Do content, fight traffic, Ctrip bet marketing cash

&Less than half a year after calling out the strategy of “deep cultivation in China”, Ctrip has played a new role in tourism marketing. On March 29, Ctrip held a press conference and released the strategy of “tourism marketing hub”. The strategy will create incremental revenue for the pan tourism industry through content transformation and marketing empowerment, and increase the private domain traffic of its partners. In fact, from Ctrip’s marketing strategy, we can see that many content and channel increases are all for the purpose of increasing traffic transformation.

做内容、拼流量 携程押注营销变现

Marketing strategy

In March, with the recovery of the tourism market, Ctrip’s new marketing strategy also emerged with its “tourism Renaissance 2.0”. In the new “tourism marketing hub” strategy released by Ctrip this time, the “1 + 3” mode will be adopted to create new trading scenes for it and obtain new income.

Specifically, the strategy takes a star as the carrier, which will aggregate the three core sectors of traffic, content and commodity, and at the same time add rich travel scenes, and create an open marketing ecosystem.

Liang Jianzhang, co-founder and chairman of the board of directors of Ctrip group, said that this system will cover the whole tourism scene, and can realize the one-stop connection between the user end and the merchant end demand, such as looking for products, looking for inspiration, looking for concessions, looking for strategies, ordering traffic, external traffic, private domain traffic, etc. Whether it’s a destination, a hotel, a playmaker, a travel enthusiast, or a content creator on each platform, you can all enter the planet and realize the value transformation from content to transaction.

At the same time, Ctrip will also provide corresponding support in all aspects. According to the introduction, in terms of traffic, Ctrip will use big data and algorithms to provide accurate portraits of target groups, so as to realize directional distribution of traffic and provide accurate drainage for advertisers; in terms of content, Ctrip will open up online and offline content channels through live broadcast, list and community, so as to provide strong content support for tourism marketing; in terms of commodities, Ctrip will launch a new platform At the same time, according to personal travel needs, buy matching products, and finally achieve the accuracy of the transaction.

Industry insiders pointed out that the core of Ctrip’s strategy is to create new trading scenarios and create incremental revenue for it through content transformation and marketing. However, in the tourism market, there are already platforms for live broadcast and content planting, and a certain amount of traffic and users have been accumulated. After Ctrip integrates the planet, it needs to be further observed whether it can stand out.

Aim at the recovery Market

Why is the marketing strategy released at this time? Behind a series of actions, what kind of plot does Ctrip have?

In fact, as early as the end of October last year, Ctrip called out the slogan of “deep cultivation in China”. However, less than half a year after the strategy was released, Ctrip released the “tourism Renaissance 2.0” plan in early March this year. Since then, it has been signing contracts with local tourism bureaus one after another. Its purpose is to further bundle local tourism resources and increase new product supply for the market.

Sun Jie, CEO of Ctrip group, pointed out in analyzing the development of the tourism industry in the past year that affected by the epidemic situation, the number of global inbound passengers in 2020 dropped significantly year-on-year, from 1.461 billion in 2019 to 380 million, almost back to the level of 30 years ago.

However, with the improvement of the current epidemic prevention and control and vaccination rate, the tourism industry is also accelerating the recovery. According to the prediction of China Tourism Research Institute, the entry-exit tourism market is expected to start orderly in the second half of the year. At that time, tourism enterprises will continue to compete in the international market with the content experience accumulated in the domestic market.

Zhong Hui, chairman of Shangyou huiwenlv, said that Ctrip has become the leader in the OTA platform field, and it is difficult for anyone to surpass it. Last year, Ctrip gained revenue and customers through live broadcast, and established contact with the tourism destination government and supply chain. Now, it is to enlarge this relevant strategy. The content can help Ctrip bring traffic, and at the same time, Ctrip does not lack the ability of product, operation and transformation. Therefore, Ctrip will rely on the self flow platform to continuously innovate around tourism.

Industry insiders believe that in fact, in the past, many users of Ctrip were business travel users. However, under the influence of the epidemic, the demand for business travel decreased sharply, and the relatively young and scattered tourist sources became more and more competing targets of various platforms. This can be seen from the sinking strategy of Tongcheng Yilong to obtain users. “Ctrip’s move at this time is to gain younger customers by means of content grass marketing mode. For example, most of the community and live broadcast users are” post-90s “or even” Post-00 “. Obviously, Ctrip’s intention is to increase its position in the gradually warming tourism market, so as to occupy a favorable competitive position after the epidemic.” The industry further said.

Stepping into the crowded track

In the pursuit of content marketing at the same time, will inevitably crowd into the crowded track. Yang Yanfeng, director of online tourism research center of Beijing Union University, said that at present, with the centralization of investment enterprises, everyone is facing the demand of increasing traffic. For Internet companies, the growth of traffic is very important. Once the growth is not enough, we will expand new traffic sources. Ctrip’s traffic is transactional traffic, but it is not enough compared with other competitors to occupy the traffic before the transaction and the traffic after the transaction. Like Hornets, tiktok, there are strong content flows and much more traffic traffic. Therefore, from this level, Ctrip wants to expand its traffic from the transaction traffic to the internal capacity.

“However, it’s very difficult to expand from transactional traffic to content traffic. At the same time, the competition is very fierce. In this process, Ctrip will inevitably conflict with other platforms. Because it’s hard to play up, but it may hurt to play down. Meituan is a good example. In the future, it may even move to Ctrip’s “cheese.” Yang Yanfeng further analysis said.

In fact, in recent years, many platforms have poured into tourism content marketing. It is understood that at the end of last year, Chen Gang, co-founder and CEO of Ma beehive tourism, released the brand of “Polaris strategy” at the “2020 earth discoverer conference” held by Ma beehive tourism. On the one hand, it is to seek its own development path, and more is in the overweight content platform. In addition, in recent years, such as jitter, Xiao Hong and so on, they have also used short tiktok, strategy and grass planting to layout the tourism content marketing field, which also makes the competition of the track more intense.

In a word, Yang Yanfeng needs to consolidate his brand and expand his brand with the help of other content platforms It’s a matter of time.

Industry insiders also said that in the short term, outbound tourism is still difficult to open up. In the only domestic tourism market, it is expected that the competition in the whole market will be more fierce this year. By the summer of this year, OTAs will further compete for the share of domestic tourism. In the future, it remains to be seen whether Ctrip can make further progress by content marketing.

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