Cool cool supreme MWe 1050 V2 evaluation: kilowatt power into the mainstream

With the large-scale distribution of various models of NVIDIA geforce RTX 30 series graphics cards and amdradeon RX 6000 Series graphics cards, and the large-scale launch of Intel’s 11th generation core, the new generation platform also puts forward higher requirements for power supply, and the power supply above 1000W, which was small in the past ten minutes, has gradually entered the mass market.

In order to match the latest high-power platform, the highly acclaimed MWe gold V2 series has also launched new products with rated power over 1000W. Today, we get the 1050W version of the product, which belongs to the series. Next, let’s take a look at the performance of this power supply.

Cool cool supreme MWe 1050 V2 appearance appreciation:

The outer packaging of cool cool supreme MWe 1050 V2 keeps the classic black + purple color of cool cool supreme. From the packaging box, we can see that this high-power full module power supply has rich output ports, and there is no pressure to deal with all kinds of high-power hardware.

In addition to the product model, the packaging box of the power supply is also printed with the logo of 10-year warranty, full Japanese capacitor and 80 plus gold medal certification in the lower right corner.

As a new member of MWe gold V2 series, cool cool supreme MWe 1050 V2 maintains the 80plus gold medal certification of the whole series. The size is 180mm (L) x 150mm (W) x 86mm (H), slightly longer than the ordinary ATX power supply, and shorter than the 1000W version of the same series.

The power backplane is equipped with a large area of honeycomb cooling holes to protect the long-term use of the power supply. From this position, we can also see the compact component arrangement inside the power supply.

The parameter name plate of the power supply is located on the right side of the power supply, the cool supreme MWe 1050 V2 is a wide-band power supply, which can maintain stable operation in the voltage environment of 100V ~ 240V. It adopts the mainstream single channel 12V design, and can output 87.5a current at most. The single channel rated power directly reaches 1050W, accounting for 100% of the rated power. It can escort the mainstream CPU and graphics card in the current market, and a dual channel RTX 3080 can also deal with it calmly.

Each module output port of the power supply is equipped with a white printed label for identification. It can provide a total of 18 + 8pin motherboard power supply output interface, 6 groups of 8pin CPU and PCIe universal output interface and 4 groups of large 5pin HDD / SATA output interface. There is no pressure to cope with the top-level platform such as core i9 and dual RTX 3080.

The wires of the power supply are pure black flat module wires. Because they are used for 1050W high power, they are naturally complete in variety, including a 28 turn 24pin motherboard power supply line, a 4 + 4Pin CPU power supply line, a single 8pin CPU power supply line, three 6 + 2pin * 2 PCI card power supply lines, three X4 SATA power supply lines and a large 4Pin * 4 power supply line.

The dust cover of MWe 1050 v2d is designed in the form of a series of consistent rounded corners. In the center of the dust cover, there is a cooler master brand name plate. It is equipped with a 7-blade FDB silent fan, which supports the intelligent start stop function of 40% fan less fan. It can well protect this high-power power supply.

Cool cool supreme MWe 1050 V2 internal structure:

When you remove the top cover of the cool cool supreme MWe 1050 V2, you can see the compact component layout inside the power supply. The active PFC + full bridge LLC resonance + synchronous rectification + DC to DC structure of the power supply is the most mature and efficient solution at present.

The power supply has complete primary and secondary EMI circuits. The primary EMI is located on the AC socket, equipped with an X capacitor and a pair of Y capacitors. The X capacitor is equipped with a dedicated discharge IC chip. The secondary EMI is equipped with a complete fuse, an X capacitor, a pair of Y capacitors and two common mode inductors. The configuration is very comprehensive, which can protect the high-power input.

The main capacitor is a 420v electrolytic capacitor from Toshin kogyo, Japan, with a capacity of 560 μ F and a heat resistance of 105 ℃. The dual capacitor configuration makes it easy to cope with the rated output power of 1050W.

The voltage stabilizing system adopts DC-DC design, which is configured on independent PCB and equipped with independent MOSFET. The back is also equipped with independent heat sink, so that the stability of power output can be better guaranteed.

The switch tubes of rectifier bridge and PFC adopt large area heat sink, which can fully cover all large heating households. Even if they are full load for a long time, there is no need to worry about heat dissipation.

Performance test of cool supreme MWe 1050 V2:

In the part of load test, different current will be added to each voltage of cool supreme MWe 1050 V2 to simulate the load. Since this power supply supports wide input, 115V is used as the test standard. Add 10A current to + 3.3V and + 5V, respectively. The – 12V and + 5VSB will be fully charged, and the remaining + 12V will be divided into three circuits, each circuit will have + 13.9a current.

10% 12.0120% 12.0230% 12.0240% 12.0350% 12.0360% 12.0470% 12.0480% 12.0590% 12.05100% 12.06 maximum deviation percentage + 0.5% + 12V voltage deviation data (unit: V) voltage: 220V

+12V output, the overall output voltage is relatively stable, the maximum voltage offset occurs at 100% load, the maximum offset percentage is + 0.5%, the performance is very good, can provide quite stable power supply for CPU and graphics card.

10% 5.0920% 5.0830% 5.0740% 5.0650% 5.0560% 5.0470% 5.0380% 5.0390% 5.02100% 5.01 maximum deviation percentage 1.8% + 5V voltage deviation data (unit: V) voltage: 115V

+5V output, slightly inferior to + 12V output test, when the maximum value appears at 10%, the maximum offset percentage is + 1.8%.

10% 3.3720% 3.3530% 3.3440% 3.3350% 3.3260% 3.3070% 3.2980% 3.2790% 3.25100% 3.23 maximum deviation percentage + 2.1% + 3.3V voltage deviation data (unit: V) voltage: 220V

+3 V output, slightly inferior to + 12V output test, the maximum value appears at 10% and 100%, the maximum deviation percentage is ± 2.1%, but this performance is also very good.

The conversion efficiency of cool cool supreme MWe 1050 V2 in 115V environment is quite good, the overall performance is perfect, reaching the standard of 80 plus gold medal certification, the overall performance is relatively excellent in the gold medal certification power supply, especially the stability. Its excellent internal materials play a lot of roles in this.

Summary of pconline evaluation room: high power should become the mainstream hardware quality assurance escort

As a hot selling series of high-power new products, cool supreme MWe 1050 V2 maintains MWe gold v2 Compared with the same series of kW power products, the internal structure has been greatly changed. The configuration of all Japanese capacitors and excellent internal layout escort this full module power supply with rated power up to 1050W. Coupled with the consistent excellent workmanship of cool supreme, this power supply has a fairly stable performance in the conversion efficiency test link.

1050W power is considered as the “entry” choice for power supply products above kilowatts. However, this power supply capacity is also very sufficient for the current hardware environment. In the next few years, mainstream level hardware should not have too exaggerated power growth. With the 10-year warranty service of cool supreme conscience, this power supply will not have a big problem. For mainstream users who are ready in one step but don’t need to pursue the extreme, cool supreme MWe 1050 V2 will definitely be a very suitable choice. Don’t miss it if you are going to upgrade or buy high-power power power supply recently!

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