Cdec2021 China digital intelligent ecology conference: seize the five new ecology and win the value of the times

Inject “five new” power into the development of digital intelligence

Cao Kaibin, President of China software network and Haibi Research Institute, said in his opening speech that the epidemic provides the best implementation field for digitization, and digitization has become a determining factor in an uncertain environment. Now, the boundary of software is more and more blurred, and many enterprise service scenarios exist in the form of digitization. Rich application scenarios create a broad space for digital enterprise innovation. Through the CDEC conference, the first is to put forward the trend and views of industrial development, to provide reference for enterprise transformation; the second is to establish a docking platform for digital supply side and demand side, to drive the continuous landing of new technologies and new products, and to further optimize the industrial ecology.

Fu Xiaoyu, Deputy Secretary General of China Software Industry Association, delivered a speech at the meeting. He said that digital development has a far-reaching impact on the economic and social development of various countries, global governance system and the process of human civilization. With the accelerated evolution of software to the direction of cloud, platform, service and intelligence, the global software industry is forming a new ecology of open integration. Under the tide of information and innovation, the association actively cooperates with government departments, implements relevant policies, releases the innovation vitality and entrepreneurial power of the software industry to the maximum extent, and jointly promotes the high-quality development of the software industry.

Song Tao, research director of Hibi Research Institute, released the Research Report on the development of digital intelligence ecology of Chinese enterprises in 2021. According to the report, the supply market of digital products in China will continue to develop at a high speed. In 2020, the revenue scale of software and information service industry will reach 8.2 trillion yuan, the number of enterprises will reach 40000, and the number of employees will exceed 7 million. In terms of the number of ecological owners, there will be 29 ecological owners and 50 potential ecological owners in 2021.

According to the report, driven by new technologies, new products, new models and new formats, new channels have become an important part of digital intelligence ecology. The ecological partners of informatization and digital intelligence have also gone through four stages of development. In the era of 1.0, channel providers mainly meet the product sales of manufacturers. In the era of 2.0, they increase the service demand. In the era of 3.0, they increase the solution ability. Now, channel providers have evolved to the era of 4.0, and they pay more attention to the construction of regional ecology, solution ability, personalized customization ability and new technology support ability.


New technology and new products burst out intensively

In the strategy of customer business growth, digital technology is becoming more and more important. How to use new products and new technologies to help customers lock in more opportunities becomes more urgent. Many new technologies, new products, new models and new formats of digital intelligence era have emerged in this CDEC conference.

Shen Junxing, director of enterprise data acquisition operation, pointed out that enterprise procurement is an important part of enterprise digital construction. Under the trend of e-commerce procurement, building SaaS procurement platform can help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, and boost enterprise digital transformation. Enterprise data acquisition can help enterprises complete the construction of digital transformation ability of ten scenarios, and comprehensively improve customer operation ability.

As a new application production mode, low code development can help enterprises build applications quickly, which has a great development prospect. Guo Wei, general manager of Sales Department of Xi’an grape City Software Co., Ltd., introduced that compared with the traditional development method, using grape City movable type grid can greatly reduce the technical threshold of application system development, effectively improve work efficiency, help the development team shorten the project delivery cycle and save project cost.

Huang Zhigang, general manager of platform products division of Neusoft software products division Enabling ecology “, starting from the intelligent operation and maintenance product line and data platform product line, introduces relevant application scenarios, and cites successful cases such as BMW group application performance monitoring and Xi’an” one code communication “data platform, hoping to work together with partners to make decisions and operations for enabling enterprises.

Industrial Internet is one of the seven major areas of “new infrastructure”. Zhang Wenwen, regional channel director of Midea Group’s Midea cloud smart number, put forward in “new infrastructure opportunities of industrial Internet – Midea cloud smart number co build it partner win-win circle”. Midea cloud smart number is committed to be the full value chain cloud service expert who knows the manufacturing industry best, and based on the business practice of advanced enterprises, it is necessary to product management practice software Through intelligent manufacturing, Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other technologies, we will provide multi cloud products for industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing industry, and provide IT consulting planning, intelligent manufacturing, big data, digital marketing, finance and HR, mobility, identity management and other services, so as to win a new industrial Internet track with partners.

