Three day sales of more than 100000 orders, Wang satiety combined with Fanxiang life to create super popular products

With the rise of the era of “house economy”, people’s life rhythm is speeding up and their free time is limited, which gives birth to the demand of substitute food market. At the same time, oatmeal, as a nutritious cereal, has become one of the important substitute food for consumers in recent years.


Wang satin is precisely targeting the needs of this group of young and fashionable female consumers. Taking health and taste as the marketing points, he chooses low-temperature baked oatmeal, which is neither as bad as naked oatmeal, nor as easy to catch fire as puffed similar food. With the positioning of safe and healthy food, he chooses oatmeal rich in dietary fiber as the main material, supplemented by nutritious and colorful oatmeal Color fruit, to create both weight loss and delicious product image, captured the heart of young women. In a short period of two years, how did Wang Satin manage to run a new brand so well and become a first-line online red brand of Ouyang Nana and other star online red grass planting companies?

The most important reason why Wang Satin can become a popular online brand and quickly become the number one cereal on the Internet is that it aims at the blank substitute market of “baked cereal” and forms a market competition division with traditional brands. Based on the two dimensions of channel and content, we reap the dividends of social media, leverage the huge social energy, and quickly open up the brand awareness in a cost-effective way. It’s really suitable for young user groups and cultivates fans with content.

Wang Satin joins hands with Fanxiang life to play a new marketing mode and seize the air outlet of social E-commerce

Joining hands with Fanxiang life is a trial in the field of social e-commerce for Wang satin. From the effect of the activity, this attempt has achieved a win-win situation, even exceeded the expectations of both sides. In a short period of three days, Wang Satin’s Dried roasted cereals were sold directly, with nearly 100000 orders, of which the payment conversion rate reached an amazing 20.35%! In the end, what kind of way, let Wang satiety of this single product to achieve such a high conversion rate and turnover? Wang Satin brand has taken the lead in Internet marketing. Because the new brand was not recognized by users in the early stage, at the beginning, it chose the combination of community marketing and social e-commerce. Through large-scale Koc grass planting, high-frequency exposure in the circle of friends, app and community, and systematic fan interaction and multi-dimensional touch, it planted a large number of new users and finally realized super high transformation . Through the operation of social private domain traffic such as community and circle of friends, it helps Wang Satin brand and users establish deeper links and brand trust in the community.


Who is pink elephant life? I believe that in the e-commerce industry, no one will not know the name. Pink elephant life is the leading social recommendation shopping platform of the whole network and all categories at present, which saves money on everything. There is a team with strong Ali flavor, and the core team is all from Alibaba. There are more than 40 million users and more than 10 billion annual Gmv. Relying on the live broadcast of pink elephant, pink elephant app and pink elephant community, we will design more live content marketing methods. In 2020, we will complete 13 million Gmv of Mengniu brand and 5.49 million Gmv of OZaC brand during the double 11, and assist tmall daily special factory store to complete 800000 transaction orders. Become the head of gmvtop1 on the first day of double 12 brand competition.

Open up new ways to play e-commerce, powerful enabling brands and businesses

As a new business flow platform, Fanxiang life empowers brands to jointly create a new marketing mode. Through s2b2c mode, it links online e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, tmall, Jingdong, pinduoduo, vipshop, and the whole network lowest price supply chain of life service platforms such as meituan, enlemo, and Ctrip in the upstream, and integrates social flow with efficient distribution characteristics into the platform in a large scale in the downstream, It has become an efficient distribution and matching engine for people and goods based on social traffic. Through the social recommendation based on trust relationship and personalized recommendation based on big data, pink elephant life enables “goods” to find “people” and create the mainstream matching mode of people and goods in the future.

Now the channels of brand communication are becoming more and more diversified, and the users are also divided by various channels. For brand enterprises, how to reasonably and effectively allocate the marketing cost and really effectively choose the channel of “integration of products and sales”, the cooperation between Wang satin and Fenxiang life gives the perfect answer.



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