First evaluation of t7s plus: shaking the floor to overturn home cleaning experience_ Driving China

  In today’s quality life, facing heavy housework, young people hope to achieve the goal of freeing their hands with the help of machines. Therefore, there are washing machines for washing clothes and sweeping robots for sweeping floors. As for the sweeping robot integrating sweeping and dragging, although the sweeping is not clean enough, it’s better than nothing. The sweeping robot is no longer so good. It’s better than not dragging the floor Economy, human labor followed, with a mop to a thorough cleaning.

It’s been 1202 years. Are you sure you still need machines and manpower for household cleaning? Of course not. On March 29, stone technology launched its flagship new product of 2021, t7s series of stone sweeping robot. The new product mainly focuses on sound wave vibration to wipe the ground. Stone technology once again returns to the needs of users, fully tapping the deep needs of users for cleaning.

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

Fortunately, we also got a new product, t7s plus, in the first time. From the product naming logic, this sweeping robot was specially changed to “Tuo” in the naming. We can also guess that this product is bound to surprise users in the aspect of floor sweeping.

Of course, this is only our preliminary guess. Behind the word difference between the sweeping robot and the sweeping robot, can the t7s plus meet the needs of users’ daily life? This is clearly worth paying attention to.

1、 Appearance design

On the whole, the t7s plus stone sweeper robot maintains a high similarity with previous generations of products, and still uses the shape structure of round cake + mushroom head. As for the color matching of the products, we choose the fashionable and simple white + black color scheme, in which the fuselage is dolomite white, and the chassis is black, which can be well integrated into the surrounding environment if you place it anywhere in your home.

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

Judge whether the robot sweeps the floor is artificial mental retardation or not? There is a key indicator, that is, the obstacle avoidance ability of the sweeping robot. Now there are two kinds of active obstacle avoidance technologies used by manufacturers, one is visual recognition obstacle avoidance, the other is laser or structured light based obstacle avoidance.

This time, the t7s plus stone sweeper robot adopts the 3D double line structured light + obstacle avoidance strategy, the 3D double line structured light active ranging, and the fusion of multi-sensor and AI algorithm, so that the t7s plus stone can take the correct obstacle avoidance strategy and bring more intelligent use experience for users.

We also saw the stone t7s The key demands of the laser head pressure sensor on the top of plus and the left and right laser transmitters on the front end are that based on the triangle positioning method, the traditional infrared light source is replaced by the double line structured light, and the obstacle distance and size are calculated by calculating the position and size of each pixel of the corresponding imaging spot in the photographed pattern, so as to achieve millimeter level high-precision obstacle avoidance.

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

The top of the fuselage also retains three entity buttons and the brand logo of roborock, which is really hard. What’s more striking is the crease design on the top of the fuselage, which not only constructs the level of the whole machine from the appearance design, but also the water ripple of the inner ring on the top edge just echoes the allegory of the t7s plus sound wave vibration rubbing the ground, which not only increases the sense of hierarchy, but also has a sense of science and technology.

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

Another small detail is very impressive. For the first time, t7s plus added a special design of light band. Through the design of blue, white and orange light flow change, it shows users the normal working state of the robot. White represents the cleaning state, blue represents the sweeping state, and orange represents the reminding state.

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

The dust box of t7s plus comes into view when the upper cover is opened. According to the official introduction, this is a dust box with a large capacity of 470ml. If there is no special case, we can basically clean it once every two weeks, and both the dust box and the filter screen support water washing, so it is more convenient to clean.

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

Take out the dust box

The design of the water tank also tries to meet the needs of users. The capacity of the water tank reaches 300ml, and it can support a small amount of water with a maximum area of 250 m2. I believe that for the local tyrant, even if it is a super large house, the stone t7s plus can also win. It is worth mentioning that according to the user’s personalized cleaning needs, users can choose the corresponding wiping mode through the app, which is soft, standard, or strong. It is all up to the user, and the robot will automatically adjust to the most appropriate amount of water to mop the floor.

