What’s the second way to be “broken up” in Cambridge test

After the examination center of the Ministry of Education announced that it would no longer undertake the Cambridge General English test band 5 (MSE), the official platform of Cambridge English said that it would provide new service forms for examinees in the future, and it would continue to arrange examinations this year.

On April 1, after an investigation, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily found that as soon as the official announcement came out, many training institutions quickly launched new publicity documents, such as going to Macao, China for the test and transferring to ETS for the TOEFL test. With the adjustment of competition policy, will the popularity of ket / Pet test cool down with the “break-up” with the examination center of the Ministry of education?

剑桥考试“被分手” 第二条路怎么走

Guan Xuan’s “break up”

There are training institutions that can reserve test places

“There won’t be another exam in April. You can wait and see in May and June.” In Beijing Business Daily reporter as a parent to a number of institutions to provide ket / PET examination services for consultation, the teacher of the relevant training institutions made such a reply.

A day ago, the examination center of the Ministry of Education announced that it would no longer undertake the Cambridge General English test band 5 (MSE), and the subsequent MSE would be arranged by the official platform of Cambridge English. Subsequently, the official Cambridge English platform also issued a notice saying that a new service mode will be adopted in the examination in the future. At the same time, it also made it clear that the examination will continue to be held this year.

As a popular English test for parents in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in recent years, the Cambridge ket / Pet test has been difficult to find a candidate for many times. In October last year, a reporter from Beijing business daily once investigated the event that the scalpers took the place in the ket / Pet exam. At that time, the price of the place was up to thousands of yuan, several times more than the original registration fee of several hundred yuan. At the same time, according to the CCTV news report on March 22, there have even been cases in Shanghai where institutions have locked in examination places at high prices. Some education and training institutions even claimed that they can lock in more than 80% of the examination places.

“After the Ministry of education does not participate, the ket / PET examination will be held by the examination department directly under Cambridge University. If it is held by itself, it will be more flexible and convenient, and the examination places will not be as difficult as before.” Universal education teachers in Beijing Business Daily reporter consultation said. In addition, the teacher also said that the news they got was that the examinations in May and June would definitely be held, “if necessary, we can assist parents to sign up, and our organization has some priority places to sign up.”.

In the view of Wu Xiaoliang, founder of TOEFL Training Organization, many problems in ket / PET examination are too big to consider. There are too many parents who have signed up and the supply of test places is in short supply, which makes the market chaotic.

Institutions pushing “plan B”

Can far water quench near thirst

Although in the consultation, some organizations said that the examination will be held, and even can assist the registration, but before the official news of Cambridge English was released, everything was unknown to parents. It is understood that on the day of the official announcement, some training institutions have provided “plan B” for parents. The Beijing Commercial Daily reporter learned from the official account of EF education abroad, which is the EF account of EF, which has opened the entry channel for China Macao examination hall. The enrollment time extended from June to December. At the same time, EF education also provided ETS small TOEFL examination for parents and played a high gold content publicity.

In fact, it’s not uncommon to rush for the ket / Pet exam in other places. But is it really worth going to Macao, China for the exam? Wu Xiaoliang believes that such a move to Macao, China, is not necessary. “The basic set of ket / PET examination is in China, and the core is the recognition and acceptance of the examination by schools.” Wu Xiaoliang said that at the end of last year, the industry had been informed that the Ministry of education would no longer undertake MSE examinations.

“The popularity of ket / PET examination is largely due to the fact that some schools use ket / PET examination to test students’ performance when they recruit students independently. Even some schools in Guangdong regard this type of examination as grade examination, which leads to a lot of demand.” Wu Xiaoliang said. The need for further education is an important factor for parents to rush to ket / PET.

In the process of communicating with parents, Beijing Business Daily also confirmed this. Ms. Wang, a Beijing parent, said that some parents have said that when some schools enter school, they will have requirements on students’ ket / Pet test scores. “But my children are still young, so I haven’t signed up yet. My attitude towards this kind of examination is not to exclude it, and I don’t think it’s just needed. If the school needs it, or if it needs to be used abroad, I will continue to pay attention to it. “

“As long as there are independent recruitment and selection in domestic schools, there will be room for such examinations to survive. And there are great differences in the demand and recognition of ket / Pet between cities. ” Wu Xiaoliang said.

It is worth mentioning that the ket / Pet test is popular in the first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and has gradually subsided to the second and third tier cities in recent years. When a reporter from Beijing business daily asked the parents in the fourth tier cities, most of them said that they had never heard of this kind of test, and they did not plan to let their children sign up for the test. On the recognition of ket / PET, there is a big gap between the parents in the first and second tier cities and the parents in the fourth and fifth tier cities.

Admission is not based on competition

Ket / Pet

“Having passed ket is the English level of junior high school graduates, and having passed pet is the English level of senior high school graduates.” This view is not only a slogan for training institutions to solicit business, but also an important reason for many parents to recognize the two examinations. Many parents believe that a certificate with gold content can reflect their children’s ability and provide more guarantee for their children’s further education. But whether it is “pinching” enrollment or competition enrollment, the Ministry of education has repeatedly banned it.

Recently, at a news conference held by the State Council Information Office, LV Yugang, director of the Department of basic education of the Ministry of education, made it clear that at present, the subject competitions in the compulsory education stage have been completely cancelled, and the existing five Olympic Games are only for high school students, not for students in the compulsory education stage. At the same time, Lu Yugang also stressed that any competition, including the winning results, should not be used as the basis for enrollment of primary and secondary schools.

According to the statistical data, the Ministry of Education issued the “measures for the management of social competitions for primary and secondary school students” in 2018, which will review and publish the competition list to the public from 2019, and strictly control the number of competition items. At present, the number of competitions has been reduced from 105 to 35. In the stage of compulsory education, there is little chance to enter school by competition. At the same time, from the policy point of view, compulsory education currently adopts strict examination free admission regulations and the policy of “citizens enrolling together”, in order to curb the chaos of “pinch” enrollment and competition enrollment, and promote education fairness.

“The current policy direction is to urge the corresponding examinations and competitions to return to the essence of quality-oriented education, instead of allowing them to become the starting point of promoting exam oriented education.” Ma Xuelei, vice president of Beijing Private Education Association, said that from the policies and relevant measures of the Ministry of education, the Ministry of education hopes to completely decouple the competition from the enrollment of primary and secondary schools in the stage of compulsory education, and let the competition return to its essence. “Only by truly making the competition irrelevant to further education can parents and students get rid of the utilitarian competition, and the phenomenon of grabbing test places and competition fever in the market will naturally disappear.”

Some people in the industry also pointed out that the “break-up” between the Ministry of education examination center and Cambridge English official platform may also release a certain signal. Such overheated competitions as ket / PET may be focused on. “Reducing the impact of competition on further education and developing quality education is the current mainstream. From the perspective of the industry, if the training institutions still want to compete, the significance of development is not great. Off campus organizations should develop their own training in the direction of quality education, or share teaching resources with schools to open up a new market for after-school services. In this way, they may open up new areas of development in the future. “

Beijing Business Daily reporter Cheng Mingjie Zhao Boyu

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