As a new generation of intelligent CRM, krypton products have three core advantages: one-stop solution, strong marketing empowerment, and intelligent sales assistant. Chen Chong, general manager of sales center of Shanghai krypton Information Technology Co., Ltd., hopes to join hands with partners to achieve extensive landing, build a closed-loop sales chain, and realize digital intelligence driven growth.

Yang Jiaxing, VP of rongyun strategic cooperation, said that after the epidemic, the enterprise’s demand for communication “spurted”. Rongyun continued to make efforts to upgrade the enterprise’s digital level, and assisted enterprises and partners with the communication platform. The company launched online services such as online office, smart medical care, smart party building, and smart finance, enabling the enterprise’s high-quality development in an all-round way.

Dr. Peng Feng, co-founder and CEO of Zhiling cloud technology, has many years of practical experience in software development, big data and middle platform. Starting from the concept of digital transformation and data platform construction, he explained the data platform architecture and methodology. Zhiling cloud provides enterprise level customers with cloud native big data / data platform system tools and solutions, helps enterprises build big data / data platform, and creates business data capability closed-loop and efficient enabling partners.

Insuite is a new generation of Kaiyuan cloud ERP for growth enterprises. Insuite adheres to the product concept of “connection, empowerment and innovation” and focuses on data-driven business capabilities. Insuite is characterized by cloud native, low code development platform, open integration, intelligence and high security to build a cloud community for growth enterprises and lead the way Enterprise digital transformation and innovation.

At the meeting, Inspur and Heby Research Institute jointly released the white paper “the road of digital transformation of growth enterprises under the new situation”, which provided path and practical reference for the digital transformation of growth enterprises. The report points out that growth enterprises are naturally sensitive to the business environment, and it has become a common demand to strengthen their viability in the complex market environment through digital transformation. Cloud community can meet the digital needs of the whole life cycle of enterprises, and effectively solve the contradiction between unlimited needs and limited resources of growing enterprises. It is a green channel for digital transformation of growing enterprises.

Didi Enterprise Edition is a one-stop service platform under didi travel to provide travel services and cost management solutions for enterprises. The person in charge of the regional channel of didi Enterprise Edition said that through the intelligent travel management system, it helps customers simplify the reimbursement management process and implement cost control from a global perspective. While improving employee travel experience, ensure travel compliance, reduce operating costs, help enterprise management change, and make travel management easier.

Li Jun, head of Baidu aifanfan’s commercialization, said that with Baidu’s strong brand effect and industry-leading AI technology and data capabilities, Baidu aifanfan has built a one-stop intelligent marketing and sales accelerator. From search promotion to the whole process management, Baidu aifanfan provides intelligent solutions for enterprises in different scenarios, helping enterprises solve the pain points of difficult customer acquisition, transformation and management, adding the wings of AI to enterprise growth and doubling business.

As a leading intelligent creative design platform in China, e-show is easy to use. In three minutes, it can make a cool work to put into marketing. It can complete H5, posters, questionnaire forms, videos and other creative forms in one stop. Gao Yunna, vice president of e-show business center, proposed that building digital content platform is a magic weapon of precision marketing. Through big data and intelligent algorithms, e-show content platform solution can efficiently produce content that users like, achieve targeted matching and distribution, and make content as “media” precision marketing the growth point of enterprise innovation and development.

Jingdong Logistics Technology has made breakthroughs in key technologies such as Internet of things, artificial intelligence and blockchain, realized deep integration and innovation with logistics business, and created integrated supply chain technology products that reflect the characteristics of modern economic operation. Li Tie, director of Jingdong Logistics Intelligent supply chain platform, said that it is oriented to the industries of fast consumer, energy, electronics, automobile, home furnishing, clothing, medicine and food, JD logistics provides all-round supply chain logistics solutions to meet the needs of different fields, continuously reduces social logistics costs and improves social service standards.

Sales easy is an enterprise level CRM pioneer integrating new Internet technology. It is committed to creating a new generation of CRM products that meet the needs of enterprises in the digital era through new Internet technology, supporting the whole process automation business scene of enterprises from marketing, sales to service, digitizing and intellectualizing the whole process of interaction between enterprises and customers, and helping enterprises improve customer satisfaction. Yang Ke, the pre-sales director of sales e-north District, introduced to the guests that sales e-CRM takes customers as the center, builds a full life cycle business operation system, and achieves continuous large-scale growth of performance.


New channel red star shining Market

In the year 2021, the new development trend of intelligent technology and intelligent products in China has emerged.

