Nugget sauce wine fortune track, here is a business opportunity of sauce wine in the car head



In the future, soy sauce wine will be brand, oligopoly and monopoly

To make money or not to make money, selection is very important. Although in the wind, but the choice is still greater than efforts. According to the latest prediction of quantu, a well-known sauce wine expert, the scale and profit of sauce wine industry in the future will reach 500 billion and 300 billion respectively. As early as the first half of 2020, Lin Xiang, founder and chairman of the liquor industry media, also made a judgment that the channel profit of the sauce wine industry will reach 200 billion. There is no doubt that in the era of sauce wine, it is not only a golden age for sauce wine enterprises and brand development, but also a great opportunity for Chinese wine merchants to dig for gold. It is very important to choose a sauce wine product with high quality and brand. Under the circumstances that the top sauce wine brands have closed their investment channels one after another, how to quickly catch up with the express train of the brand sauce wine will also become the key to the competition of the current round of wine merchants. As predicted by quantu, sauce wine will be brand, oligopoly and monopoly in the future.

Since the era of soy sauce and wine, nugget soy sauce and wine is just the time

Standing in the current situation, we can say that sauce wine has ushered in the best development era, which is the best opportunity for Chinese wine industry, and also a huge challenge. As the ultimate battle of upgrading the quality of Chinese wine industry, the era of sauce wine has come. According to the quantu sauce wine report, in 2020, the sauce wine industry will achieve a revenue of 1550 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14%, and a net profit of 63 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14.5%. The whole sauce wine industry has contributed 8% of the Baijiu 26% and 39.7% of the net profit, thanks to the capacity of the Baijiu industry. The high growth and high profit value of sauce wine is obvious. However, from the perspective of trend, the current stage is still the first half of the hot sauce wine. Quantu believes that the cycle of this round of sauce wine fever will be very long, as long as 20 years. In the future, the volume of sauce wine industry will reach 500 billion, and the gross profit will reach 300 billion. At the end of 2020, Zhang Daohong, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Jinsha liquor industry, told the winemakers in an interview: “in the next three to five years, soy sauce wine will still be the general trend. Due to the scarcity of production capacity, soy sauce wine will be in a blowout development stage in five years.”

Compared with the current scale, it means that there is still a huge development space for sauce wine, and such a huge space is a huge business opportunity for wine merchants. On the one hand, it is an objective fact that sauce and wine are hot. Since the beginning of this year, the popularity of soy sauce wine has been warming up again. The price of base wine has risen, the market demand has increased sharply, and the information of product interruption has emerged one after another. On the other hand, it is the scarcity of sauce wine and the scarcity of sauce wine agency. On March 15, Guotai liquor announced that there would be no new distributors from April 15. On March 18, Jinsha liquor also issued a document, saying that it would switch from attracting investment to recruiting excellent distributors and control the total number of distributors. In the end, we can draw the conclusion that the hot sauce wine is the outlet, which is the best choice for the current wine industry to dig for gold. However, we should also see that there are few opportunities for the wine merchants who intend to act as the agents of the top sauce wine brands.

What kind of product is worth choosing

The hot sauce and wine is still in the first half. It’s true that the sauce and wine are very hot, but the good and the bad are mixed. “Choice is more important than effort.” In China’s liquor industry, we should not only stand on the side of the tuyere, but also choose the golden track among the tuyeres. Only in this way can we get twice the result with half the effort. In short, in the first half of the sauce wine boom, there are four references for the wine merchants to choose a suitable sauce wine product, namely, choosing the production area, choosing the brand, choosing the product and choosing the mode.

