Stunned! Dirix will soon launch the industry’s first wooden “Open Black bench”

Recently, a new product preheating poster of dirix came out on the Internet, and netizens in the e-sports circle burst the pot directly.

The main body of the poster is blue, and the characters “DX new product is coming soon” are in the upper middle position. In the middle of the poster is a wooden stool, and the cloth covered on it is slowly lifted. On the wooden stool, the English logo of dirix is engraved. In the lower part of the poster, the characteristics of this “new wooden product” are also indicated: cool and breathable, smooth and skin friendly, stable under pressure, green and environmental protection

I believe that after analyzing this poster, you will only have one question in your mind – does dirix really want to build a wooden E-sports bench?!

As we all know, dirix dxracer is a leading brand of seats in the world, which was founded in 2003. Dirix dxracer not only creatively puts forward the concept of “e-chair”, but also achieves in-depth cooperation with Navi, nip, SKT, optic, jteam, we, TyLoo and other world-famous teams. It is also the seat sponsor of WCG, MLG, LPL, ESWC, ESL, wesg and other top international events, and has a good reputation as the king of e-chair.

Is this poster just a joke for netizens? Wish you a happy holiday? Is dirix going to launch wooden electronic competition bench?

Out of doubt, we contacted the staff of the official dxracer flagship store of dirix to make a “set point”. As a result, the staff were very tight lipped and got nothing.

If you don’t get more official information, you have to guess by yourself. In fact, think about it carefully

Wood material has the characteristics of nature, environmental protection, health and pollution-free, and has wood flavor and its own texture, which is different from others and makes users closer to nature. It’s also in line with the poster’s description of “simple fashion”. The products of dirix are also famous for their simplicity and elegant design, and their styles are quite close.

The shape of this stool should be long. It’s not a big problem to sit several people at the same time. The appearance design is as exquisite as other products of dirix. It’s said that there are no brothers, no electronic competition… A few friends sitting on a bench, driving the black picture together is like sitting on a bench with their friends playing arcade games when they were young. It’s still very hot to think about it. From the perspective of brother Kaihei and nostalgia, it’s really the same thing to open a black bench. Is dirix going to take the emotional route this time?

I’m looking forward to its early appearance.

In addition to the appearance of the product, when will this product go on sale? What’s the price? Presumably these are the concerns of many netizens. At present, the only thing that can be determined is: wait, the party will never suffer losses. Wait and see?

&By Li Fei


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