From the 1990s, starting with agent financial software and other software products, the development of channel business has gone through four stages. Now some excellent channel businesses have evolved into the 4.0 era. The one-stop customization ability of diversified scenarios and professional technical support ability are the important competitiveness of new channels.

The conference also held the “ecological night – 2021 award ceremony for China’s outstanding digital intelligence ecological partners”. A total of 60 representatives of excellent ecological partners and 50 representatives of digital intelligent products and service providers were invited to the award ceremony. A total of 46 channels were selected as “2021 China’s excellent digital intelligence ecological partners” in this conference. They are typical representatives of new channels.

Five new channel representatives, including Gao Feng, CEO of Beijing Shenzhou Everbright Technology Co., Ltd., Chai Yifei, CEO of Beijing Huayu JIAYE Information Technology Co., Ltd., Wang Jianyong, CEO of Tianjin Hezhong unique network technology Co., Ltd., Wang Peng, general manager of Beijing Heying Investment Management Co., Ltd., and Yuan congcongcong, CEO of Beijing kupin Cloud Computing Technology Co., Ltd., made speeches in the channel business night talk. Focusing on their own characteristics, promoting business model, organizational structure, corporate culture change, deeply cultivating the industry, creating in-depth customer operation, focusing on big data center, intelligent Internet, industrial Internet, smart city, artificial intelligence and other new business forms are the consensus of channel business in 2021.

We all agreed that under the trend of accelerating digital transformation, channel providers and manufacturers in the new ecological environment need to redefine their position. Facing the online and SaaS technology and service, customer management has become the focus of attention. Channel partners appeal to build a new type of relationship and realize their own growth and long-term interest cooperation with upstream manufacturers.

CDEC China digital intelligent ecology conference and China software channel conference was founded in 2008. The conference is held once a year, and it is the 14th session this year. The Beijing station conference is the first stop of the year. According to the arrangement of the organizers, this year, cdec2021 is planned to be held in 10 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Xi’an, Wuhan and Zhengzhou. CDEC will seize the new opportunities in the new era of digital technology, and further embrace the new era of digital products.

2021 list of China’s outstanding digital intelligence ecological partners

Beijing Tuoyou New Century Technology Development Co., Ltd

Beijing wonderful time Technology Co., Ltd

Tianjin Huisheng Chuangshi Technology Development Co., Ltd

Beijing jinpudie Software Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Shenzhou Everbright Technology Co., Ltd

Guangxi Zhikai Information Security Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing yuxin’an Information Technology Co., Ltd

Nanjing Yiji Information Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Xinzhi Hongda Technology Development Co., Ltd

Jinan Hongzhe Information Technology Co., Ltd

Tianjin jiaruan Xingye Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Dongxinda Technology Co., Ltd

Zhiwei Century (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd

Henan Inspur Software Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Haisheng Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Huayu JIAYE Information Technology Co., Ltd

Tianjin Hezhong only Network Technology Co., Ltd

Tianjin Zhongshi Chuangyi culture media Co., Ltd

Zhengzhou Daoqin Network Technology Co., Ltd

Tianjin farsighted Jingwei Technology Co., Ltd

Zhongyou Technology Group Co., Ltd

Henan Huanyu Bochuang Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Telecom Yitong Information Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Tongtian Technology Co., Ltd

Zhiyou Chengda Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd

Shandong Zhongrun Information Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing nanshecun Software Co., Ltd

Beijing fast Internet Technology Co., Ltd

Handan Jinpeng Computer Co., Ltd

Beijing Zhonghe Yiyou Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Yibai Technology Co., Ltd

Yunhe enmo (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing celebrity Creation Technology Co., Ltd

Shandong Zhongpu Network Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Licheng Weiye Technology Co., Ltd

Hebei Wucheng Information Technology Co., Ltd

Shandong Jiuyuan Network Technology Co., Ltd

Dr. Peng yunwang

Hebei fenghan Enterprise Service Management Consulting Co., Ltd

Beijing Yuxin Technology Group Co., Ltd

Handan jinshida Technology Co., Ltd

Ruifeng Xinqi (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Heying Investment Management Co., Ltd

Beijing Jinyou Xincheng Technology Development Co., Ltd

Yizheng development software (Beijing) Co., Ltd

Beijing qunzhihe Information Technology Co., Ltd

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