Extended e-commerce Gabu will add more than 100 stores in 2021

&On March 31, Gabu Gabu announced its annual performance as of December 31, 2020. According to the financial report, Gabu group’s revenue in 2020 was 5.455 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 9.5%. Among them, the revenue of Gabu Gabu was 3.502 billion yuan, and the total revenue was 1.689 billion yuan.

During the reporting period, Gabu Gabu group opened 91 Gabu Gabu stores and 38 Cuocuo stores. Zhao Yi, CEO of Gabu Gabu, said in an interview with Beijing Business Daily that 87% of Gabu Gabu are distributed in the north, while Haidilao and Taier, including Group brands, only account for 40% of the market in the north.

延伸电商 呷哺2021年将增店百余家

It is revealed that in 2021, Gabu Gabu plans to add 100 Gabu Gabu stores and 60 Cuocuo stores, and plans to focus on the East China and South China markets. Compared with many chain catering brands seizing the opportunity after the epidemic to speed up their expansion, Sipu Sipu’s expansion plan this year is more stable. In this regard, Zhao Yi explained that it is true that many catering enterprises plan to start a new round of accelerated expansion after the epidemic is over, but the current store opening of GAPI GAPI pays more attention to the quality of stores, hoping that every store can be profitable and continue to grow.

Zhao Yi said that in the second half of 2020, as soon as the epidemic situation improves, Gafu will enter the channel of rapid recovery. The seat turnover rate of Gafu was 1.8 in the first half of the year, increased by 55% in the second half of the year, and reached 2.8. At the same time, in the second half of the year, the catering profit rate quickly entered the high double-digit. While promoting the restaurant business, Gabu Gabu also focuses on strengthening the supply chain construction, and plans to continue to develop a full-time and full scene operation mode. Among them, fresh retail caused by the epidemic is one of the ways to lay out the whole scene of consumers’ life.

Gabu Gabu said in its annual report that the epidemic will have an impact on the world in 2020, and China will take the lead in stepping out of the epidemic haze under strict prevention and control. The Group expects that with the implementation of vaccination in 2021 and the effective response to the epidemic, the impact of the epidemic on the group in 2021 will be weaker than that in 2020.

Zhao Yi said that the epidemic in 2020 had an impact on the domestic catering industry, but it also changed the development trend of catering enterprises. “The epidemic is changing consumer habits. By observing the changes in the retail market, it is not difficult to see that more and more consumers have formed the habit of cooking at home. Gathering at home has become a new scene of catering consumption under the epidemic situation, and it is also one of the new trends in the future. Therefore, Gabu Gabu will make use of the advantages of the supply chain and thousands of chain stores to further explore the delivery of fresh food materials on the basis of the original finished product takeout, and participate in the layout of the new scene of cooking at home. “

It is understood that since the beginning of last year’s epidemic, Gabu has started to retail the food materials stored in the store before the Spring Festival. This alleviated the inventory pressure of sipping at that time, and also let it see the potential of the catering retail market. Gabu Gabu immediately set up an e-commerce channel to try to develop its upstream supply chain fresh food retail business.

Zhao Yi said that sipping can not only sell the products in the store, but also continue to launch packaging materials suitable for family occasions, such as meat, meat and so on. Gabu Gabu will rely on the existing catering stores as the support network of retail business. Consumers can buy in stores or through online channels.

In addition, Gabu Gabu will continue to explore the multi period operation mode. In addition to launching afternoon tea and supper in stores, sipping will also explore online multi time takeout. Zhao Yi believes that takeaway will still be limited and affected by the consumption period. Orders are mainly concentrated in the noon and evening. However, the development trend of afternoon tea and night takeout is very good. Sipu Sipu also wants to try to make efforts in these periods to enrich the functions of the store, improve the store efficiency and drive the overall performance growth of the enterprise.

Humanistic Zhihong, partner of Hejun consulting and head of chain operation, said that the epidemic situation has made many catering enterprises see the potential of catering retail and takeout. For Gabu, the younger customer group of the brand also makes its e-commerce business more acceptable. Gabu will enrich the functions of the stores. As the supporting outlets of retail business, Gabu is also increasing the number of restaurants, and the risk of the layout is controllable. At the same time, online retail, delivery and other aspects of the layout is also a steady performance. Thus, the present and future of Gabu is a multi format, multi brand, cross regional offline store layout.

Beijing Business News (reporter Guo Shihui)

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