It’s going to be a big change! New file manager experience in win10

[pconline information] win10 has brought many changes, but the resource file manager is a classic component that has not been changed for a long time. From a technical point of view, it has not changed substantially for more than a decade, except for the skirmish of Diablo mode. With the advent of win10 21h2, win10 file manager will finally usher in a big change. Foreign media windows lastest brings a new experience of win10 file manager. Let’s have a look.

Microsoft has confirmed that file explorer will be improved in win10 21h2. This change of the file explorer will be combined with the latest fluent design advocated by Microsoft. You can see it in the current win10 technology preview.

We know that file manager allows users to browse the files and folders in the computer. By default, it is optimized for the desktop environment. If you are using a tablet device, you need to switch to tablet mode to experience a touch friendly layout. In response, Microsoft is now planning to use the touch optimized interface as the default, even if the user has a mouse connected.

As shown in the screenshot below, the new default interface of file manager adds extra space between elements.

This makes it easier for users to navigate between different pages when using the touch screen. When the user changes the screen resolution, the space filling will also automatically adjust the size, which can make the file manager consistent with the experience of modern XAML design.

In addition, the UI filling elements of other edge parts will also optimize the experience for touch. The current problem is that the file manager still does not provide a preview of the file type. If you like the layout of the old version, you can also switch back by trying to “use compact mode” in the options.

The new file manager also redesigns the icon. From the screenshot, we can see that Microsoft has redrawn the icons related to file explorer, including downloads, documents, pictures, videos, music and other folders, all with brand new icons.

Microsoft uses different colors to draw icons instead of yellow and blue as before. These new designs are consistent with the style of fluent design. Except for the file manager, the icons of recycle bin, running, setting and even floppy disk have been redesigned in fluent design style. It is expected that Microsoft will update the main interfaces of win10, such as operation center and start menu, later this year. In addition, the new version of win10 will enable fillet design in windows, menus and other elements and panels.

These changes will come with win10 21h2. According to the plan, Microsoft will release win10 21h2 later this year. Let’s look forward to it.



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