Xiaomi’s first folding mobile phone goes on sale this year: the screen is supplied by Huaxing Optoelectronics

Driving China March 5, 2021 folding screen, as a new form of mobile phone, is loved and sought after by quite a number of users. So far, Huawei, Samsung and many other Android mobile phone manufacturers have launched related products, while Xiaomi, as one of the big manufacturers, has not moved. However, no action doesn’t mean no push. No, Xiaomi folding mobile phone is already on the way.


According to a number of media reports, a person familiar with the matter disclosed that Xiaomi’s first folding mobile phone will be released soon. The new device may be named mix 4 Pro max, and the screen is supplied by csot. People familiar with the matter also said that Xiaomi folding mobile phone will adopt a similar external folding scheme as Huawei’s mate XS, with a folded screen area of 6.38 inches.

According to the source, in 2021, foldable mobile phones will dominate, and Xiaomi, one of the big domestic manufacturers, is bound to launch foldable mobile phones if it wants to keep pace with other smartphone manufacturers.


As for the hardware of Xiaomi’s first folding mobile phone, people in the industry speculate that Xiaomi’s new folding screen mobile phone may adopt the same flagship hardware configuration as other brands. Therefore, Xiaolong 888 flagship platform and 8GB / 12gb memory are likely to appear on the new phone. I believe the fluency of the new phone will not disappoint us.

As a new form of mobile phone, folding screen mobile phone is loved and sought after by many users. However, in the early days of folding screen mobile phones, many mobile phones had problems because of the immature technology. Now, the folding screen technology is becoming more and more mature. Xiaomi chooses to launch the folding screen mobile phone at this time. Although it started later than others, its product quality can be more guaranteed.



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