Theme business convergence? Shanghai Vanke sky city commercial green farm

Nowadays, the theme business is popular, and the commercial theme area has become one of the “standard configuration” for the business center to play a good experience card and build differentiation. With the increase of the development of national theme commercial bodies, the homogenization is becoming more and more serious. The same theme scene “fresh-keeping period” is very limited. To solve this problem, we need to inject more fresh content and new ideas.

The theme space under the commercial planning blueprint of Shanghai Vanke sky city – “sky farm” introduces green, environmental protection, health, interaction and other concepts into the commercial body, and is committed to creating a common emotional entrance for operators and consumers. It not only realizes the self-worth of developers, operators and consumers simultaneously, but also promotes the high viscosity business scene of mutual achievement among them.

Introduce foreign advanced “vertical farm” concept to build environmental protection and green theme area

With the rise of the main consumer force of generation Z, many business centers also include the younger attitude at the beginning of planning. Some novel and interesting social experience and rich and diversified consumption scenarios will become the main factors to attract young customers. How to design a theme area that can keep up with the “trend” and conform to the contemporary life style is the breakthrough of the whole commercial space.

According to the monitoring of Yingshang big data detection center, in the past four years, most of the theme business districts built in China are cultural and creative scenes. At the same time, emerging lifestyle scenes, catering scenes, new subculture scenes, sports scenes and music scenes have also become the main direction of the theme business district.

The food theme area in the commercial planning of Shanghai Vanke sky city is to introduce foreign advanced vertical agricultural technology and its “vertical farm” concept, so as to build a “green space” with commercial vitality, trend and movement of Shanghai Vanke sky city.

As the core space of the food theme area, green walls full of crops are all over the sky farm, so that everyone entering the space has a spatial illusion from urban to rural, and even can smell the faint fragrance of crops, and get a moment of quiet enjoyment and pleasure. It is worth mentioning that sky farm is very representative in environmental protection, science and technology, and humanities. With the improvement of the project scene and the enhancement of interaction, this green theme space with great trend and environmental protection value will also bring a new life experience to people living in this area.

In the future, it will be a new TOD life center full of vitality

As the bearing place of sky farm, Vanke sky city business in Shanghai is actually the commercial section of Vanke Sky City, which is located in the core position of the whole sky city market. At the beginning of the planning, this heart like business center carries people’s expectations for the ideal life of the city. In order to turn this beautiful expectation into reality, Shanghai Vanke sky city commercial started from the layout, taking building “new city TOD vitality life center” as its own responsibility, striving to create a one-stop paradise for people living here to meet the material and spiritual enjoyment.

It is understood that the commercial volume of Vanke sky city in Shanghai is about 100000 square meters, covering multiple consumption scenes such as concept aesthetic life hall, parent-child education, immersive amusement theater, star garden, etc., and gathering multiple formats such as indoor children’s theme park, Garden Food Street, star wisdom playground, open interactive theater, life aesthetics proposal hall, etc. Through the combination of these senses, people can foresee a beautiful city life style.



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