analysis from agility to intelligence.

Gartner’s report shows that from a global perspective, data analysis and AI, data science are accelerating the integration, and the future of intelligent decision-making is accelerating. In addition, when domestic enterprises choose products in the direction of abi (Analytics and business intelligence), domestic suppliers have increasingly become the first choice.

Two waves of localization and intellectualization are coming, which indicates that the domestic business intelligence and data analysis industry will usher in a new stage of rapid development.

Based on the deep cultivation and thinking of serving a large number of top 500 enterprises in the past, the Guanyuan team put forward the product and application concept of “Ai + bi” at the beginning of its establishment. With a one-stop intelligent analysis platform, it promoted the transformation and upgrading of enterprises from data analysis to intelligent decision-making, and was committed to building a data-based decision-making brain for each organization.

In the process of cooperation with a large number of customers, in the face of the contradiction of “planning first or landing first”, Guanyuan data released the “5A” path methodology of Digital Construction — agile, accurate scene, automated automation, enhanced, actionable action. It output the best practice from theory to landing, and has been recognized by customers and the industry. Guanyuan data advocates the principle of “starting from the end, building step by step, human-computer cooperation”, and the methodology of “looking for three years, doing for three months” to help enterprises build decision-making brain and provide customers with continuous business value.

Over the past four years, with solid product technology and customer service, Guanyuan data has carried out in-depth cooperation with more than 200 leading brands, such as Unilever, Wal Mart, LVMH, Budweiser, Vitasoy, Yuanqi forest, Sandun and a half, Zhong Xuegao, Heji group, Anta, Wangfujing group, little genius watch, Guoquan Shihui, mixue Bingcheng, Naixue’s tea, etc., and has become a leading retailer and consumer It is the leading brand in the construction of digital industry.

Development concept: great products lead the future

In October 2020, Guanyuan data released a one-stop intelligent analysis platform 3.0 based on cloud native architecture. Through the three product lines of “Galaxy data analysis”, “universe data development” and “Atlas cloud application”, Guanyuan data has the ability to open up the whole process of “data acquisition data access data management data development data analysis AI modeling AI model operation data application”, and supports the whole process from Bi to AI From basic analysis to one-stop application of advanced algorithm.

With the long-term development concept of “great products lead the future”, Guanyuan data has always insisted on integrating the best analysis practice of the industry into the iterative process of products to continuously empower customers. Compared with traditional reports and BI products, Guanyuan data constantly pursues the improvement of 10x ease of use, 10x high performance and 10x decision value. Core products are 100% standardized delivery, out of the box, with configurable and high scalability and other characteristics, to meet the personalized needs of different enterprises.

Under the epidemic situation in 2020, thanks to the word-of-mouth of “pragmatic landing” accumulated in the industry, Guanyuan data still doubled its performance in the past year, and won the honorary recognition of “fast company in 2020, China’s best innovation company 50” and “technology pioneer” of 2020 world economic forum and many other authoritative institutions due to the continuous innovation of products and technologies.

Industry deep cultivation: vertical deep cultivation of retail and consumption, horizontal service more industries and scenes

At the beginning of its establishment, Guanyuan data was deeply engaged in the retail and consumer goods field with great complexity and change, and great innovation consciousness. After continuous collision, practice and iteration with a large number of head customers, Guanyuan data has precipitated leading industry data analysis solutions covering FMCG, shoes and clothing fashion, supermarket convenience, catering and tea, shopping center, cutting-edge brands, etc.

In addition, in the financial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, education, Internet and other industries, Guanyuan data has served typical customers in the industry, including Bank of China, products and chemical industry, Yangzijiang pharmaceutical, New Oriental, xiaohongshu, etc., and has fully cooperated with cloud manufacturers, SaaS, ISV and other partners to output future oriented data analysis products and best practices for more industries and scenarios .

Customer value: insist on long-term customer value to make decision more intelligent

After this round of financing, Guanyuan data will continue to increase investment in product technology and customer success, and strengthen the cultivation and escort of long-term customer value. From 2021, Guanyuan data will regard the third Friday of each month as the “customer success day” of all staff, regard long-term customer value as the first priority of the company and the cornerstone of sustainable development, continuously iterate products and services, and strive to become a long-term partner trusted by customers.

Su Chunyuan shared: “in the past four years, Guanyuan team has the honor to witness and deeply participate in the localization and intellectualization process of data analysis application with many future oriented customers. What’s more exciting is that this is only the prelude of the intelligent era. From 2021 to 2030, the industry will usher in a more magnificent decade. We are looking forward to working with more like-minded customers and partners to reach the summit in the era of intelligent decision-making. The marvelous view of the world often lies in the danger and distance. “

China software network believes that the integration of AI and Bi will become an important support for intelligent decision-making of enterprises in the future. Guanyuan data’s one-stop intelligent analysis platform product development ideas based on cloud native architecture, and its data practice in the retail and consumer industries indicate that the development of domestic products in business intelligence and data analysis industry will also usher in a new stage of rapid development.

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