From meeting rigid demand to creating new demand, Jingdong household appliance manufacturers cooperate to create a new pattern of the industry

After 40 years of leapfrog development, China’s home appliance industry is rich in home appliance products, which has basically met the rigid demand of home appliances. However, consumers’ enthusiasm for traditional home appliances is weakening, and the home appliance market has gradually become a stock market, lacking new growth points. In this context, as a home appliance manufacturer, it is obviously out of time to rely on the market demand to drive consumption growth. In the face of such difficulties, to find a new breakthrough in the development of the industry and realize the industrial transformation and upgrading has become the industry consensus, including all home appliance manufacturers.

从满足刚需到创造新需 京东家电协同厂商打造行业新格局

As one of the main promoters of domestic household appliance industry upgrading and transformation, Jingdong household appliance has always grasped the pulse of industry development, committed to breaking the bottleneck of industry development and looking for new development opportunities. According to the report of China’s home appliance market in 2020 issued by China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, high-end products and household appliances are recognized and accepted by more and more consumers, and there is a significant growth in varying degrees. This makes the promoters of industrial transformation and upgrading represented by Jingdong home appliances more firm in the new strategic development direction of “high-end” and “quality”.

Do intensive farming

Transformation and upgrading of products first, products are the driving force of development. This year, with the brand proposition of “rejuvenate your life”, Jingdong household appliances continuously uses technological innovation to empower its products. At the same time, it explores the personalized and diverse needs of different circle users, and provides a series of solutions from technology, products and services.

At awe2021 exhibition, Jingdong home appliance Huanxin life experience hall not only allows consumers to experience the convenience brought by new products and new technologies, but also provides consumers with complete set, scenario and whole house home appliance solutions. In addition, relying on various circles, such as the family of three, the Buddhist family of health, the new style gourmet, the Playboy, the pet school, and the second dimension of animation, Jingdong home appliance has created a subdivision booth with circle tendency, which has been highly praised by the Experiencers.

从满足刚需到创造新需 京东家电协同厂商打造行业新格局

In order to provide consumers with more refined services, JD appliances has consistently adhered to the high standard service process, and continuously updated and iterated to improve the standard, forming the inherent impression of “good service, go to JD” in the minds of consumers. The high standard and fine service of Jingdong has become the object of the industry to follow, which also promotes the improvement of the service threshold of the whole household appliance industry.

Jingdong appliance is also committed to online and offline Omni channel construction. Jingdong appliance store, Jingdong appliance city flagship store and Jingdong appliance super experience store have been comprehensively promoted in line 1-6 of the country. They have solved the problems of user experience and interaction, and made information more transparent, purchase more convenient and service more efficient.

Develop new needs

Mining and expanding new consumer demand for home appliances, we should not only think what consumers think, but also accurately capture their strong potential demand. In the past 20 years, enterprises have also been exploring new paths to find new growth points in the industry. They have also proposed the transformation of “high-end, quality-oriented” business strategy. However, due to the lack of accurate control over user portraits and “refreshing” needs, the transformation journey is not smooth.

As the wind vane of user consumption, in order to promote the upgrading and development of the whole industry, JD transmits data and information to the supply chain and manufacturers. In collaboration with mainstream appliance manufacturers, Jingdong appliance analyzes the industry and user portraits by using big data. Through c2m reverse customization, it takes the user as the core to create Jingpin appliance that really cuts into the pain point of user demand. At the same time, it can also create production capacity for manufacturers and broaden sales growth channels, so that manufacturers can find new profit growth points in the stock game of home appliance market and break through the dilemma.

从满足刚需到创造新需 京东家电协同厂商打造行业新格局

With the transformation and upgrading of the home appliance industry, Jingdong home appliance will seize the opportunities and meet the challenges together with the home appliance manufacturers, and jointly create a new pattern of “high-end” and “quality” in China’s home appliance market!



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