Seamless browsing and editing of photos and videos

Nikon announced the launch of NX studio (version 1.0), a new software that can seamlessly browse, process and edit photos and videos taken with Nikon digital cameras. The software can be downloaded free of charge from today.

可实现照片和视频无缝浏览与编辑 尼康发布新软件NX Studio

Image browsing window (simulated image)

Nx studio is a computer software, users can experience all-round editing of photos, and the operation is more intuitive. By integrating the functions of our image browsing software viewnx-i * and image processing and editing software “shadow catcher” *, users can now browse, process and edit images through a single software.

Nx studio follows the user interface of viewnx-i and “shadow catcher”, which further realizes intuitive operation and simple function design. It only needs three steps: importing data, browsing and editing.

Users can better achieve the desired image output through more detailed editing functions (such as optimized calibration, white balance setting and exposure compensation of raw data) and advanced local correction tools (such as color control points that can adjust colors within a specified range). At the same time, it provides a touch up brush function for removing dust and scratches in the image.

In addition, the overall response speed of each function (for example, image display) is also improved, so that photos and videos can be processed more smoothly.

At the same time, images edited by NX studio can be transferred to Nikon image space, Nikon’s image sharing and storage service. Nx studio will be constantly updated to ensure continuous support for image browsing, processing and editing.

可实现照片和视频无缝浏览与编辑 尼康发布新软件NX Studio

major function

·It can browse, process and edit photos and videos seamlessly.

·It has a menu structure classified by workflow, with complete functions and simple design.

·In addition to the easy to read display of shooting information, it also provides a variety of display options, such as film style thumbnail preview option (horizontal and vertical direction) and split screen (2 / 4) comparison option.

·Provides detail editing functions, such as color control points that can adjust color in a specified area, and touch up Brushes for removing dust and scratches from images.

·The menu items and terms are consistent with those of Nikon camera, and the operation is simple and easy to understand.

·The user can choose how to save the adjustment information. It can be saved as a separate file in sidecar file format, or directly saved to the image itself.

·Including XMP / IPTC information editing and preset management functions.

·It can be used with other software such as Nikon transfer 2 and camera control Pro 2.

Author: Shen Pei



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