Wanshun taxi Hailing: let the original heart bloom, let development win the future

As a representative of the online car Hailing field, Wanshun car Hailing has been striving to be the “golden key” to explore and assist the development of the industry for many years, always anchoring the “general navigation mark” of development and building the “ballast stone” of the development of physical stores. With the introduction of the new policy of online car hailing, since its establishment, Wanshun taxi Hailing has been the “pioneer” in the development and innovation of online car Hailing industry, the “touchstone” in the exploration and practice of online car Hailing industry, and the “tough team” of online car Hailing industry. In the past four years, Wanshun taxi Hailing has been developing vigorously in times of crisis and trial and error. Wanshun car call let the original heart bloom color, let development win the future.

For many years, Wanshun has been good at grasping the “nose” of scientific and technological innovation and the “key” of scientific and technological innovation, Good at breaking the “bottleneck” of scientific and technological innovation, in the early days of its establishment, it focused on market research, industry formats, and customer experience. After long-term market research, it focused on the operation of physical stores, adhering to the concept of “kindness, good wishes, and good deeds”, and closely focused on the business of Wanshun taxi Hailing express, carpooling, special car, agency driving, and free riding, it paid attention to multi line development and provided services for Wanshun taxi Hailing Healthy and sustainable development has laid a solid foundation and guarantee.

万顺叫车:让初心绽放色彩 让发展赢得未来

In recent years, online car Hailing has been widely recognized by the market, and the market prospect is very good. Facing the rare opportunity for the development of online car Hailing industry, Wanshun has drawn a clear “roadmap” and listed a detailed “mission statement”, We should develop a scientific “knapsack plan”, strengthen the working concept of “customer first”, establish the operation mode of “local drivers, acquaintances and roads” of Wanshun taxi hailing, and take the initiative to apply for the legal operation license of online car hailing from the local transportation authorities. Up to now, Wanshun taxi Hailing has obtained more than 300 online car Hailing licenses, opened nearly 10000 offline stores nationwide, made 500000 daily orders, and provided more than 2 billion person times of service, realizing a new leap forward in the development of Wanshun taxi Hailing.

Over the years, Wanshun taxi Hailing has “buckled” in the development strategy of the online car Hailing industry, “shouldered the burden” in doing business, and “nailed the nail” in the implementation of work. It adheres to the joint improvement of science and technology and service quality. In terms of science and technology, it constantly optimizes the user experience of the client, improves the platform, ensures the safe travel ability of users, and regularly standardizes the service of the online car Hailing drivers on the platform With excellent ability and quality, strong ability to take on and practical development measures, the training has realized the rapid development of Wanshun taxi hailing and set a “benchmark” for the industry.

In the next step, Wanshun taxi Hailing will focus on “thinking about doing things”, embody courage and knowledge in “daring to do things”, show ability in “being able to do things”, lock the goal in “doing things”, take responsibility, forge ahead, and make unremitting efforts to realize the high quality development of Wanshun taxi Hailing.



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