College students and researchers gather to return to their hometown to promote employment nearby

After the anti-poverty war, the Comprehensive Rural Revitalization still needs industrial blessing. On March 29, the national development and Reform Commission and other 14 departments jointly issued the “opinions on strengthening the construction of homecoming entrepreneurial parks relying on various existing parks” (hereinafter referred to as the “opinions”), proposing to integrate resources, revitalize the stock, and encourage financial, financial institutions and social capital to provide investment and financing support for homecoming entrepreneurial park enterprises in accordance with the law.

At present, it is the beginning of the 14th five year plan, and the wind of returning home to start a business is blowing, so the stable supply of funds is very important. The “opinions” put forward to provide a comprehensive financing environment through financial leverage, financial support and social capital supplement. For example, it is allowed to include the project of returning to hometown entrepreneurship Park into the scope of local government’s special debt support; it is provided with business guarantee loan discount support to encourage the returning to hometown entrepreneurship enterprises in the fields of domestic service, pension, rural tourism and home appliance recycling to carry out the demonstration of social service innovation and employment promotion; it is also provided for the returning to hometown entrepreneurship personnel who start a business for the first time and operate normally for more than one year A one-time business subsidy will be given.

In order to give priority to employment and rural revitalization, the above-mentioned financial support policy is not the first time in China. As early as last January, the Ministry of human resources and social security and other three departments have made it clear in the “opinions on further promoting the work of returning home to start businesses” that they will support migrant workers, college graduates and veterans to return home to start businesses by means of one-time subsidies, tax relief, and increasing guarantee loans.

Based on this, the “opinions” also guide the financial support of relevant parks. For example, we should support financial institutions to develop financial products to serve the construction of homecoming Venture Park; develop supply chain finance, guide financial institutions to cooperate with leading enterprises in the industrial chain of the park, and provide diversified products and services for upstream and downstream homecoming venture enterprises in accordance with the law; encourage financial institutions to connect with the National SME financing comprehensive credit service platform, and innovate and develop “Xinyi loan” ”And other products and services.

“To enhance the financing ability of enterprises, different parks need to carry out relevant research according to local conditions. For example, intellectual property, tax, growth expectation of enterprise profits, liquidity and other factors can be used as an important basis for different types of enterprises to apply for credit. In terms of policy, we need to formulate different credit application standards according to the needs of the park. ” Sun Wenhua, President of the Shanghai Branch of the Planning Institute of Nanjing Agricultural University, said.

In order to break the information barrier and reduce the investment risk, the opinion also proposes to integrate the credit data of tax, market supervision and other departments and financial institutions by means of big data, conduct classified credit evaluation on enterprises and businesses returning to their hometown, form a white list of enterprises and businesses returning to their hometown, and encourage financial institutions to provide credit loan support.

In fact, Shandong, Hebei, Shaanxi, Henan, Tianjin and other provinces and cities have successively issued documents to support returning home to start businesses as early as the end of poverty alleviation. For example, Shandong Province has increased financial support for returned entrepreneurs, urban commercial banks and rural commercial banks have taken deposits at county level, giving priority to supporting returned entrepreneurs; Hebei province encourages insurance companies to innovate insurance products for returned entrepreneurs, and awards them no more than 8% of the total premium income per year, with a reward period of three years for each innovative product; Henan province encourages those who are rated as national or provincial returned entrepreneurs The provincial finance will give a one-time subsidy of 500000 yuan or 1 million yuan to the township entrepreneurship demonstration park.

“It’s not easy to go home and start a business. Different from the traditional entrepreneurship in the city, because it is far away from the central market, its location advantage is not obvious. For returning entrepreneurs, they need to keep a close eye on the local market, have a deep understanding of the geographical environment, and explore business opportunities accordingly. ” Sun Wenhua said that at present, some parks have become mature, and some industrial parks built in the 1990s are undergoing transformation. All kinds of parks have different development cycles. Returning home to start a business is to create a new economic growth pole in the process of looking for new development opportunities.

At present, the policy side is still continuing to pave the way and bridge for returning home to start a business. In terms of hardware allocation, the “opinions” requires the integration of a number of homecoming start-up parks to provide relatively centralized production, operation, office and R & D sites for homecoming start-up enterprises; transformation and upgrading of supporting facilities for homecoming start-up parks, improvement of water, electricity, road, gas, heating, sanitation, environmental protection and other municipal public facilities, and reasonable allocation of standardized workshops, incubation facilities, and crowdsourcing Room, training platform, transportation and logistics storage facilities, etc.

“Compared with the hardware, we should also focus on the improvement of the software environment.” Sun Wenhua pointed out that “many enterprises do not lack technology and ideas, but there is still some distance to connect with the market and the production end. This requires investment in intermediate services, such as legal consultation, patent application consultation, technology management and other business consultation. At the same time, without the guidance of high-end talents, entrepreneurship is empty talk. All parks still need to strengthen the training of production and service skills for returned entrepreneurs. “

In this regard, the “opinions” also stressed that we should cultivate the return to hometown entrepreneurship industrial cluster, accelerate the formation of the return to hometown entrepreneurship advantage industrial cluster with regional characteristics, which is coordinated by large and medium-sized enterprises, integrated development of upstream and downstream industries, and promote the joint construction of entrepreneurship incubation base, double innovation base, mass innovation space and return to hometown entrepreneurship Park to share employment docking, personnel training and entrepreneurship Consulting and other services.

Although the goal of poverty alleviation has been successfully achieved, the difference between the per capita disposable income of rural residents and the per capita consumption expenditure of rural residents is not big. The achievements of poverty alleviation need to be consolidated and deepened, and the masses still need to be “supported and sent off”. According to the relevant person in charge of the national development and Reform Commission, return to hometown entrepreneurship Park, base and gathering area are important carriers for migrant workers, college students, ex servicemen, scientific research personnel and other groups to return to hometown for innovation and entrepreneurship, and promote local and nearby employment. They are important supports for undertaking industrial transfer and promoting rational industrial layout, and also important platforms for accelerating rural revitalization and promoting urban-rural integration development.

In November last year, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas issued the “plan on promoting the construction of entrepreneurship Park for returning to hometown” According to the opinions on improving the level of Rural Entrepreneurship and innovation, by 2025, we will focus on relying on the existing resources of relevant parks and supporting entrepreneurship service functions, build 1500 homecoming entrepreneurship parks in counties across the country, attract 3 million homecoming people to start entrepreneurship and innovation, and drive 20 million migrant workers to get local employment.

According to statistics, in 2020, there will be 10.1 million entrepreneurs and innovators returning home, an increase of 1.6 million or 19% over the previous year. At the same time, more than 19 million people who have returned to their hometown and stayed in their hometown have achieved local and nearby employment. “The effect of returning home to start a business and employment is obvious. A returning home business and innovation project can absorb an average of 6.3 people for stable employment and 17.3 people for flexible employment.” On March 15, Liu Huanxin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, said at the national video conference on promoting entrepreneurship and employment of returned workers that this year, we will further strengthen the industry, cultivate the main body, get rid of poverty, build a platform, and provide excellent services to do a good job in Entrepreneurship and employment of returned workers.

Beijing Business News (reporter Tao Feng, Liu Hanlin)

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