Internet plus as pressing danger for shipowners and Internet + ship agency assistance ship leaving Singapore smoothly

Singapore reported on March 29, 2021 that many shipping agencies closed down under COVID-19, and strict epidemic prevention measures also reduced the efficiency of all parties. How to make ships enter and leave the port smoothly has become a big problem in front of many ships. If the ship’s entry and exit procedures cannot be completed on time, the shipowner will suffer a lot.

The Internet is not affected by the epidemic and can provide 24-hour service. Internet plus ship agency is an effective way to solve these problems. Maritime online, a maritime e-commerce platform headquartered in Singapore, launched the Internet ship agency service before the epidemic, which played an important role in the epidemic period and solved the urgent needs of many ship owners. Not long ago, with the help of the maritime online team, the two ships successfully left Singapore.

Internet ship agency mode to solve customer problems efficiently

It is understood that the shipowners of the two ships urgently need help through the maritime online platform, and they are in urgent need of the ship agency service at the port of Singapore. They hope that the platform can assist the ship and crew in departure inspection, crew boarding and disembarking, etc. The two ships set out from Singapore and are scheduled to dock in Batam, Indonesia for maintenance. For similar business, according to the general situation, the ship shall submit corresponding documents to the MSA and the Immigration Department of Singapore at least 48 hours in advance before leaving Singapore. However, some of the original agencies of the two ships were closed due to the epidemic, and some could not reply in time due to working at home. In desperation, the shipowner found shipping online and released the demand of shipping agent on the platform.

海运在线解船东燃眉之急 互联网+船舶代理助轮船顺利离境新加坡

After receiving the shipowner’s demand online, the shipping online team acted quickly. At that time, the government website handling the declaration business was just in the state of maintenance. In addition, the shipping agency records expired, and additional handover procedures were needed, which put a lot of pressure on the shipping online team.

However, as an important force in the construction of Singapore’s “smart port”, with the good relationship with the competent authorities, close online and offline communication and unremitting efforts of overtime work, the maritime online team overcame many difficulties. The original certificate preparation process, which would take several days, was compressed to less than 48 hours, and finally completed all the procedures at 4 a.m. At 8:40 a.m., the two ships left on time.

The efficient service of ocean shipping online has been sincerely recognized by shipowners. A spokesman for the shipowner sighed: “we are actually ready for the delay. I didn’t expect that shipping online could solve this problem in such a short time.”

Yang Shixian, vice president of global shipowner development of ocean shipping online, said: “in this case, the customer couldn’t find a service provider and was trapped at sea, but we successfully solved the problem. The shipowner got the documents in time and set out on time. On the one hand, it reflects the service concept of shipping online focusing on helping customers solve problems. On the other hand, it also reflects the vitality and importance of the Internet shipping agency mode in the global epidemic environment. “

Internet shipping agency mode to promote the digitalization of shipping industry

At the same time of self-supporting ship agency business, maritime online has developed more than 800 agency companies in more than 700 ports around the world to provide cost-effective, fast and high-quality standard services for ship owners. Shipowners can make online inquiry and compare goods to choose the best, lowest cost and most transparent online quotation service.

Shipping agent is just one of the many services of marine online platform. The platform also provides one-stop services such as chartering for cargo, ship oil supply, spare parts and materials, shipping insurance, crew services, ship trading and maritime services. Focusing on serving global shipowners, the platform integrates Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies with the shipping industry, breaking the traditional trading mode of the shipping industry and effectively improving the efficiency.

The case of shipping online efficiently helping two ships leave the country vividly shows the efficiency improvement brought by digitization to the shipping industry. This epidemic has once again put the digitization of the ancient maritime industry on the agenda. Ernst & Young recently released the “digital trend analysis of the shipping industry” that the development of the shipping industry is facing multiple challenges, and the digital transformation brings new opportunities for enterprises. Artificial intelligence decision-making based on big data has a profound impact on the shipping industry, which is one of the trends in the shipping industry.

As one of the first platforms in the world to explore industry digitalization, maritime online has made fruitful efforts. With the increasing digital wave, shipping online will play a greater role in the transformation and upgrading of the industry.



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