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

Loading and unloading water tank

The bottom is still familiar, including detachable main brush and telescopic roller, as well as guide wheel, side brush and other parts. Of course, excellent design always contains “individuality” in the “generality”. The original brush head of the stone family has been changed. The t7s plus stone sweeper robot adopts a new design of precision TPU brush. The reason why TPU brush is selected here is that it has more wear-resistant and oil-resistant characteristics, and the hair is not easy to wind.

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

Brush head display

As for the mop bracket, it looks regular, and the appearance is similar to that of previous generations. It is also a snap design. The installation of the mop adopts the form of Velcro, which is very convenient for both installation and disassembly. We don’t need to reverse the machine, we can achieve it through the snap on both sides.

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

Remove the mop bracket

The charging stand fully takes into account the actual problems of users, and the outlet of left and right trunking can lead out, so the details are handled carefully.

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

2、 Characteristic function

It’s been several years since the advent of the sweeping robot with sweeping and towing functions. At first glance, it sounds like sweeping + mopping, which is totally to contract the household cleaning work of users, but in fact it is not. The sweeping robot focuses more on the floor suction function from the functional experience, and mopping is more like a function given to users by the manufacturer. Users can choose to use it or not, but it does not affect sweeping The sweeping function of the robot.

From the user’s point of view, the reason why we choose to buy the product of sweeping and dragging is that we want to completely liberate human labor with the help of the function upgrade of the sweeping robot, turn the family cleaning work to the sweeping robot, and let the leisure weekend time be controlled by ourselves. The result is obviously very embarrassing, and the sweeping function of the sweeping robot is not perfect.

It is also an insight into the deep needs of users for cleaning, so stone technology has launched the t7s plus stone sweeping robot, the world’s first intelligent control lifting acoustic vibration wiping system, which improves the sweeping and towing performance in an all-round way and truly brings users an automatic cleaning experience.

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

As the core part of the floor cleaning module of the sweeping robot, the t7s plus sweeping module of the stone sweeping robot applies an independent brushless motor for the first time, which can integrate three key functions of peristaltic pump water spraying, vibration wiping and lifting carriage. Innovative design is the key to achieve the excellent quality of t7s plus sweeping robot.

Compared with the vibration module of most sweepers on the market, the vibration frequency of t7s plus is relatively low. Through the high-performance brushless motor driving the mop, the vibration frequency of t7s plus can be directly increased to 3000 times / min, which can effectively break down the ground stains and improve the cleaning efficiency.

In addition, t7s plus is the first in the industry to realize the structural design of the combination of lifting carriage and vibration rubbing, which determines that t7s plus can automatically switch the lifting mode in a variety of working states.

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

Automatic lifting and wiping module

For example, t7s plus, a stone sweeping robot, has found a perfect solution to the carpet cleaning problem that has plagued the floor sweeping robot industry. It is understood that the t7s plus, a stone sweeping robot, can accurately identify the carpet before it walks onto the carpet through the ultrasonic identification sensor, and then through the fully automatic lifting and wiping module, the t7s plus, a stone sweeping robot, can automatically lift the wiping module to clean the carpet under pressure when it meets the carpet in the process of sweeping. If you don’t want the robot to carpet, you can also use the carpet avoidance mode

It should be pointed out that, compared with the previous generation products, the stone sweeping robot t7s plus is integrated with the new RR Mason tm8.0 3D algorithm system, and the core indicators of mapping, planning, and getting rid of difficulties are upgraded again. In the path planning, it is specially optimized for carpet and floor wiping scenes, and it also supports 100 kinds of Pan object recognition and obstacle avoidance.

3、 User experience

Practice is the only criterion for testing truth. Whether the floor sweeping robot is easy to use or not still depends on the user experience. Next, we will simulate the scenes of daily life to consider the real ability of t7s plus.

Before the evaluation, we need to connect the product with the roborock app. Users can search for roborock in the app store to download and install it, and follow the prompts to add the t7s plus. Then, add a proper amount of clean water into the water tank and install the mop bracket.

