Renmin Ma Jundu channel sinking

On March 30, a reporter from Beijing business daily learned that Remy Martin Jundu group will increase investment in the Chinese market, expand diversified channels, and plan to cooperate with bilibilibili, pinduoduo and other channels, so as to deeply cultivate the Chinese market through channel sinking.

This is not the first time that Remy Martin Jundu group has laid out an e-commerce platform. As early as six years ago, Remy Ma Jundu began to lay out e-commerce and cooperate with platforms such as Jingdong, tmall and Jiuxian. Nicholas beckney, CEO of Remy Martin Jundu group in Greater China, told Beijing Business Daily that the mode and scale of China’s e-commerce channels are very different from those of foreign countries, and the former is more flexible and larger in mode. This diversified mode will promote the group to better explore the Chinese market, so the layout of e-commerce platform will be further optimized.

It is understood that Remy Martin Jundu has official flagship stores in tmall and Jingdong, but the previous e-commerce channel management was not directly operated by Remy Martin Jundu group. In this regard, Remy Ma Jundu said that in the future, the e-commerce platform will operate independently and be directly under the management of the group.

In the view of Yin Kai, a senior person in the wine industry, most of the consumption scenes of foreign wine are at night except for the southeast coastal areas. Buying foreign wine online is young people. Therefore, lowering the threshold through specific channels is conducive to expanding the consumer population.

According to the latest financial report of Remy Martin Jundu group, the company’s sales rebounded in the third quarter after a 16.4% decline in the first half of 2020, with a 25.1% month on month growth. In addition, since June last year, sales of Remy Martin Jundu group in China have returned to normal. Renmin Ma Jundu said that at the end of this fiscal year, the group’s performance achieved positive growth, which was also closely related to the prosperity of China’s e-commerce platform during the epidemic period.

In Nicholas beckney’s view, online channels can enhance the possibility of products being seen and enhance the interaction with young consumers. According to the characteristics of different platforms, Remy Martin Jundu group will launch exclusive products and customized services. BiliBili, as a video platform for young people, can make Renmin Ma Jundu have more interaction with young people. Pinduoduo wins young people’s favor with low price, so Remy Martin can launch low-volume and low-price products to attract more young consumers. In addition, new channels such as wechat app and live video can be arranged.

Some in the industry believe that the impact of channel sinking on brand image, while Yin Kai points out that under the condition that the main product positioning of Remy Martin Jundu (such as super high-end Louis XIII) remains unchanged, the sinking market will not have an adverse impact on its brand image. The purpose of Remy Martin Jundu is to let more people see it, especially young people, so it will focus on brand communication, so BiliBili is a good choice. Although pinduoduo is positioned to win by price, it is everyone’s pursuit to get a cheap price. At present, some users have tried to buy high-end products on pinduoduo, and have not affected the brand image of the enterprise.

Beijing Business News (reporter Zhao Dan)

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