How can the emotional reality show move people’s hearts

Reality shows aimed at various emotional relationships have gradually become a favorite of many audiences. The variety show “my little tail”, which started broadcasting for nearly a week, has accumulated a lot of popularity in the variety market by taking “brother sister relationship” as the breakthrough point and the combination of “star + plain person”.

According to the professional edition of cat’s eye, as of March 29, the daily popularity of my little tail, which has been on line for six days, ranked in the top five in the popularity list of cat’s eye, with the highest popularity of 9251.82 in history.

It’s not just “my little tail” that continues to capture the audience’s attention. Many other reality shows related to various emotional relationships are also grabbing the audience’s attention.

Take the second season of variety show “mother in law and mother” as an example. According to the data of mango TV, as of 17:30 on March 29, the cumulative broadcast volume of the program has reached 799 million times. The variety show “beating heart again”, which focuses on women’s emotional issues, has achieved a cumulative broadcast volume of 786 million times. Every time a new program is updated, hot topics often appear to arouse the audience’s discussion.

From the above programs, we can see that emotional reality shows no longer focus on the love between lovers, couples, or the family relationship between parents and children, but gradually cover more diversified emotional relationships such as mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother and sister. In addition, in the choice of guests, they have evolved from the complete Star composition to the match between stars and vegetarians. Although emotional relationship and guest cooperation are different, most of them can still achieve high popularity.

Backed by the overall development space of reality show market and arousing the audience’s curiosity, reality show has gradually become an important part of the variety show market. “Emotional reality shows always have their vitality. The attraction of stars and the curiosity of the public to pry into other people’s privacy are all satisfied in reality shows. ” Wei Pengju, President of the Institute of culture and economy of Central University of Finance and economics, said.

In the face of the audience’s demand for emotional reality shows, the number of related programs is also growing. However, it is undeniable that homogenization is also inevitable. Most programs still choose to lay out on love, marriage and other themes, followed by parent-child relationship. Other themes are still relatively less involved, which will inevitably lead to the limitations of the theme and make the audience aesthetic fatigue.

Zhang Jingcheng, director of China Creative Industry Research Center, believes that there are more and more emotional reality shows, and they are also facing the challenge of continuous innovation. From the perspective of culture and innovation, some emotional reality shows still lack of positive energy and fail to show a more natural and real state. In addition, they should pay more attention to the relationship between ordinary people’s life and stars Emotional control.

In Wei Pengju’s opinion, there are too many imitations in reality shows. On the one hand, we need to find new carriers, break through innovation in scenes, and on the other hand, we need to achieve new collocations in the main body. “The match between stars and plain people is very reasonable. The cost of a star is relatively low, and the unknowns brought by plain people are also people’s favorite aspects. In the context of internationalization, we can also try to find out what kind of chemical reaction Chinese and foreigners will show. In the future, we can also try the innovation of virtual human, VR, AR and so on. “

How to make the emotional reality show out of a larger space for development has become a common challenge for all practitioners. “The so-called reality show is to use the way of” show “to narrate the feelings, which is more detailed and ornamental, and is higher than life. What needs to be innovated is, on the one hand, to “show the truth” and better restore feelings, and on the other hand, whether the host’s hosting skills can grasp the concerns of the society to host, and whether there is a unique hosting style to let the audience enjoy watching. ” Said Chen Liqiang, a professor at the school of Journalism and communication of Tianjin Normal University.

Beijing Business News (reporter Zheng Rui intern Ge Tingting)

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