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

The kitchen has always been a disaster area for home cleaning. Behind a delicious meal, the kitchen floor can’t avoid being stained with water stains and seasonings. In this evaluation, we sprinkled a little soy sauce on the floor in advance to see the ability of the t7s plus stone sweeper robot to wipe the floor.

It should be pointed out that according to different degrees of dirt on the ground, users can also customize the floor wiping intensity and mode of each room through app. There are three modes (weak 1650 times / min, medium 2300 times / min, strong 3000 times / min) to choose from.

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

This time, we chose the weak wipe mode, and we saw that the t7s plus, a stone sweeping robot, easily wiped away the soy sauce stains on the ground.

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

Wipe soy sauce off the kitchen floor

Seeing this, there must be a little friend who said that it’s all Pediatrics for the robot to clean the stains on the ground, such as soy sauce. It’s much more difficult to clean the stains in the family living environment. Well, we won’t say much about it. The experiment will be upgraded. Mark on the ground with a whiteboard pen to simulate the stubborn stains in daily life, and let the t7s plus stone sweeping robot “fine wipe the ground” mode to carry out the experiment.

The experimental results show that the effect of t7s plus is very satisfactory, and the black marks on the ground have almost disappeared.

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

Wipe whiteboard pen

Then came the carpet cleaning process. Thanks to the ultrasonic recognition sensor, t7s plus, a rock sweeping robot, can accurately distinguish the carpet before the mop bracket goes onto the carpet. Let’s sprinkle some cereal evenly on the carpet to see if t7s plus can clean the carpet well? After a busy time, the results show that the cereal on the carpet has disappeared, so the cleaning strength is excellent.

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

Clean the cereal from the carpet

This is closely related to the powerful function configuration of stone t7s plus, with 2500pa surging suction and fan speed up to 20000 rpm, which makes stone t7s plus easy to deal with cereal, sugar, millet, steel ball, hair, dander, food residue and other household garbage.

During home decoration, many people will install threshold stones in kitchens and bathrooms to block water. Will the height within 2cm pose a threat to the normal cleaning work of t7s plus? In this experiment, we also cleaned the stone t7s plus near the threshold of the toilet. We can see that the stone t7s plus has no care at all, and its ability to overcome obstacles is impressive.

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

Demonstration of obstacle surmounting ability

Family cleaning work, hair must make a lot of small partners headache, broom swept around a lot, mops and hair staged endless entanglement, which is completely collapse, so how will the stone t7s plus performance? In this link, we prepared to evenly sprinkle our hair on the floor to clean the stones with t7s plus. We found that there was no hair entanglement on either the back of the robot or the main brush module.

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

Clean your hair

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

There is no hair winding on the back of the fuselage and the main brush

Every time I receive a warm reminder that “the dust box needs to be cleaned”, I feel like I’m collapsing. The robot cleans the floor of my home. I clean the robot, and I have to pay it back sooner or later. Here, stone t7s plus also provides us with a new solution. Users can choose an automatic dust collecting charging stand. After cleaning, the sweeping robot will automatically return to the dust collecting stand to collect dust and charge. Intelligent dynamic dust collection can completely liberate hands.

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

Automatic dust collecting charging stand

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

Take out the dustbin

What’s more, the stone t7s plus also takes care of the special people who are allergic to dust. The cyclone component inside the automatic dust collector is replaced by a bracket + disposable dust bag. The 1.8L large capacity design can meet the dust collection needs of families for one month. When the dust bag is taken out after use, it will be automatically sealed, thus avoiding the possibility of dust contact to the greatest extent.

石头扫拖机器人T7S Plus首发评测:震动擦地颠覆家庭清洁体验_驱动中国

Use with dust bag


There are many bright spots in the t7s plus robot. In addition to the powerful sweeping and dragging function, the intelligent map and a number of intelligent speaker control functions are also impressive. Xiaobian’s deepest experience after using it for a week is that with the stone t7s plus, I can really be a hand shaking shopkeeper for the cleaning work of the family. Well done, this is the duty of the floor sweeping robot. The key is that I can also customize my own cleaning scheme through the mobile app. It’s up to me to sweep where, drag where, how and how. It’s really more obedient than my boyfriend.



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