Baijiu enterprise overweight digital industry polarization or aggravation

In Luzhou Lao Jiao group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Luzhou Laojiao group, in March 31st, the reporter of Beijing business daily officially launched the “cloud enjoyment” – the Baijiu custom industry incubation platform. Baijiu Baijiu is a platform that integrates online and offline shopping mall, integrates the upstream and downstream resources of liquor supply chain, and provides customized online customization services for liquor users in need of users.

It is worth noting that Fenjiu Group and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. also signed a strategic cooperation agreement recently. It is understood that Huawei will deeply participate in the comprehensive deepening reform of Fenjiu in the future, and jointly build “intelligent Fenjiu” with Fenjiu Group. Guizhou Moutai signed a strategic cooperation agreement with HUAWEI in April last year. The two sides will cooperate in many fields such as “wisdom Moutai”, etc., to give full play to Moutai’s accumulation in the Baijiu field and the technical superiority of HUAWEI in the ICT field, and further promote the digitalization transformation of the Baijiu industry.

The competition in Baijiu industry has been intensified, and the smoke of digital battlefield began in 2019. The first line of war to start digitizing and start the layout is the first-line Baijiu enterprise. The Baijiu enterprises headed by Guizhou Moutai and Wuliangye have digitalized reform and upgrading of all links in production, management and sales.

Insiders said that Baijiu digitalized trend, driven by the head of the enterprise, gradually to the commercial side conduction. In 2020, digitalization has been recognized by the whole industry. Digitalization is the commanding point of the next round of competition in China’s liquor industry. Digitalization has the advantage of first mover. Whoever makes the layout first is likely to seize the commanding point first.

Cheng Wansong, Secretary General of Beijing liquor circulation association, further said that the digitization of Baijiu actually started long ago, but only a breakthrough in 2019. Digitalization is essentially a tool, which helps enterprises to do a better job in marketing innovation, so digitalization will not be done once and for all. On the contrary, enterprises need to upgrade their marketing level quickly.

According to public information, the added value of China’s digital economy will reach 35.8 trillion yuan in 2019. Among them, the added value of digital industrialization reached 7.1 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11.1%. The digital added value of industry is about 28.8 trillion yuan, and the penetration rates of service industry, industry and agriculture are 37.8%, 19.5% and 8.2% respectively. The digital era has come quietly, and the digital transformation of traditional enterprises has become a trend.

With the competition in the Baijiu industry increasing, who will find a new way to seize the opportunity? However, the digitalization of liquor industry should not only realize the digitalization of products, but also realize the digitalization of channels, terminals and consumers, which runs through the whole industry chain and is very important for the future development of enterprises.

Cheng Wansong said that as a tool, digitalization should first operate users well. For example, the accurate portrait of users, to understand its static and dynamic information, and according to the different degree of user and brand link classification. The second is to establish links with users, and then develop marketable products. Finally, it is to upgrade the traditional digitization, improve the marketing efficiency through digitization, realize rational decision-making through accurate data, and improve the input-output ratio.

In fact, Baijiu effect has been highlighted since the development of liquor making industry. When enterprises use digital tools, they need to invest a lot of work. There are a lot of basic work and daily work to deal with, and small and medium-sized enterprises do not have the corresponding human and financial resources. More importantly, in the case of a small amount of data, independent digital marketing is difficult.

Cheng Wansong said that the polarization of Baijiu market is the inevitable result of industrial upgrading, and digitalization only boosted and accelerated the process.

Beijing Business News (reporter Zhao Fengrui)

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