Live broadcast of the Suez Canal jam! Teach you to check global ships and airplanes

Recently, the news that the Suez Canal was blocked by ships aroused the curiosity of many friends. One ship can collapse the Mediterranean Indian ocean route. How many freighters in the world are towing in the vast ocean? How do they all sail? In fact, most of the world’s cargo ships are equipped with positioning systems, and their positioning information is public. We can use mobile computers to check the real-time location of these ships! Let’s see how to do it.


Marintraffic, as its name suggests, provides the ability to view maritime traffic. It has a web version and an app version. The app version supports Android and IOS platforms. Let’s take the app version as an example to see its features.

Marintraffic is easy to use. You can view the ships on the map after opening it. Marine traffic shows the location of ships in real time. It’s very interesting to use it to view the global shipping situation. MarinTraffic supports different types of ships such as freighters, fishing boats, passenger ships, etc., and is separated by different icons. The direction of ships can be seen in maps, or very awesome.

To view the real-time location of ships around the world, different types of ships only have different icons

From Marin traffic, we can see that there are a lot of ships all over the world. We can see at a glance how busy the sea area is and the impact of the Suez Canal blockage.

Let’s use Marin traffic to see the latest development of the Suez Canal blockage. According to the latest news, the cargo ship “ever given” blocking the Suez Canal has got out of trouble. Let’s see if it is. Search “ever given” directly in marintraffic to find the boat. Click on the details page, and the information of the ship is also available. We can further locate the ship. It can be seen that ever given has indeed left the Suez Canal waterway, and this important shipping artery has finally been restored.

Specific ships can be found, such as ever given

After checking the location of ever given on the map, we can see that it has been out of trouble and the Suez Canal is no longer blocked

However, it should also be noted that some functions of marintraffic need to be charged, such as viewing the historical track of a ship, viewing the displacement of a ship, and so on. They are all paid functions. But on the whole, even if it’s a free version, it’s a very unique experience to watch the real-time changes of the ship’s position in the ocean and overlook the ship’s coming and going from the perspective of God. It should be noted that marintraffic uses Google maps, so you need some methods to display maps normally. If you are interested, you can try it.


Having said the boat, I’d like to introduce a similar method to you, that is, to check the flight status of the plane in real time. In addition to ships, flights in modern society also disclose their location in real time, so we can also use some tools to check what planes are in the sky. The flighttradar24, for example, is an expert in this field.

Flighttradar24 has a high international reputation. If you want to view real-time flight information, it is the first choice. The principle of flighttradar24 is to monitor the real-time flight information through the transponder of civil aircraft, which is disclosed to the world. Through flighttradar24, you can monitor the current position, route, flight height, take-off / arrival time and other information of a civil aircraft. It is very suitable to know where a civil aircraft is flying and when it will land.

You can see the real-time location of the flight and the route of the aircraft at a glance

In the search bar above the app, you can view the information you want to know by entering routes, flights, etc. Before picking up, the other party will definitely tell you the corresponding flight code, input the code, you can know the operation status of the corresponding aircraft, which is quite practical. Flighttradar24 app is not only practical, but also has a lot of fun. For example, after selecting an aircraft and clicking “3D view”, you can see the 3D modeling of the aircraft flying on the map, and experience the feeling of overlooking from high altitude.

You can view detailed flight information and 3D view

Flighttradar24 also has many other functions. For example, “ar” allows you to observe the real-time position of the plane in the sky after you point your mobile phone at the sky. In the settings, you can also turn on views such as weather and cloud pictures. However, like marintraffic, some functions require payment. At the same time, it also uses Google maps. You need to pay attention when using it.


Generally speaking, the modern traffic safety system requires ships and planes to disclose their positioning in real time. Therefore, it is very convenient for us to view the position of these vehicles on the map. This experience is very unique. If you are interested, you may as well try it!

Author: Aimo



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