Complete the supply chain of Xiaoxian stew in round C financing

On March 31, Xiaoxian stewed bird’s nest announced that it had completed a new round of financing, which was led by IDG capital, CMC capital and zhengxingu, followed by Amber capital. However, xiaoxiandun did not disclose the specific financing scale and valuation.

As for the main purpose of this round C financing, Miao Shu, chairman and CEO of Xiaoxian stewed bird’s nest, said: “this round of financing of Xiaoxian stewed bird’s nest will be mainly used to improve the supply chain system, the construction and research of scientific research laboratories, the creation and upgrading of new retail user experience, and the organization of the construction of China Taiwan chemical industry.”

In the view of industry insiders, the round C financing of Xiaoxian stewed bird’s nest released a new signal, that is, big players in the field of Internet investment began to shift their vision to the Chinese nourishing industry. Data show that IDG capital has invested in Tencent, BiliBili, etc.; CMC capital has invested in perfect diary, hungry, dingdong, American food, etc.; zhengxingu has invested in bilibilibili, byte beat, etc.

As the leading investor of this round of C financing of xiaoxiandun, ye Chunyan, partner of zhengxingu capital, believes that “in the Chinese style nourishing industry, the core element of brand building is to” build trust “with users, and xiaoxiandun is willing to and insists on making continuous non-linear investment in” building trust “

In fact, with the acceleration of the era of national health, the Chinese tonic industry is expected to develop into a 100 billion level market. According to the data of China traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Association, there will be nearly 3500 traditional tonic enterprises in 2020, more than 800 more than that in 2019. In the future, China’s traditional tonic industry will continue to grow rapidly, and the market scale will reach 250 billion yuan by 2025.

With the continuous expansion of the market scale, as an important category of Chinese tonic, the bird’s nest industry is in urgent need of standardized development. However, as there is no unified national standard, all enterprises in the market are producing products according to the standards set by enterprises.

Taking instant bird’s nest as an example, Beijing Business Daily reporter found that at present, instant bird’s nest adopts the production standard of canned food. In addition, Xiaoxian stew and yanzhiwu’s fresh stewed bird’s nest are all produced according to enterprise standards. The group standard of fresh stewed bird’s nest issued by China Pharmaceutical Culture Research Association will be implemented on December 6, 2020, but the group standard is not a compulsory standard for enterprises.

In fact, relevant national departments began to take the lead in discussing issues related to bird’s nest standards in 2013. In 2013, the Chinese Academy of inspection and quarantine organized the “bird’s nest standard demand seminar” for the relevant departments and enterprises in the whole chain of bird’s nest production, processing, sales and supervision. It was mentioned that there was a serious lack of domestic bird’s nest related norms and standards, so it was necessary to formulate relevant standards, and different types of enterprises should be differentiated. Huang Yu, Deputy Secretary General of the State Council of swallow, once said that in 2021, the State Council of swallow will promote the work of bird’s nest industry standards, create a bird’s nest industry information inquiry platform and share information.

According to Zhu danpeng, an analyst of China’s food industry, a new round of financing can accelerate the layout of xiaoxiandun in the bird’s nest industry. When face value management, weight management and big health management become the daily needs of Chinese people, the bird’s nest industry will usher in a new round of consumption bonus period, which is a good opportunity for xiaoxiandun. However, before that, xiaoxiandun still needs to speed up the construction of a complete industrial chain.

According to the data, Xiaoxian stewed bird’s nest was founded by Miao Shu and Lin Xiaoxian in 2014. As early as 2015, Xiaoxian stewed bird’s nest won the angel round investment of Hongtai fund. In 2017 and 2020, famous actors Chen Shu and Zhang Ziyi successively changed from long-term users of Xiaoxian stewed bird’s nest to brand investors. At the beginning of 2020, GF Xinde fund became a partner of xiaoxiandun capital.

Beijing Business News (reporter Qian Yu, Wang Xiao)

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