PC’s efficient and intelligent experience HMS injects new power into it

“Software ecology is not only a technical problem, but also an ecological and time accumulation problem.” On the well-known Q & a platform in China, there are countless fans in this speech circle.

Indeed, any product known as intelligent hardware, hardware, software and system are indispensable and complement each other. Between the three can be described as fruit trees. The hardware is soil, the system is branch and the software is fruit. A perfect software ecology is the ultimate goal of people coming to the orchard. In China, Huawei terminal cloud services (HMS) is a mature fruit.

It is understood that Huawei terminal cloud service has covered 580 million monthly live users in more than 170 countries and regions. HMS ecosystem has become the third largest mobile application ecosystem in the world, and the future is promising.

“Two wheel drive” composed of application ecology and hardware ecology

The whole scene Smart Life strategy is Huawei’s core development strategy in the next decade.

In this core strategy, HMS application ecology and hardware ecology constitute a strong innovation force of “two wheel drive”.

HMS application ecology connects with a large number of developers and hundreds of millions of Huawei users, fully releases Huawei’s powerful hardware ecology ability, and creates a transformation experience of full scene smart life with the blessing of AI, 5g and other technologies.

At the same time, relying on distributed technology and HMS innovation capability, Huawei’s “full scene” theme is promoting screen integration experience from mobile phones, laptops, smart screens, car machine systems, watches and other more intelligent devices.

According to Wu Bin, director of cloud service solutions Department of Huawei’s consumer business, in 2020, there will be more than 1 billion Huawei connected devices in the world, and more and more users will feel seamless and smooth experience across devices through full scene intelligent devices.

Full scene layout: Huawei PC takes the lead

Talking about the development process of Huawei’s full scene layout (1 + 8 + n), Huawei’s matebook series notebook can be said to be a benchmark.

Huawei only launched laptops in 2016, which is a newcomer in the PC market. At that time, Huawei just launched the P8 mobile phone, and the main attitude of the market towards Huawei’s notebook is “we should polish the mobile phone well, and we are a little anxious to enter the Bureau.”.

Many people have doubts about the layout of Huawei’s notebook, which has now become an exclamation – Huawei is playing a big game.

In 2019, Huawei’s notebook shipment will achieve a leap forward growth of 200%, far exceeding the industry’s growth rate of 2.7%, becoming the largest dark horse. According to the data of third-party research institutions, in the first half of 2020, Huawei’s notebook market share in China reached 16.9%, ranking second and entering the first echelon of the market. In addition, according to the results of chnbrand report, Huawei’s domestic customer recommendation (NPS) of matebook series remained the first in the windows notebook market.

In the final analysis, there are two reasons for the success of Huawei’s matebook series notebook. On the one hand, the design is perfect. With mobile phones as the teacher, Huawei has made bold innovation, created the three excellent genes of Huawei notebook aesthetics, technology and wisdom, and presented the vast number of users with an excellent productivity choice.

More important is the software experience. Before Huawei entered the market, most PC products on the market only focused on hardware, and homogenization was very serious. When Huawei enters the PC market, its unique software has become the key to the success of differentiated competition.

Huawei innovatively provides users with excellent productivity office / learning tools in terms of software functions. From Huawei sharing at the beginning to multi screen collaboration later, the interaction between devices has become more and more close, and cross device collaboration for office and entertainment has become a daily life of many people.

Terminal cloud service brings cross device collaborative PC experience upgrade

Huawei’s innovation in PC software application has not stopped.

In early 2021, Huawei launched the new matebook series. With the blessing of Huawei terminal cloud service, it provides more intelligent experience for Huawei PC users, such as logging into Huawei account, enjoying cross terminal content collaboration such as Huawei application market, Huawei cloud space and Huawei browser.

Strong sense of innovation and accurate grasp of user needs are amazing.

In the past, windows notebook will be built with Microsoft’s own app store, but “few applications”, “slow download speed”, “difficult to open” and other problems have been bothering users. Many users don’t even know that there is an app store in the notebook. Most of the downloaded apps go to the browser to search and download, but at the same time, it brings problems such as viruses and other apps carried by the installation package.

The new PC version of Huawei application market provides users with a pure, green and safe application download channel. There are columns such as “exploration”, “office”, “classification” and “fast application” in Huawei’s application market to gather top-quality applications and set up a list of top-quality applications to meet users’ diversified application needs; like the application market of mobile terminal, Huawei’s application market PC terminal passes multiple application audits to avoid advertising and induced links; age classification is visible to ensure minors’ network security, pure download and safe use Save your mind.

In addition, the PC version of Huawei’s application market also provides fast application services, which can be used as you click without installation, freeing up storage space and making the office experience more refreshing. (on the right of the figure below is the quick app of mango TV)

As an important entrance to the network, the browser has become a “must fight” place for many Internet companies. At the same time, the browser is also a “back door” to disclose personal information security. Huawei’s PC browser supports automatic synchronization of bookmarks on mobile phones and computers under the same Huawei account. At the same time, it provides users with high-quality online experience by intelligently intercepting phishing and malicious web addresses, intelligently preventing tracking, and protecting users’ network privacy and security.

Nowadays, a lot of our data are stored on different devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. These data are relatively miscellaneous and not suitable for management, and it is very difficult to find when needed.

Huawei cloud space not only provides data management for users on the mobile end, but also allows users to freely circulate and update their files, photos, videos, contacts, memos, recordings and other data among multiple devices through the cloud under the same Huawei account. At the same time, the tray function makes it easy for users to quickly find the recently used files on the PC side, manage the transmission tasks, and right-click “free space” for the rarely used large files, so as to speed up the performance of the device and give full play to the maximum value of the PC.

It can be said that the introduction of terminal cloud service into Huawei’s matebook series has realized the use scenarios of multi device content collaboration and fast file sharing between PC and mobile phones and other intelligent mobile devices, bringing a refreshing feeling.


Huawei terminal cloud service brings the ecological content of mobile terminal into PC terminal, breaks through the system barrier between mobile phone and PC, improves productivity with Huawei application market, Huawei cloud space, Huawei browser and other applications, explores full scene experience innovation, and provides users with more intelligent PC experience.

With the popularity of Huawei’s matebook series notebook in the market, Huawei’s terminal cloud service will also be accepted by more users. In the future, Huawei will provide better intelligent life experience for global users with Huawei’s PC and other products.



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