New strategy for making money in April: share the money making social app

With the vigorous development of “beauty economy” and the rapid rise and consumption iteration of consumer life and aesthetic concept, China’s beauty industry has ushered in a golden age. The consumption of beauty and skin care has changed from “optional” to “necessary” now. It can be seen that in the face of the double upgrading of consumption and industry, the market potential of China’s U.S. industry is constantly releasing, and there is a huge market growth space. With the rise of the face value economy, the new form of social app is to share life and make money, which provides users with more choices to achieve a win-win situation between consumption and making money.


In recent years, with the development of the Internet, young people have poured into the beauty consumer market, forming a road of beauty economy, and the beauty crowd has expanded rapidly. At the same time, new brands and new businesses under new demand, new market and new consumption are emerging one after another. In this context, Fanxiang life, as a shopping platform focusing on beauty and skin care, has always been committed to the mission of “discovering global good products and enabling global light innovation”, strictly selecting suppliers, participating in product R & D and design, directly purchasing raw materials, going deep into the supply chain to ensure the quality of self operated products, and establishing five resource groups, forming a global market radiating North America, Asia, Europe and Australia High quality resources network is committed to providing consumers with high quality products.

In addition to meeting the needs of more consumers, fanenjoy life also launched the “April money strategy”, which contains a variety of activities to provide you with a Chinese surprise benefit and bring you a more diversified shopping experience. From April 1 to April 30, as long as you share the products on the activity page with your friends, you can get double rewards, and no upper limit is set. If you get 500 yuan income during the activity, you will earn 1000 yuan after doubling.


Not only that, we also launched the “sharing beauty, sisters will buy” and “sharing good things, life will buy” sections. For example, the purchase of YSL San Laurent skin cushion will double the highest price, earn 110 yuan, 3CE velvet fog face, Matte Lip Glaze doubles the highest, earn 20 yuan, Jo Malone ancestor Malone perfume doubles the highest to earn 120 yuan, Shiseido red kidney red research essence doubles the highest to earn 44 yuan, cubs mini portable double cup fruit juice cup can earn 44 yuan. Many awesome things will double.

In addition, inviting friends to join can also get massive rewards. 20 newly registered users will be invited to send 2 bottles of Zhenhao genuine donkey hide gelatin and fresh stewed donkey hide gelatin with 60 day fresh stew warranty on the same day. They will eat donkey hide gelatin like jelly and carry out the freshness and nutrition together with their relatives and friends.


According to the relevant data of foresight Industry Research Institute, by 2022, the market scale of China’s beauty industry will reach 500 billion yuan. With the continuous economic growth and the continuous increase of urban and rural residents’ income, the expansion of beauty consumption expenditure has become a reality. China’s beauty and skin care market has a large scale and will become a fertile ground for more consumers to consume and make money.

Therefore, in order to enable more entrepreneurs to enjoy the beauty market dividend and life, a variety of play methods are introduced to help the precipitation and continuous operation of traffic. After entering the “points mall” page of Fanxiang life app, you can purchase silk armor children’s beirun cream with moisturizing and repairing functions and relieving dry itching with 1 cent and 5 points, as well as “free departure record · 30 yuan new person voucher” for Hainan duty-free shop members. Enter the “direct promotion zone” page and purchase the 398 yuan package to upgrade to a gold member. You can not only enjoy 20% discount on purchase, but also enjoy a lot of benefits of “398 yuan gift package” for members. You can also enjoy a rebate Commission of up to 79.6 yuan by sharing shopping links.

Nowadays, “beauty economy” has officially become a consumption channel and lifestyle recognized by the public. Beauty users are distributed in the second, third and fourth tier cities, accounting for more than 60% of consumption. Beauty users in medium-sized cities will continue to grow. The beauty industry is worthy of being optimistic, and the continuous growth will be a major trend. Based on this, fun life will continue to optimize the product quality, meet the needs of more consumers, continue to improve the consumption experience, create a new era of sharing and making money social app model, so that more consumers can enjoy the beauty industry market dividend.



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