What a conscience! Have you ever used this free PDF conversion artifact

Whether in life, work or study, we often meet the demand of PDF conversion. Because PDF itself is a file that cannot be edited, if you want to edit in PDF, you need to convert it to word format first.

But when looking for PDF conversion tools, we often find that the domestic software is limited in size, or charging, while most of the foreign software is too slow or can’t be used in the mainland. If you use it occasionally, you will generally consider a free PDF Online converter. Although it is convenient to use and does not occupy memory, considering the conversion effect, it is recommended to choose a conversion tool with client software.

We all know the truth, but how to choose a really free and easy-to-use PDF Converter? Today, Xiaobian has a new way to introduce a PDF converter that I use most often and is completely free of charge – Xiaozhi dual core browser.

Although the free PDF conversion is only one of the many functions of this browser, the practical effect is not discounted. The pro test output is full picture mode, and the normal text mode conversion has no pressure. And this function is also free trial, also does not limit the number of daily conversion, can be said to be more conscientious. Moreover, as an additional function of the browser, it not only monopolizes memory, but also is more stable than on-line conversion.

So the question is, what are the advantages of using smart dual core browser to convert PDF?

Pdf related operations can be performed without registration.

2. The interface is simple and clear without complicated operation.

Directly click / drag the PDF file, click start conversion, wait a few seconds, and then download it.

3. Pdf conversion speed is very fast, conversion is very accurate, can retain the original typesetting.

Xiaobian repeatedly tested n times, except for the PDF file and its large or full text are pictures, there will be conversion failure, the success rate and accuracy rate are very high in other cases.

Of course, Xiaozhi dual core browser not only has the function of free PDF conversion, but also locates itself as a necessary browser for migrant workers. Therefore, it also has practical functions such as QR code generator, full text translation, dual core switching, etc., to meet the needs of migrant workers to provide one-stop business entertainment.

In addition, the smart dual core browser does not only have the function of free PDF conversion, but also has other small tools, such as QR code generator, full text translation, etc. these functions are quite practical. As the browser itself, it also supports dual core switching, which is very in line with the national conditions. If you have this demand, you might as well try it!



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