The first is to select production areas. Authoritative data show that in 2019, sauce and wine enterprises in Chishui River region contributed more than 85% of the production capacity and more than 90% of the sales volume of the sauce and wine industry. Along the Chishui River, from Jinsha production area in the upper reaches to Renhuai production area in the middle reaches and then to the downstream aquaculture area, they have become the three major gold production areas in the sauce and wine industry. With a series of policies issued by Guizhou provincial government, the development of Guizhou sauce wine will be further accelerated. The second is brand selection. At present, there are two most obvious trends in China’s liquor industry, one is the hot sauce wine, the other is the intensification of brand concentration. Even in the sauce wine industry, the future outcome of sauce wine development is inevitably brand competition. To choose the head is to choose an opportunity for sustained and high-quality development. Then, why not choose a sauce wine enterprise with a brand. Third, choose products. Sauce wine is hot, and there are many products. When entering the sauce wine market, do dealers want to do brand development products? Do you want to make OEM products? At the spring wine show in early March, quantu suggested that we should make fast money first and then slow money, but fast money and slow money should be earned. The last is the mode. The empowerment and support that dealers can get from a product is very important. It is not only sauce wine, but also the mode of upstream manufacturers will have a crucial impact on the operation of downstream wine manufacturers at any time and in any category. But the most important thing is that business opportunities are just around the corner. For wine merchants, the layout of sauce wine must be fast. Now spring sugar is coming, it can be predicted that this year’s spring sugar will become the home of sauce wine. As a distributor, we must seize this golden opportunity, plan ahead of time, confirm the target in advance, and start as soon as possible. Established in 2017, Xianghe liquor store is positioned as “Costco” in the liquor industry. After three years of growth, it has developed into a professional liquor operator with an annual sales volume of more than 200 million yuan. It has a number of rare sauce liquor brands, and is currently opening up limited investment seats. During this year’s spring sugar period, Xianghe liquor store will bring a number of its popular sauce wine products to room 706 of Chengdu Dacheng hotel. By signing a contract or paying a deposit on the spot, one case of Jinsha Xiangzhi tasting wine can be obtained.

Why do you choose Xianghe liquor store

In the context of the scarcity of sauce wine and the scarcity of head sauce wine agency, it is the best choice for congruent wine storehouse or wine merchants to join sauce wine, especially to catch the “express train” of head sauce wine. Xianghe liquor store is positioned as a comprehensive chain service platform for new domestic liquor. With the blessing of its model, it reached strategic cooperation with Guotai, Jinsha and other brands in the second year of its establishment. It can be said that at the beginning of the popularity of soy sauce and wine, Xianghe liquor store made a correct choice and went hand in hand with the leading brands of the second-line soy sauce and wine camps such as Jinsha and Guotai.


The distillers understand that, relying on the operation and accumulation in the past two years, Xianghe liquor store currently holds the operation rights of many kinds of sauce liquor, including Guotai · Yuzun, Guotai · Xianghe, Jinsha · Zunxiang, Jinsha · Jingxiang and Jinsha · Xiangzhi. And the price of these products is from high-end to high-end, which is in line with the mainstream of the current market development, and can basically meet the needs of dealers and consumers. Going back to the four criteria mentioned above, we can find that a number of Jinsha and Guotai specialty products of Xianghe liquor store meet the selection requirements of dealers. From the perspective of production area, Jinsha comes from Jinsha production area in the upper reaches of Chishui River, and Guotai comes from Renhuai production area, all of which are produced in the core production area of soy sauce wine. From the perspective of brands, the phenomenon of “Jinsha fever” and “Guotai fever” is very obvious. From the perspective of products, many brands of Xianghe liquor store have both appearance and products. It is worth noting that after the rapid development in the past few years, on the one hand, Jinsha and Guotai have grown into the leading brands of the second-line camp of soy sauce wine; on the other hand, with the great investment of the two leading soy sauce wine enterprises in the past two years, the effect is very good, and the current distribution rights are increasingly tight. More important: the model. In this regard, Xianghe liquor store has also innovated the dealer service mode.


The distillers understand that for the partners, Xianghe liquor store has launched a model of “exclusive supply of products, support for the establishment of stores, management of retail, training of personnel and expectation for the future”. There are as many as 18 kinds of support for new customers, from decoration subsidies, rent subsidies, personnel subsidies to wine tasting, VIP customer travel and other comprehensive support, to ensure that customers can quickly start sales work; provide professional operation guidance for each store; set up a matching college, integrate internal and external training resources, establish and improve the company’s training system and management implementation platform, and empower customers Dealers, to achieve enterprise resource sharing. In January this year, Xianghe liquor store put forward the “four new” positioning of its brand, namely new species, new retail, new scene and new ecology. It is determined to build a dual brand business model of product brand (development + self owned / customized) + channel brand (Online + offline), and become the “Costco” of the liquor industry.


At the same time, during the “14th five year plan”, Xianghe liquor store issued 12345 strategic plan, that is, to support 20 partners with an annual scale of 10 million, build 300 offline chains of Xianghe liquor store, cultivate 400 million group buying dealers and 500000 + high viscosity members, and become a quasi listed company with an annual output value of 5 billion by the end of the “14th five year plan”. From this point of view, the choice of Xianghe liquor store is not only the choice of a business opportunity of “express bus”, but also the choice of a sustainable business model and long-term sustainable profit in the future.



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