Solving the global “core” problem

&With the words “the surging waves will never stop”, Xiaomi once again embarks on the journey of “core”. On the same day, Amazon was exposed to develop its own chips. It’s better to rely on others than on yourself. Whether it’s Xiaomi, a high-profile official, or Amazon, who works secretly, they all know this.

If the giant is like this, it can’t escape being stuck by the chip. As a result, we have a high level of precision wafer etching and gas etching equipment.

But from cars to mobile phones, from computers to cloud servers, there is no “core” in our daily life driven by technology. Under the high demand and high threshold, the monopoly is formed. The upstream of the chip is dominated by ASML photoresist, while the downstream is dominated by Samsung, Qualcomm and MediaTek.

Passive is easy to be beaten, when the “lack of core” tide swept the world, the global manufacturing enterprises became ants on the hot pot. “It’s not lack, it’s extremely lack.” Lu Weibing, President of Xiaomi China, once said publicly.

With the impact of the epidemic, the demand of consumer electronics markets, such as smart phones, automobiles, home appliances and PCs, has accelerated to pick up. Chips are in short supply, graphics card prices are rising, and raw materials are facing a crisis of supply interruption. From BMW to Volkswagen, almost all car companies have to stop production and reduce production capacity. Mobile phone manufacturers are forced to delay supply and reduce shipment.

It’s hard to be held in the throat. SMIC and Huawei have learned it. After two years of “tearing”, apple and Qualcomm finally choose to reconcile. As a result, self-developed chips have become an inevitable move for the giants to build a moat. With a stroke of a pen, apple smashed 1 billion euros into the chip R & D center in Munich. Google dug up Intel’s “wall”, and Microsoft quietly designed arm chips for its own servers.

At present, with monopoly and shortage, the chip problem is stuck in the heart of the global high-end manufacturing industry, which is a lingering pain. As a result, the trend of core making came, and the enthusiasm spread from abroad to China.

However, the big fish and big bubbles also led to many semiconductor companies that had no connection with semiconductors. They invested in semiconductor. Wuhan’s Hong Kong core was unfinished. In one year, 6 billion largest semiconductor projects in China were suspended. Last year, according to media statistics, in just over half a year, there were nearly 10000 enterprises temporarily switching to chips, and IPOs were hot.

For some places and enterprises, the chip is still the wind that makes the pig go to heaven, and the core making becomes eager for quick success and instant benefit. A cavity of blood, the enemy can not “core cheat” trick, the result of people and money, a chicken feather everywhere.

It is not advisable to build a car behind closed doors or be eager for quick success and instant benefit. Slogans can’t make cores. If you don’t have sincerity, you can’t make cores. If you don’t have ability, you can’t make cores. Core making needs high threshold, excellent technology, top talents, and real gold and silver can be seen with naked eyes. Apple has been developing chips for nearly a decade, and Huawei’s Kirin chip was founded 16 years ago. Even so, it’s still not going well.

The market needs patience no matter how impatient it is. No matter how hard it is for enterprises, they have to find ways to survive the most difficult days. From design to manufacturing to the overall ecology, every process needs to be improved. The chip is not a test paper with a score of 60000. If you miss a single point, it will be thousands of miles away.

The state has already made up its mind to make the core technology independent. Chip is also a test of high technology. It needs the concentration and accumulation of generations. There is no shortcut. Also need batch after batch of enterprises, there is no end.

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